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I don't see any Marisa threads.
Why doesn't the second most important character in Touhou have a thread, /jp/?

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She's only good with other characters. She's terrible on her own. That's why she tries so hard.

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Marisa is a cutie!! I want to stalk her and run away embarrassed when she notices me.

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Stalking is wrong, anon!

I'll have to beat you up if you stalk my wife.

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Because Sanae is a better Luigi than Marisa.

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what are you, gay?

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I hope you guys know more about canon than /v/ does right now.

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Of course we do.
I also know that Mima is an awful teacher who ditched her student when she was no longer useful.
That isn't really relevant in any way, I just felt like saying it.

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fuck off, crossboarder

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Who can take pride in being called "Gensokyo's Number Two"?

If anything it sounds scatological...

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Marisa is poo!

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Will Marisa notice me if I work hard and become a fine wizard?

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Anon, nobody on the jay needs to work hard to become a wizard.

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quality 2hu thread

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What are Luigis ten desires?

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I *really* like Marisa

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I am the strongest!!!!

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What does /v/ have to do with this?
Iirc they have threads for Soku netplay, but they are deficient in the "cute" and "autistic" department, so I don't go there.

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I noticed you,Anon-kun

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Could you notice me too?

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She'll notice all the fine magical trinkets you create, and if one day after she visits you stop noticing them, it just means you need to work harder and make more.

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Marisa is a terrible girl who will die poor and alone, crippled by mercury poisoning and a lifetime of alcohol abuse.

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Marisa has the second most smelly armpits in all of Gensokyo.

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I don't think that's right.

Though I might as well ask, who has the smelliest armpits?

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Do you really have to ask? It should be obvious!

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Marisa a shit

Reiblue should be the second most important character.

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She's the most beautiful Touhou.

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That's a very big claim there.

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It's true, though. Nobody can come even close to Marisa's beautiful face, slim and attractive body, perfect hair and good sense of style. She has everything.

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I'm not so sure about that.

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That's right, Youmu is the most beautiful in Gensokyo.

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Now that's just funny.

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No she won't! I'm rich and I'll be by her side forever so she won't ever be lonely!

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That's impossible, because she'll be by my side forever.

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Why would she want to be anywhere near a loser nerd dog like you?

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That's objectively false. She spends so much time working and stalking Reimu to stave off her loneliness that she can't make herself as beautiful as many other 2hus.

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This anon knows whats up.

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>That's objectively false.
Better that than subjectively possible!

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Who the hell in his right mind would want a girl that is a filthy thief ending all of her sentences with だぜ ?

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Marisa's the coolest playable character

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Dunno, but I'm guessing a world where he's player 1 is up there.

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She's pretty great.

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Marisa has nice legs

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She is the Coolhu of the playables.

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Because I'm the top loser nerd dog, and I would treat her right!

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Parsee is better than Marisa!

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Marisa a cute!

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One of those legs is broken.

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Holy shit those tits are perfect.

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Wouldn't Yukari be the second most important character in Touhou?

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From a lore perspective, perhaps.
From a narrative perspective, though, Marisa is the deuteragonist of the series, and has appeared in as many games as Reimu has.

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>he didn't play HRtP

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>he probably doesn't even own a PC-98

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who are you quoting?

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1. Cum on his hat
2. Cum on his overalls
3. Cum on his go-kart
4. Cum on his mustache
5. Cum on his green shirt
6. Cum inside of his gloves
7. Cum in his Poltergust
8. Cum on his nose
9. Cum on his mustache
10. Cum on the bottom of his shoes (that's why he has no traction in Lost Levels)

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I want to make magic with Marisa!

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>He didn't play GFW
Who am I quoting?

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I want to perform alchemy with Marisa!

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That's a real sexy Marisa.

It makes me want to stick her nose up like a pig!

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The only artist who does it didn't draw her.

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I don't think you know who you'd be dealing with, Anon-kun.

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I want to bully Marisa during our childhood until her exponential growth in power catches up to my linear growth when we're young adults and she starts to bully me sexually.

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Don't worry I will pay money afterwards!

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Anon that's lewd.

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>Anon that's lewd.

Nah now THSI is lewd, also I'm not >>13116453

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Why does she have blue eyes?

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