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Who doesn't Keine? Who doesn't?

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dunno, but I love those sushi belts

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Oh god Mokou is hot!

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what is the sauce on this?

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The eyebrows tells me it's by Hot Dog Chuck

Chen and the Naughty Sushi, untranslated afaik

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anyway, thanks anon

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Mokou leaks poo.

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Why do editors feel the need to use such stupid fonts.

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Goddamn it, Hot Dog Chuck.

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Bah it ain't on gensokyo

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How about Comic Sans MS for a fun and exciting read?

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Hey, hey, don't even joke about that...

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I'd her horns.

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I'd like to read it yes. I mean, The Ks don't look like Rs, at least.

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Ha, I was wondering who Reìne was at first myself.

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>The Ks don't look like Rs
Because there are two different letters, derp.

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so yeah.

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Hot Dog Chuck draws and writes the greatest doujins

I wish his homepage was better though. He's got some weird shit up there all the time

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Hot Dog Chuck can't write to save his life.

I'm convinced that Bowl of Mayohiga had other people involved, or he wasn't feeling very good that day.

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