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It is almost a new month. Please remember to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" as your first words when you wake up on the 1st of March for good luck during the month!

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Thanks for the reminder as always.

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I'll forget as always

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I hope masturbating to Tewi will help me remember.

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Today will cook rabbit stew and eat the leftovers tomorow.

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Is that mecha Reisen?

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Yes, war has changed but we have the technology to rebuild her.

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How is her top not falling down?

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Most lewd and suggestive Tewi image in existence.
Her expression.
Her clothes.
The position of her hand with the bend of the straw.
The leakage on the side of the drink.
The unusual size of the burger.

A Tewi artist like no other.

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Cum gets sticky if you leave it on the air for a while.

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Rabbit, rabbit.

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>The unusual size of the burger.
seek help

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Remember to make Tewi your first fap of the month too!

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Rabbit Rabbit

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Rabbit Rabbit

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dat big teeth tho.

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rubbit rubbit...

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Damn, I read that as make Tewi fap in your mouth

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What if I don't say anything for the whole day and then say 'rabbit rabbit' on the 2nd?

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All good as long as it's the first thing you say after first waking up for the month.

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Why is her tongue always sticking out? Did she burn it? Is she trying to cool herself like a dog? Is she in heat?

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Birth defect. Her lower jaw is shorter than her upper jaw, giving her a ":3" face and forcing her tongue to hang out of her mouth when at rest.

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Thank you.

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I remembered earlier today, and forgot again.Thanks for the reminder!

...why do I feel like I've read this exact sentence before?

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Thanks for the reminder

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Rabbit rabbit rabbit

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rabbit rabbit!

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Rabbit Rabbit

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FUCK how is it already march ;_;

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Rabbit Rabbit!

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Reminder that staying up past midnight and saying it doesn't count. They have to be your first words after waking.

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Time flies, right?

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I did it.

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Time to heat up that leftover rabbit stew.

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Time flies when you are having a fun.

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Wah, I forgot! Making her the first fap of the month helps a little too, right?

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I remembered! For the first time ever, I remembered!

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f**k I missed it again

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I did it!

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tewi a shit

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I remembered this month.

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Tewi a million years old.
She is an old hag masquerading as a young girl. You want to get intimate with the rabbit, /jp/? Picture a grilled-cheese sandwich being peeled open - that's what it looks like down there.

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Now I'm salivating all over my desk.

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Yayy I remembered! Here's to hoping this month will be better than that shitty month of February. Fuck...

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I woke up today with a coughing fit
after it passed/using my inhaler and having a sip of water and a few deep breaths I said rabbit rabbit
does it still count or will I have to wait till next month and try again?

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>Picture a grilled-cheese sandwich being peeled open
I'm not sure how this is supposed to be unappealing.

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What happens if I forgot to say rabbit rabbit

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Bad news, anons. My sister went into my room to wake me up this morning, and I blurted out "oh fuck" because she scared me.

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Your luck for the month depends on her age.

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Nice try, Siscon Fishing for Lewd Stories.

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>he likens 3d to 2d
>he likens imous to anees

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Who are you quoting? For real this time. Who exactly is saying either of these things?

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I did it! Thank you, everyone!

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Not only did I remember to say it all 5 times I woke up today, but I also had the longest dream of my life, and I remembered almost all of it! Tewi a best!

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As a reward for saying it, would Tewi sit on me like a horse?

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And you didn't post it here because?
Was Tewi in it?
Will you continue it tonight?

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You should be fine, well except for your asthma.

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Its likely above the text limit and isn't very /jp/ related.
Unfortunately no. But I have a small but of influence on what my dreams are about when I go to sleep, so I'll shoot for that tonight!
I hope someday, but that rarely happens to me.

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Her thighs are thicker than her midriff

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Finally get to say it: I'm three-for-three every month in 2015!
Best of all, it really seems to be working; my luck stat is way up and I keep having lewd dreams of Tewi

I wish I could be conned by her!

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How far would you go for bunny cunny?

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I would walk 500 miles. And I would walk 500 more. Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles. To fuck that cunny raw.

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What about her fluffy bunny butt?

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Now you better type those dreams up, anon.

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I'd do practically anything. Even eat her cecotropes, or be her human toilet, just for the chance to come in contact with that delicious bunny butt.

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Well, here's one from last month:
> Going to festival with Tewi
> (Naturally, I'm paying for everything)
> She's looking radiant in a pink yukata, sweet and devilish
> Stalls everywhere, the complete matsuri experience out of my Chinese cartoons
> Hand-in-hand we proceed through crowds of humans and youkai
> Shooting gallery: bunny luck means my shots easily win the rigged prize of a big bunny plush
> It's so big she has to carry it in both arms
> Unable to hold hands, we're at risk of being separated
> I let her ride on my neck (damn plush squished against my head instead of itty bitty bunny boob)
> Can feel her bunny warmth against my neck and shoulders
> More stalls- snacks and sweets and games
> Everything's going sweet and it's getting towards time for the fireworks show
> She's gripping my hair tight with her free hand
> The back of my neck's wet and she's lightly squirming against it
> Runny bunny cunny- leans down, whispers in my ear
> Dokoka ikimashou?
> Find a secluded spot
> Miss the fireworks

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I'd totally watch and record the wholespanking and then sell it around Gensokyo.

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> skipping the best part

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I said it in my native language, in English and in Japanese to get extra luck!

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"Usagi, usagi, koun kudasai~"

>> No.13130140

Oh, fireworks happen all the time. I don't think I missed out too much~.
Especially buried that deep in a bunny backside with a fluffy tail tickling my navel

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>that blacktext
This is a true bunny lover.

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>doing her from behind like a beast

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Dreams like this are all the good luck I could ask for from saying 'rabbit rabbit'!

Pretty sure animals don't put it in there.

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>this is worksafe
>the exact same image with brown instead of orange isn't
>piss, sperm, secretions, explicit defecation, bukkake, censored and "censored" anal and vaginal insertions, dildos, vibrators, transparent and plainly visible nipples vaginas and clitoris, and women being stuffed with insects with a spiculum are worksafe
Please try to be consistant.

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PI IS 90210

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Who are you quoting? No seriously, refrain from posting if you can not type in normal sentences.

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There's ways to bump an old thread other than slinging bait, y'know.

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What >>13134118 said. There are better, less obnoxious way to bump.

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Tewi a shit.

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Well, yeah! That's a lot of her appeal.

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sage does not bump though

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He saged, you thick fucking retard. You're the one that bumped the thread in an obnoxious way.

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He didn't sage, though. The thread bumped.

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No, he saged. His name's blue.

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His name's green, and it bumped.

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Tewi's pink, and she's hot.

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No, she's black, and she's hot.

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FUCK tewiquanda (pronounced tai-ee-kwan-do)

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Fuck her? Jeez, in a heartbeat.

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In a heartbeat? If that's how long it takes you anon, she'll be better off with me.

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>The epic who are you quoting may may
>I posted it again!

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ho quot?