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I want to make breakfast for Yukari!

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I want to be Yukari's breakfast.

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I want to make breakfast of Yukari.

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i want to mindbreak Yukai fast

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I want to gangbang Yukari for breakfast!

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Well that escalated quickly.

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Yukari never wears a hat indoors.

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I want Yukari to sit on my face for breakfast!

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I want breakfast
Fuck Yukari

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It's tacky.

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Eating Yukari!

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What is it called if you want to put a tiny 2hu in your mouth and run your tongue all over her without eating her? It's not really vore.

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Soft vore

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Wouldn't she just eat you instead?

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I like where this is going.

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I want to...
hold hands
with Yukari!

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Where can one find more of this Youmu vore?

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Post the yellow eyes one

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Oh I'd eat Yukari if you know what I mean?

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Yukari threads are getting worse

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Because you aren't making them better.

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You should help out then.
Tearing at the fabric of sanity with Yukari!

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Yukari threads are bound to be shit. Just look at the average IQ around here.

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Would you make midnight snacks for Yukari?

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Yukari has hands everywhere : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-VHMgDs5tk

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I mean, some time ago Yukari's fanbase was strong and we talk about her for days until the thread were dead. Now I come to /jp/ again only to see this piece of thread.

What is next?
We love lunarians?

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>What is next?
>We love lunarians?
What's wrong with that?

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Lunarians a shit

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>We love lunarians?

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nice hat, Yukari

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Helping Yukari put on sunscreen!

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Lets all love the lunarians at the same time.

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Nice hoodie, dude!

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Sorry, this guy >>13049145 beat you to it

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Uneducated poorfag a shit.
Go pick a laissez-passer A38 and get mad.

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a shit
a big one
a great one

and all of you as well

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Why is gaphag so lovely?
I want to marry her and live with her always.

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>pleb having shit taste

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If you don't want to marry Yukari then you have pleb taste by default.

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le epic /mu/-/lit/-/tv/-vee crossie maymay

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>not liking most beautiful woman in all of gensokyo
Tripfag, I...

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Why Yukari threads are so fucking shitty?

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Please stop samefagging. If you don't like them go away.

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Its okay
After we're done with Alice, we'll simply move onto Yukari after everyone has recovered.

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okuu threads are worse

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If you think Okuu threads are bad, you haven't seen Ran threads or Satori threads.

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Nah, Okuu threads are pretty shit.

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Still not as bad as those two. And I mean all character threads are pretty shit by default, since they tend to be 'I want to X (2hu in question)!'

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What makes those two threads worse in your opinion?

Either way, I agree.

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Ran threads are literally nothing but people ignoring canon to fit their furry desires (while claiming to not be furries) and circlejerking about 'soft fluffy tails'. Satori threads are somehow full of more autism than the rest of 4chan combined, which is fitting given the girl in question.

Okuu threads are usually 'I want to fuck Okuu!' which is bad but tolerable.

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sure is meta in here

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What do you want us to say?
"I want to fuck Yukari!"
Boom, that's all the substance in this thread.

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Discuss Yukari's name.

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I'm going to provide more context, Rinnosuke goes on a rant to analyze the meaning and the formation of Yukari Yakumo's name in CoLA.

ZUN gives a hint towards Lafcadio Hearn (supposedly the same Hearn of Marry Hearn), and Lafcadio Hearn's japanese name is Koizumi Yakumo.

It's probably ZUN's inspiration for Marry/Yukari and does not have any concrete significance but it's fun to ponder.

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Might as well ask here since this thread is kill.
What filters do you all use? I'm thinking of adding secondar*

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...why not just discuss canon?

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You can't discuss anything when you spend more time reporting and hiding posts than do you reading and posting.

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She's a man-eating humanoid abomination, not your wife.

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That's "hidoi"...

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Ran threads are simply mazacon threads,.
Satori threads are simply lolicon threads.

if you want to see really shit threads, take a look at the Momiji or Remilia ones.

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She can be both, anon.

Eesh, momiji threads. I forgot about those.

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Yukari is the strongest, discuss

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Yukari still fears the yama.

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She's certainly the healthiest.

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pls respond

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Yukari avoids the yama because she is so fucking annoying,

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She sleeps all day and gaps everywhere. It's not healthy to use magic to shape your figure.

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But she cannot do anything about her, so she indeed fears the yama.

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She was really obligated to do anything by herself?

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This. Yukari didn't fear Shikieiki, she just doesn't want to deal with her nagging and insufferably long pontification.

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It's not like Ran can do anything about it.

Even her apprentice, Hakurei Reimu, can't do anything about the yama and the flower incident.

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"Yukari" obviously is not her true name.

but is a good name and I like it enough to call my child like that.

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The problem is how she handles the problem, she avoids the yama instead of messing her up, like what Yukari usually does to troublemakers.

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So you call yer kid Violet?

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But Shikieiki isn't doing anything wrong, it's her job to nag people into not committing sin. Yukari doesn't give a shut unless Shiki bugs her personally.

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Shikieiki does bug her personally though, by doing exactly that.

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I mean, Yukari only shows her face when Gensokyo's existence is on danger (TH10.5)

The flower incident wasn't important enough to face an frigid and scold yama

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"Healthy" is a nice way of saying 'kind of fat', anon.

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if is a girl, yes

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If I remember correctly, only Yuyuko didn't do anything about it and just enjoys the flower because there's nothing to be done (Youmu goes out of her own).

Even Yukari tries to get involve by sending Reimu.

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It's a stupid way of saying "morbidly obese."

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Well, not morbidly obese. "Healthy" usually refers to somewhat overweight without being disgusting, because some people find it attractive.

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>It's not healthy to use magic to shape your figure.
is not magic, all fat goes straight to her boobs.

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Yukari send Reimu to meet and get scolded by the yama, Yukari is a troll.

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That can work too I guess.

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It stopped meaning that after it left /a/.
The point still stands. If she's a hibernator, she has to be way more than healthy in order for that to work without using magic.

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Someone post the pure maiden one

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translate it weeb

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She's talking about your penis.

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How lewd

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Have this instead.

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Lovingly crafting horror and madness in service of the Crawling Chaos!

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Yukari is a great old one, but she's certainly not old.

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Character threads always devolve into that.
Some just do it faster than others and they've all been pretty bad lately.

There's only so much you can discuss when they almost always have a thread up at any given time and they dont get new content nearly as fast. Sorry for adding to the meta, have a Yukari, even though I dislike her

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Why do you dislike Yukari?

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why is Yukari so delicious

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why is Yukari so nutritious

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Part of it was Yuyuko knew what was going on but even Yukari showed she actually forgot what was going on because apparently the 60 year cycle somewhat affected the memory of long lived youkai. Yuyuko pretty much just used it as an excuse to tease Yukari.

Don't hurt the Yama's feelings.

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Furigana on fucking <何>? What age bracket is this manga for?

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>Yukari didn't fear Shikieiki
She should fear the yama!

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Maybe it's consideration for gajins?

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fuck off human, not a one of you disgusting curs know how to talk to and respect Yakumo-sama

It is evident by you undying lust that you'd never be suitable for her, you're not even worthy as a carpet for Yakumo-sama as you're too filthy for even her feet to have to bare witness to

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You tell them, anon!

Almost everyone ITT are hating on the Smiling Cute for absolutely no reason. You're a bunch of rude MEANIES!

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Wouldn't D4C be a better match.

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Why is Yukari so lewd?

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Hags are disgusting. Remove hags

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Why is Ran's head on a stick?