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What does /jp/ think of best 2hu

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I think she's a crybaby as shown in IN where she gets bullied to tears especially by the Border team and surrenders.

Also a dishonest liar not willing to accept responsabilities as shown in SoPM, alongside Kaguya.

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guya better

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And a beta whore.

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I think she is the best girl OP. Great taste.

Having flaws is what makes her human.

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The only 2hu who'd save you from being assaulted by youkai out of sheer and genuine compassion.

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The best 2hus? We love 'em! That's why Momiji, Seija, Nitori, and co. have their own threads!

Why post such an unrelated pic, OP?

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I don't like stinky boyhus

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>even close to best

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Mokou's man-hands are cute.

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Isn't there a reisen thread? Bullies go back to where you belong!

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I think she's the 2nd best Touhou, but I'd eat her fried chicken nonetheless.

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the only boyish thing she has is pants, if anything she's one of the most sensitive characters, contrary to popular depictions, especially in IN where she starts crying because she says she's in too much pain rather than actually running out of spellcards, I don't think any other touhou has ever given up so pathetically.

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No other Touhou was literally killed over and over.

Pretty sure after one death half the Touhous would, you know, be dead.

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Are you attempting to say that people die when they are killed?

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She doesn't exist, thus she could achieve perfection. If I would want someone flawed I would go for 3DPD.

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Perfection is relative. In some instances, a lack of flaws is itself a flaw. A character without any flaws at all is boring and unrelatable.

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Your logic was Kaguya-blocked!

Oh, what's this? Trying to dodge to the left? BAM! Yoshika-blocked, bro!

Oh? To the right? WHAM! Yuyuko-blocked! There's no escape from them. The league of dead Touhous is all around.

Now let's sample some delicious Mokou together and take it easy.

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Who is Kaguya?

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Mokou's sworn enemy

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Or her crazed stalker. Whatever you like.

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moko-tan has white hair, does that means shes a dorkhu too?

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No. She's the coolhu.

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Saying nothing about the suspenders?

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I bet in one of her several thousand years of life she picked up voice impressions.

do you think she'd do urkel if I asked?

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s-so cold!

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fujiwara no urkel

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What if he asked really nicely?

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She wouldn't know who Urkel is, let alone know him well enough to do an impersonation.

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What if he asked really really nicely?

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She'd show you out of the bamboo forest or to the Eintei for psychological treatment.

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That white, ash-colored hair is so beautiful.

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That butt should be RED.

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So does she have high resistance to fire, or does she hurt herself whenever she uses her fire power? Where did she even get that anyway?

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Dunno but I'd bang her hot ass any day.

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Oh yeah?

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The worst possible thing to do to Mokou is to love her.

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She has the best love confession.


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It's shit.
It should have stopped with the first image.

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Urgh no.

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Why is danbooru shit-tier?

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Simply put...
>power hungry admin threatening you with bad records if you don't lick their boots
>vote system that encourage popular, funneh maymay comments instead of actually smart comments
>filled with secondaries and "HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG SO CUTE XD" fags
>any critic is censored and massively downvoted

Do the smart thing : don't read the comments.

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Never have, never will.

Just there for the pictures.

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Don't reply to any poster who posts things like "urgh" or "eeeww".

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That's the good thing.
Just by arguing a bit, I got 3 negatives records for "trolling". I wasn't actually trolling, I was just disagreeing with the majority.

People there are stupid.

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Why no one uses sankakuchannel

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Well, it's the internet. What you gonna do?

Heck, we probably shouldn't even be talking to each other here on 4chan. Bunch of idiots we are.

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>What you gonna do?
Get mad at the fact that I'm considered the bad guy even through I just say I don't like something like. Get angry at the people nitpicking my arguments and basically replying "lol ur mad" while the mod shits on my head alone because his definition of trolling means "anyone who doesn't agree with me".

Then go to sleep, wake up, and realize that, in the end, I don't give a fuck about what a bunch of inbred beardnecks are thinking.

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Can we get back to topic at hand now?

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What's more interesting? Mokou's butt, or how shitty Danbooru is with its Reddit-like popularity system?

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I cant make such an important life decision myself

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That suspenders are neat?

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Is Mokou busty?

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She drank the Elixir when she was a child.
So, no.

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Mugi's butt is as round as a red cherry
Mugi's butt is as round as a red cherry
Mugi's butt is as round as a red cherry

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Mokou is malleable. She can be flat or busty.
I like her bustier just to make it another difference from Kaguya.

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They are super neat. I wonder how she gets new ones. Maybe she just decides on a new style of clothing and buys a container load of it.
Busty or not she's my favourite.

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That artist makes everyone busty.
He always makes everyone get raped and used for the rest of their life. Be careful, Mokou.

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It's always kind of discouraging when you find a nice piece of art and find that everything else the artist does is a bit freakier.

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I the idea of them being big as a counterpoint to Kaguya, but it doesn't really suit her. Modest, normal sized is as high as I can go, really, maybe a little bigger. Maybe.
Mailable is a good way to put them.

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Please don't mail Mokou's breasts to weird places.

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>makes everyone get raped and used for the rest of their life

I wonder how many of those artist's have mental issues

Think about drawing little girls getting raped 24/7 in your 10 square meter flat, that does wonders

Well, he is still more productive than you wankers will ever be

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I hear you. Doesn't happen a lot, at least.

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I joke about her being literally malleable, but while some characters seem to have a bust size that stays relatively consistent (obviously excluding the people who make everyone flat/busty) I put Mokou in the category of characters who vary by tons of artists, like Patchouli. Might have something to do with the clothes.

But yeah, I wouldn't put her up against someone like Yuugi or Yuyuko.

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I'll do what I want!

Uh...I don't think rape artists are thinking about that stuff all the time.

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Please don't shitpost with mai waifu, kudasai.

Go read all the mae and atogaki by radiohead.

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Read whatnow? No, I refuse.

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The page full of text before and after the comic that everyone skips.

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Ah. I don't skip those. It's where me not thinking rape artists are all rape, all the time comes from.

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I like this one better.

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In that case please use lots of packing peanuts to ensure they are not bruised during transit.

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You're a good person.

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Damn right!

Don't worry, I'll make some Mokou-shaped frame or mold. She'll be tight and secure.

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That's some cute stuff.

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Nice boots

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Aren't they? Color makes them kinda cute.

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Her pants are the only clothes that are fire proof though, right? I imagine replacing the rest gets costly.

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You'd think she'd get a fireproof shirt and stuff too.

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Mokou's always the one being pranked, tricked, and dominated by Kaguya, almost never the other way around. Why?

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Kaguya knows how to have fun.
Mokou has forgotten what it's like to live after being alive for so long.

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Sounds like just about every 2hu related website actually.

>> No.13100264

Fiery gangbang with Mokou!

>> No.13100280

Oh really?

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>I'd kill you all with a Fujiyama Volcano..
>Just die, you perverts!

>Maybe I'll do a Fujiyama Volcano too...
>Me too!

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I guess a Lunarian is better suited for immortality than any human...

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So she'll just be her chew toy forever? I can't accept that.

>> No.13100841

Forever is a long time. Things will change.

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Please don't bully immortals.

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It's just a dream, no harm done.

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Still, they're very sensitive and they have an eternity to remember mean things. They don't even get to eventually go senile and forget stuff.

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Surely they'd get over it. Time heals all wounds, and they've got plenty of that.

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It does. And then they go crazy anyway for a few centuries until they get bored of it.

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Mokou is really cute!

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What dangerous creatures. I hope Mokou doesn't think her years of being a rampaging murderer are forgivable just because she's immortal.

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Statute of limitations.

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This is still going? How wonderful~

>> No.13103537

>Wait! Don't get the wrong idea! It ain't like I'm wearin' this 'cause I like it! K-...Keine said...somethin' like, 'It isn't cute to wear the same thing all the time,' an' she forced me t-...wait, don't you laugh, Keine, you explain too!!

>> No.13103552

I don't even like Mokou but I like that outfit on her.

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Mokou wears a lot of outfits quite well. Don't tell her that, though.

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I think a lot of different outfits work.

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Seems we had the same idea.

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Not just both maids, but both waitresses. Weird.

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That's the last one to date, unfortunately.

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Honestly she's one of my favorites. I love the phoenix motif she has plus she always strikes me as a cool chick you'd want to hang out with. Plus her theme is great too.

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Indeed. I wonder why I ignored her for so long?

That's okay. It's a slow series.

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Honestly, in spite of all the fighting she gets into, she's probably one of the safer characters hang around. You probably wouldn't get a lot out of her, but hey.

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Would you drink the Hourai Elixir for her?

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and end up floating in the space after the earth is blown in the distant future?
have some art, though

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Mokou is the perfect friend for Flandre because she would resist enough kills for Flandre to calm down.

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File: 1.26 MB, 1406x2000, b11c97b55f5abfb66a7b0ec666a8c662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Floating through space for eternity isn't so bad. Not when you have a friend. Until you accidentally let go and float in different directions.

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>Until you accidentally let go and float in different directions.
Well that's a terrible mental image, thanks.

>> No.13109703

Maybe for Kaguya

>> No.13109705

Don't worry. The horrible effects of exposure to a near-vacuum would probably rob you of your sight anyway

>> No.13109884

>China dress Mokou

Holy crap, is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

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She has that effect on people. And flammable objects.

>> No.13109919

I'd like to think that Mokou would turn heads like that canonically.

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Does turning Kaguya's neck violently qualify?

>> No.13111541

Not for her, but I'd drink it.
I want to see if mankind will be able to pull its shit together and conquer the stars.

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Manly busty

>> No.13112329

banly mustly

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If that's the case we've got millions of years to make some kind of pod or something that would allow us both to just cruise eternally through space together until we crash into a planet or fly into a star or black hole and wake up upon the disappearance of said object some billions of years from now, everything we knew long since gone.

>> No.13113021

Honestly, this whole infinite space fate seems avoidable with some sort of permanent stasis spell. If you can make a drink that makes you absolutely immortal, surely you can manage that.
I'm surprised Eirin isn't working on that, actually. Surely she'd want to spare her beloved princess such a hideous fate.

>> No.13114019

there is a doujin about that

>> No.13114088

I've always thought that since getting shot and stuff like that kills them until they can heal, being in space with no air would probably just continuously kill them, making it so they essentially are just a non-rotting corpse until the off chance they land somewhere with air.

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I was thinking about that one as I posted about space. Honestly, my favorite bit is how it seems Mokou and Kaguya just became close over time. I always liked the idea that over time they'd become closer just because the hate can't last forever.

>> No.13116057
File: 2.42 MB, 2480x3508, a8183b829805334ca0c44a5ab136f3fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably. Or it would take you someplace you could revive instantly.

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File: 642 KB, 1000x1000, Most_certainly_loved_IN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not for her I'd want immortality just to experince the world to the fullest knowing full well nothing can stop me but that doesn't stop me from becoming her friend since she'll be one of the few immortals (or long lived things out in the world). On another note do I get a cool Motiff too just like Mokou and Kaguya?

>> No.13117502

Mokou's always a very close second to my undesputable favorites Yuyuko and Yukari. I love her design, I love her story, I like her personality, I love the drama about her... She's just awesome.
And her theme is one of the best.

>> No.13117510

sauce pls?

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File: 211 KB, 744x1053, a5b916f4aaa40e659d8774037f8f4edf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Artist is Dantewontdie

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I just want Mitsumoto to someday finish his story

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It's all in the pants

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things get strange when a gypsy leaves his homeboard.

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Does Wriggle not count sometimes?