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Hey guise. Someone modded your Nuke Girl

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...what should have been...

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She looks kinda like MIIIIMAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!! ;_;

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Mima is dead you Touhou munchkins.
Let's get back to J-pop.

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From the Thumbnail, I thought her hat was Shikieiki's.

Therefore, yamada.

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ITT the day before C74

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The miko too.

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What's wrong with her left hand?

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>ReiNya~<3 & Dedicated Hirano Aya-sama Fan

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Don't mess with me...

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Don't bring me into this shit.

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What's so awesome about Mima?

(this is a serious post)

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<3 Mima

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OP here. I have the same question

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She just has a cool appearance?

I really don't know.

She's an evil ghost with astronomy based magic.

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She's the only one who can boss Marisa around

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It is because she is from the older games, which only a few people played.

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Actually Marisa was bossing Mima around with her loli mouth if you know what I mean

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On another question.

Are there any drawfag there to make a "Justakkuri" (I didn't made this term. It's on Touhou wiki) for the lulz?

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Marisa calls Mima "Mima sama".
Can you see Marisa respecting somebody?

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Yeah, astronomy is awesome.

That, and her huge staff.

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Just like how Aoko is the only one Shiki will call Sensei.

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She's Marisa's mum and the missing Prismriver

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Plus, she tries to decapitate you with her staff.

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Marisa respecs her teacher but no one else.
Thats very common in anime and stuff and for the most part you can see that in the old games, she does her usual routine with everyone else but shuts it wen shes with her Sensei.

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Yes there is more look for it
And shes the first real person Reimu never truly defeated.
And blablabla theres more but I'm sleepy

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404'd... Anyways I'll try /rs/

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In other words, elitist nostalgiafags can't let go of their shallow character.

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It's actually a type of spear used for slashing/hooking.

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All Touhou characters are equally shallow.

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I'm sure that you PC98 fags love trying to cling to that.

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>Mima is dead

Well, yeah, she's a ghost.

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Mima has more material than most of the oder character but if we go by ZUN yeah they are all very very shallow even Reimu.

So it comes down to who has the most accessories.

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Yukari can gap whatever she wants

Landslide victory

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But can she call them accessories!?

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You're too shallow, Yukari

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Shouldn't it be the most interesting accessories?

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You don't even have a hat

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She has a cape.

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What the fuck?

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