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Would you date Tewi?

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Hell no

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I'd give her my carrot right away

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Yeah, probably. I don't see why not.

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Old ladies need love too.

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Would you date southern hicks? That's what Gensokyo is filled with.

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No I'd kick that prankster bitch to the curb and date the far-superior Reisen.

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No. Tewi a shit

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No as I am not a weeaboo faggot.

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I would date anyone if they asked me....

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where do you think you are

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I wouldn't mind, but I'm positive the whole thing would just be a joke at my expense and end with my soul absolutely crushed.

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i'd rather marry her but whatever guess you got to start somewhere

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She wouldn't do that. Tewi is a dick, not a jerk.

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W-Will you go out with me, Anon?

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But they're synonyms...

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What's your name?

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No, there's a difference. If you mess with people for its own sake, you're a dick. If you do so to satisfy yourself, or you have something else to gain from it, you're a jerk.

Tewi is probably one of the kindest characters in Touhou, so she can't be a jerk.

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>Tewi is probably one of the kindest characters in Touhou,

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I wonder what kind of face she makes when she first has sex with a new partner.

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It's funny how her language completely changes when she runs into Eiki in pofv, if you can read Japanese.

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She shelters illegal aliens, helps people lost in the forest and is best pals with the second-coolest god in Shinto (the first is the guy who married and impregnated a shark princess).

She sounds pretty darn pleasant to me.

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Epic /v/eaction image dude!

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Of course.
100% guaranteed sex

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>/v/ invented reaction pictures
Lurk more, newfriend.

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she'd poison the food I eat, the little lying bitch.

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Tewi's well used vagina.

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She laughs at you. Tewi's a bitch

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How isn't her top falling down?

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Luck rabbit magic.

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What happens when you put Hina and Tewi together?

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If I give Tewi a night to remember, will she give me extra luck?

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Hina sucks misfortunes off of humans, but can give you misfortunes if you stay too close for too long. Tewi gives good fortune. I think good things might happen. 3P is a good thing, right?

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Consider I'll get lucky, sure!

Now if only fanart of her didn't make me feel like a creepy pedo...

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Both my penis and my wallet are ready.

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Would you start a family with Tewi?

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No, just herpes.

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No. Tewi can eat shit.

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Only if she's the breadwinner.

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Only if it is a harem.

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Very well. Here's your harem.

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It is fine too.

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Reisen>Tewi all day, erryday

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Half human
Half rabbit
Half ape

Full retard

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tewi is a cu te

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If you list 3 things, don't say "half" then.

So ironical you say "full retard" because you're the only one I see around here.

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Half+half+half = 150%

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Why are you on /jp/ then?

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probably here for kankercolle lmao

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But rabbits do eat shit, anon.
Now if she were to eat your shit, that would be the highest show of affection.

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Retard is offended


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No, yuck. She is ugly.

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You're ugly, anon. On the inside.

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Mating with Tewi!

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tewi is shit, so no

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Samefag ahoy!

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I'd probably date any touhou, I'm kind of desperate.

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>cum inside her
>of she does get pregnant

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no she's a horrible little cunt

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not the same shitposter at all nope nope

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>anyone that dislikes the shit with no redeeming qualities must be the same person

oh please

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it's not guaranteed, anon, it can take weeks or months of cumming inside to get pregnant

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Protip: When the number of posters in a thread doesn't change after a reply, it means a samefag is posting.

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I want to spend days and days doing nothing but cumming inside Tewi!