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Can you eat Cirno's wings like popsicles?

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Cirno can eat my wings, if you know what I mean.

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can you shut up?

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No because she's rip you a new one with some icicles before you got anywhere.

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I'd let Cirno eat my popsicle, if you know what I mean.

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Dude, chill out

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Bet she tastes great with chocolate syrup.

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Cirno's menstrual blood is blue, and tastes like blue raspberry slushy.

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>Anonymous Jones‮[8-FTU]‪‬‭‬ !TapsqdZp4A 09/14/08(Sun)17:07 No.1306094<

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Cirno tastes like Blue Hawaii. We've gone over this many times now.

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Wow, learn to copy and paste. That should be
>Anonymous Jones‮[8-FTU] ‪‪‪‬ ‪‬ ‭‬ !TapsqdZp4A

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What the hell is blue hawaii? berries?

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Ask Tsukasa.

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but cirno is a loli, she doesn't bleed like a disgusting adult

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Can fairies reproduce? They don't seem to age, so it's quite possible that Cirno gets periods

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Blue Hawaii.

Do want.

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Unlikely. Fairies seemed to be created by nature.

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I don't think you necessarily need to menstruate to reproduce; they could reproduce through a variety of means completely unlike regular mammalian reproduction.

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GIS reveals the attached image regarding blue hawaii.

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What is Brazilian Pudding?

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So, does Blue Hawaii taste as stupid as it sounds?

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Looks like pineapple and lemon flavor.
Ask Tsukasa and Miwiki.

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Like, for example, eating her wings which causes a small Cirno to grow inside of you which bursts out in a torrent of blood and ice a few months later?

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Cirno can definitely reproduce.

That would explain most of the internet.

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I like my Cirno with whipped cream and strawberries.

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Tastes like Blue Hawaii.

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I'd whip my cream in Cirno's strawberries if you know what I mean.

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Delicious Cirno saliva.
Tastes like Blue Hawaii.

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How would that explain anything?
I don't get it

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Looks very tasty.

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Does Pepsi Blue Hawaii taste different than American Pepsi Blue?

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Nine-balls lol. Good thing this is a Cirno thread.

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But what does Yukari saliva taste like? Yuyuko's must taste like Ecto-Cooler.

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You know how if you lick an ice cube straight out of the freezer, it'll stick to your tongue?

I imagine Cirno's wings would have the same effect. I wouldn't advise trying it.

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mighty tasty stuff, google it

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>>1306207 nine-balls
Oh god don't give the futa doujin writers any ideas!

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Her wings are such a turn-on

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I... don't know how to respond to that.

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Blue Kawaii

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By /never speaking of this again/

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I'd like to taste more than just her wings.

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Does that arrow mean there's more on the reverse side?

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If she's already Blue Hawaii flavored, then wouldn't licking any part of her taste sweet?

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You're too sweet, Cirno!

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Step 1: Ask Cirno a difficult question.
Step 2: Bash her unconscious with a stick while she thinks.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT

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Even her shit?

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I'd her wings.

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You may start violating her after asking the question. Hitting her on the head won't make much of a difference.

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You could probably just start right away, and ask her why you're doing it, at that.

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Shaved Cirno Ice, Blue Hawaii flavored.


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I don't why, but just reading that gave me a hardon.

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Cirno doesn't need to be shaved. She's a loli.

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Wish she'd eat my popsicle.

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I want to lick every inch of her body.

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I want to lick every inch of yours.

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Are you a loli?

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I am a large, hairy man, is that close enough?

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Not at all.

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This one is Blue Hawaii flavored.

I'd assume Cirno is the same.

They are both for personal consumption.

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Are you stupid like Cirno?

You no want Popsicle.

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But those are made out of pipe cleaners.

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So is Cirno. She is Alice's greatest doll.

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Question answered. You may delete this thread.

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Add in some cream, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, and I'm in.

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Since they are made of ice, won't your tongue just stick there? Not that I would mind, of course.

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A very simple pudding made from condensed milk.


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Just ask her a random math question then break off a piece from her wings. The pain would register long before you walk away.

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I'm sure she'd taste like...frogs.

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Cirno Sundae

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You mean that frogs taste her.

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I'd finish off her cherry sundae.

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I don't think I could bring myself to break her cherry. I'd rather have sex with Letty.

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Chubby chaser.

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Wait, so then it'd register sometime between you broking off her wing and you walking away.

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>you broking off
Hahaha, sheesh. Sometimes I can be such a fuck-up.