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An innocent embrace between girls!

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two shit girls

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Can they?

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Always knew Kyouko was too lewd to be buddhist.
Hypocrit scum.

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That didn't stop Byakuren

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Didn't stop Byakuren from what?

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A lot of people get really angry when they see these kinds of threads.
I hope they can let everybody take it easy this time.

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This thread is WAY too lewd

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What is that moon rabbit doing to that earth rabbit!

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Tewi is the one showing how it works.

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>"this is how you say Hello here"
>"remember to do it to every male you meet"

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How the fuck was this one non-h

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If the text wasn't there it would just be suggestive.

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The whole book, not that page

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Wait wait wait.

A Kyouko and Chen h-doujin? Why the crap won't image lookup return anything? Sigh...

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Yuyuko should be careful, she doesn't want to get a chicken bone stuck in her throat.

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No. It's sakuya getting raped. And it's non-h

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one of these things is not like the other

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How is Kozusu the top?

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She only bottoms for Mamizou

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Is this the new yuri general thread? Because I would be okay with that.

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I want to see Akyuu being brutally raped.
In the butt. While grabbing the sheet.

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Why is it always brutal? There are mountains of adjectives that can be used to describe sex besides brutal and vanilla.

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Ruined by chinese rape comics

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Yeeeep... seems that way...

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Oh really? Going to have to look into this one.

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This thread truly proves that:

A) Yurifans are scum

B) Yuri is the most insanely boring shit in the world

Bravo, gentlemen

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>Byakuren not letting her favorite spanking-bag running away

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Oh it's you again, how is it going man?

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Prolonged periods of spanking require Kyouko to have regular checkups with a physician.

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Not the same guy since he wrote fan, but of course stuff starring, written by, and for women would be boring to a guy. Shitposting is more fun for him, however he doesn't have anything more interesting to do, so that's why he does it. The daily guaranteed replied yuri bait threads must finally be dying out, so they're coming here to start them up with touhou.

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Yuri is god's gift to his chosen people of /jp/

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A most dull gift.

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Just like your life

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She's a youkai, she can probably shrugs them off.

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What's up with Yukari here? Is she drunk? Concussed?

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She's a youkai being spanked by a youkai, though. That kind of evens it out.

Besides. Byakuren is scary. Being on the receiving end is never good news!

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Did this artist really think that if he drew Patchy without hat no one would recognize her? It's fucking stupid.

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>he thinks alice is patchouli's golem
We all know her golem is a male. Did you skip those books?

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We're talking about a spanking here. Not about a violent beating from an alcoholic stepmother with a baseball bat.

And even if you go with the "Byakuren is sadistic" theory (which I think is bullshit), I doubt she would spank Kyouko for hours.
She probably fights harder during the HM incident than she beats Kyouko.

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Byakuren e does punish those who deserve it but she's not outright violent and hateful.

Maybe >>13099448 should have thought twice before depicting Byakuren as such a cruel woman with that image... I mean, holy crap is that ever a horrible prank.

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If Kyouko has been sent to the physician because her butt has been smacked too much, why is Eirin inspecting her ears? While forcing the poor yamabiko to sit on a rought, uncomfortable wooden stool?

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Eirin has a cruel streak. Or, maybe Byakuren just hit Kyouko THAT hard...

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All I want to know is why did Meiling go through all that trouble to prop up her beret like that with a bunch of things instead of just placing it on the table/desk/whatever?

Is it a weird sex ritual of some kind I'm not aware of?

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Dunno but for some reason I'd like to see Kyouko, skirt raised and panties to her knees, bending over Eirin's desk while Eirin is inspecting her red bottom decorated by Byakuren's handprints.

I think the spanking virus is contaminating me.

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What's the term for when a girls thighs bulge out of her thighhighs?

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Close enough?

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Close enough. Thanks. I like Eirin's expression.

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I just noticed there aren't many 2hus using glasses all the time.
Maybe their vision is really good? Or ZUN just doesn't know how to draw glasses.

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"reading glasses"

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Rikako used them all the time, maybe it was just for show?
Prolonged danmaku plays hurt the eyes, they should do regular checks.

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I love you two so damn much.

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But this 2hu is absolute shit

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Freud would have something to say about this.

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Belly spooning... ahh... ah...

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Bykuren just have to rank up the volume while "working" on Nue, and they'll be hugging very soon.

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Nue and Kyouko, I get it, but why Momiji too? Did she do something to annoy Aya and was handed over to Byakuren as a punishment?

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But dat fluffy tail...

The only thing missing here is Kagerou and my life is complete.

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Given the pictures the artist made, Kagerou is the one being cleaned/getting her vaccination shot/being spanked.

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sauce nao .com

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Is that the anon fucks every 2hu after finding cirno in the fridge guy?
Has he jumped off a bridge yet?

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Ok, it's done. My life's save file has a nice little star next to that sweet 100% completion rate. I still haven't maxed out everyone's level and skills but that doesn't contribute to %completion and I'm not autistic enough to bother. So that's that - I'm 100% done with life!

I think I'll start a speedrun next...

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Have you tried searching it for yourself before asking for sauce?
Let me answer that for you, of course you haven't.

I don't believe that's an accurate translation of that particular panel.

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Almost all yuri is either:

-Completely histrionic melodrama stuffed with whiny and insufferable characters

-Vapid moe stuffed with rote moeblobs that do nothing of importance

Yuri sex is also completely uninteresting. Just look at how fewer yuri H-doujins there are. Face it.

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>I saw some bad yuri once
>all yuri is bad
>he doesn't even know enough to know where to get yuri H
>he doesn't know a ton of yuri h goes into non adult sections
>he didn't even bother to change the filename after getting blown the fuck out of the kyouko trap thread

I wish a motherfucker would start banning trolls around here.

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There are forums and there's 4chan. If you want a motherfucker that'll ban trolls, give the former a try. Don't mess up the latter though.

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>he thinks 4chan isn't a forum
1/10 because Broumu's ass is still on the index.

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Who are you quoting?

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>some guy does something I don't like
>he should totally die
Hi, Adolf.

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Trolling was always bannable, newfriend.
>3. You will not post any of the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames

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Source? I tried reverse image searching, got nothing.

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If yuri H is so utterly tame that it can show it can show up in non-H sections, then damn, that's nothing more than an indictment of it's low quality.

Also that image has been posted literally only thrice and not in any Kyouko trap thread (though Kyouko does make a cute shota) so uh I don't even know what you're talking about.

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>mods will NEVER ban or delete troll posts

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remi is performing an act of dancing to find male bats to mate with

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>an indictment of it's low quality.
You mean high quality. Good porn is titillating by nature, not because it shoves close-ups of sexual organs in your face.

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>Vapid moe
yep, that's what I like

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>"Even humans?"
>"ESPECIALLY humans."

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Too bad yuri sex isn't titillating then. Seriously, it's boring as hell. Sex without penetration is barely sex.

Please go back to your containment board. Otaku have never liked yuri and never will, just look at how few yuri h-doujins there are.