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Valentines Day in Japan is where the girl gives gifts to the guy she likes and guys return the favor on White Day.
What are youre plans for Vday /jp/?
Will you be spending it with your favorite 2hu?

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Hell yeah.

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Satori hates you like most youkai would do.

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But she's not real. She cannot give you chocolate.

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stop letting capitalistic commerce decide when you should show your love

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But in Japan its all about the commercialism. Valentines day. Christmas. Birthdays.

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My plans include having sex with my hot 8/10 cute gamer gf while simultaneously playing games, just like every weekend.

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Your girlfriend is 8-10 years old? That's gross, dude.

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Stay jelly!

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Hunt shit with a Remihunter cosplay.

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Going to Shirogawa-go with my jap gf. Rented a private rotenburo in a ryokan. Wish me luck.

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Go explode realfag.

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How about KFC symbolizing Christmas in Japan? It's crazy, isn't it? I mean, I know America isn't much better, but still.

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he will make an explosion in his gf if you know what i mean

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But then his gf will die

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3dpd. But also im just jealous

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Can I lie and lengthen my epeeeen too?!

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I will be spending time with Alice even though she probably won't open the door for me since she is shy but, I will be outside her door.

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Flandre is the only waifu for me.

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Reisen is not going to give me a bullet to the head!

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i had a boring day but i drove around a bit while listening to some of my favorite 2hu arranges

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Valentines day is haram.

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spending my day with the best oni doing pic related

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I'll be watching some movies with her in bed while we cuddle.

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But that's worst oni.

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I want to buy a daki of her, it would be my first. Can I just get the pillow insert from anywhere and just buy the cover, or are they a weird size?

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You need a 5' body pillow.

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Ok, thanks.

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Go with either peach skin or 2way tricot. They're comfy as fuck.

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As if they would give a shit about you.
At best you'll get treated like in highschool where that somewhat gentle girl would talk to you from time to time and you'd think she totally loves you.

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You take that back right now, nerd!

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>sony controller plugged to the SNES

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Of course

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Creepy, dood.

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Thank you, the peach skin seems to be the cheapest. I'll try and find a pastebin or something.

Is there a good website to get ones that aren't lewd?

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>get ones that aren't lewd?
Why would you want to go and do that?

Whatever sites sell lewd ones may have some that aren't, but the only dakis I ever bought were lewd. I never really looked to find ones that aren't.

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I just don't want a lewd one; I'm not a lustful person. I imagine it would take a bit of digging,then.

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I know they exist, good luck on your search.

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It's not plugged in to the snes, the snes is just tucked away there.

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i will indeed spend the day with her

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tfw no tanuki gf to get drunk with on valentine's

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I'm just going to work for valentines day then have a nice dinner with suwako

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amiami sells them, but I got most of my stuffing on Japanese sites using a middleman service. Amiami stuffing is more firm and durable though. As for deciding on a cover, nt sure if this one is still in stock but its my favorite one.

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Are you >>13038501

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Who are you quoting, and why are you posting this disgusting image?

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its my picture yes, but i didnt post the one there. thats last years

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>The main difference – that only women are to bear the burden of gift-giving – is supposedly the result of a translation error made by a chocolate company executive.


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Would you accept Yuuka's chocolate?

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Depends on the conditions attached.

Who am I kidding, I'd do it regardless.

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Yes, but she has to present it.

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How did she fit that entire box inside her ass?

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Normally strong-willed touhous that are unsure of how to deal with love are wonderful.

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It's shit and I wish it weren't so popular. No animals or centuries-old powerful superhuman beings will act this way, especially not over Random A. Human. Aya, a tengu, was ready to throw down over Yukari spanking Ran. You think she would get nervous over gift giving?

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>It's shit and I wish it weren't so popular
Allow me to translate:

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Post the Loveless one.

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it's behind her back, you dum-dum

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Actually, I'm spending this evening studying math, having a gf that I haven't ever seen irl kilometers away. That far, because she was the only one who can really stand with me.

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I'm going to spend the night with Remilia!

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>being a normie

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>otaku, japanese for "obsession", insulting someone for studying

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Who art thou quoting?

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who are you quoting?

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I'm simply asking who these quotes are quoting is all.

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>Not having a cute shy girl finally confess her feelings for you

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Again, who are you quoting, friend?

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>Ah... Erm... Umm... Here!
>Noooooooo, I can't talk clearly!!

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I assume thats a lewd one?
Amiami would probably be a good place for the pillow insert as Ive shopped there before and shipping doesnt completely mess you up.

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worst touhou

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she isn't Kagushit

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Sure, why not?

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How do you even manage to cut yourself making chocolate?

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Who is Reisen's quoting?

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She put some of her blood inside the chocolate.

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Obviously when trying to cut out the still beating heart of her enemy to fill with chocolatey goodness, the enemy fought back a little.

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Who cares? It's sweet.
I think it's supposed to her trying to cut it into a nice shape or something and being really bad at it.

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Lunasa a cute

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I don't know about you, but I don't want demon blood in my chocolate. That shit gives me the runs.

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Would you accept Marisa-chan's gift?

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Yeah its a little lewd. The only one less lewd than it is this one since she's not nude. Not sure it can be found anywhere now though.

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Mai Waifu of course!!