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Given how ZUN draws pretty much everyone as flat, I've found it interesting that the Touhou fandom usually has a certain bust size pegged for each character, with no canon basis backing this up. E.g Utsuho, Kanako, Eirin, Keine, Seiga, Yukari, Yuyuko, Komachi, Byakuren, (sometimes) Shou, Yuuka, Yuugi, and a few others are almost always portrayed with large busts, even though ZUN pretty much all draws them as flat. Just what is it about these 2hus that leads fanon to give them large bust sizes?

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it's an impression kind of thing

kanako, eirin, yukari, yuyuko, byakuren = milf
utsuho, komachi = casual/lazy older sister feeling
yuugi = fucking massive all around
shou = prairie flat

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alphes has drawn Yuugi and Komachi with noticeable boobs.

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They like drawing big tits and could reasonably put them on "older" characters.

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I've seen Yuyuko to be all over the age range

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Seriously? I keep seing Yuyuko with large breasts most of the time. Even in the art for Silent Sinner in Blue, Yuyuko was depicted with a big chest.

Not as massive as OP's, but certainly what a normal, healthy person would call big.

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weklcome your o blivoion

ᴄ me your d addy

and f uck your ᴄ ock

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I'm pretty sure Yuugi is shown with big breasts in the manga

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didn't ZUN say Yuyu had the biggest breasts in the series

though that might have been a while ago so she could get overtaken

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>Given how ZUN draws pretty much everyone as flat

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each artist draws each touhou differently, hence why their designs are not official, I mean, Makoto gave Momiji those fanmade wolf ears and tail, years later whoever drew Momiji in SoPM didn't draw her with wolf ears or tail.

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I hear people saying that but they've never provided a source each time they're asked.

The closest thing we have is this height chart of EoSD and PCB.

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>that filename
More like reimudfc amirite folks

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... what's up with that Satori?

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I'm pretty sure I saw a chart based on the SWR portraits ages ago.

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she's a chuuni

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it doesn't matter cause SWR is drawn by a fan artist, alphes, not ZUN.

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Cirno looks awfully aggressive for a lowbie boss.

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This one?

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>ZUN draws pretty much everyone as flat
He can barely draw hands, and sometimes he will swap them.
He won't ever draw tits for us.

But he certainly endorses some characters being well endowed.

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Didn't ZUN get pissed at Tasofro for doing that?

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If all it takes is one person spamming a claim over and over for everyone to believe it, I should start making some myself.

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She's the strongest though!

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Touhou fandom confirmed for not complete pedophiles

color me impressed

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>He won't ever draw tits for us.

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we have boobhu threads often that reach the bump limit, and even besides them there's always threads for the mature characters.

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Who quote

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He has no control over the artists he hires, he just handles them the script. I say this because on one hand you have Hirasaka drawing Momiji with wolf ears and tail and on the other hand you have Masakichi drawing her without said features.

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Yeah, that one. Although it's drawn by Alphes as the other anon said. Not very useful.

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>He has no control over the artists he hires, he just handles them the script
That isn't entirely accurate, but if you're talking about how many aesthetic details are left to the artists, then yes; this has definitely been the case (esp. with architecture). With the current artists (Harukawa and Azuma) they tend to discuss character art at length in their meetings. This sentiment of "no control" comes from people spotting differences between artists, which is definitely a thing, but ZUN has actually become sort of notorious for being absurdly specific in details and instructions given to the artists. These details seem to mostly be about things present in the settings (characters, objects, expressions, actions, etc), not "how" they are drawn specifically.

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>shou = prairie flat

You take that back right this second you big jerk

Shou is as fertile as volcanic soil

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>Just what is it about these 2hus that leads fanon to give them large bust sizes?
Circlejerking mostly.

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He maybe overlook those. Like he didn't even notice wrong things with his own drawings, like miko having 2 right hands.

>He has no control
I don't think so, that would mean 2hu manga is fap material from each artist.

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ZUN went out of his way to tweet that ISC wouldn't have any fanservice whatsoever. He's obviously upset over what happened with HM's art, and I wouldn't be suprised if they edited Byakuren and Mamizou's sprites to reduce lewdness before ULiL's release.
Of course there are real unconfirmed rumors, like some Tasofro artists claiming they cut out animations and almost delayed the game entirely because of ZUN's disapproval, but we do know that he did not like the direction they were taking with the girl's proportions, even if it is just a fighting game spinoff and not a mainline game.

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ZUN somehow missed that the guy who worked on Futo's sprites made toddlercon tentacles/inflation (can't remember which) of 2hus though. Somehow.

Either that or he just didn't care, which is probably unlikely.

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Look at those Mamizonkas.

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I don't think he has control over who Tasofro hires, and I'm not sure they can afford to be picky with their staff like that.

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The guy has something like 2 or 3 loli tentacle rape pics.

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It only really looks noticeable on Hijiri

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If I "go out of my way" to tweet "I hate hot dogs," I'm obviously upset over the pizza I ate.

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Huh. Makes me wonder what sprites and animations got cut off if it made ZUN feel uncomfortable.

Grimdark and murder are a-ok, but tits are a no-no, eh?

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>complains about shippers, ocs, and any other forms of contribution to the fandom
>posts and believes things like this

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[citation needed]

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>one year later
>the same guy will never let HM go

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>He maybe overlook those
That's straight up features just as noticeable as breasts, hell I wouldn't be surprised if he told Masakichi to refrain from drawing that fanmade shit.

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>wouldn't have any fanservice whatsoever
pretty hypocritical considering the PC-98 games endings where it's Reimu and Marisa dressed up in different outfits as well as one ending of Reimu in EoSD having her open her shirt by the neck because it was so hot.

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Yeah but no one faps to ZUNart.

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I doubt he really cares much about his old art though. He did a lot of weird shit back then.

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Well yeah, the last fanservice he made was a decade ago with Reimu fanning her shirt.

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Time to put an end to this.

First, you all need to learn the definition of fanservice. It is an actual term used by everyone, a wasei-eigo for fan and service. It is used for ANYTHING ANY kind of celebrity, athlete, company, or person of power does outside any kind of performance. ALL OF IT is called fanservice. Idol tv shows, meetups and events, waving at the crowd, ALL OF IT. As for anime, one kind of fanservice is bath and beach scenes, and are technically called service cuts. So, fanservice does not mean everything that could be in any way seen as erotic.

Now for this non-issue. Basically a small group of pathetic people want to feel hardcore for playing shooting games, and to do that they have to distance themselves from the typical loser anime fan. Anything that could possibly be seen as fanservice makes them absolutely lose their shit. But when you know what fanservice actually means, and what zun means when he says it, you can plainly see what's going on. For not only has zun himself had (and has) fanservice in his games, he has even called them fanservice games! Here's the 2005 4gamer interview about PoFV. http://www.4gamer.net/specials/shanghai_alice/zone_k.shtml

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All of zun's atypical games are, in his own words, fanservice games. What does this have to do with zun's tweet that the fuckface retards keep linking to? You have to understand zun is an old hipsterish man with a playful and cryptic attitude. When he makes a fanservice game in the style of his other fanservice games, which stars a character who's ideals are to turn the order of Gensokyo upside down, of course he would say something like "and by the way, this game has no fanservice." If you want to take it literally, he could simply be not trying to include as many touhous as possible, as with his prior fanservice games, but those that are actually relevant to the story. That's why you see Keine and Momiji, for example. But why is Nitori there? Why the FUCK is Remilia there? Do you really think one of the strongest beings in Gensokyo gives a single shit about Seija? According to Seija's plans, they should be allies, not enemies. This whole thing is just another sad attempt from these sad people trying to make themselves look good, instead of actually making themselves good, and what better way to change the opinion of the masses by SHOVING IT DOWN THEIR THROATS AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.

I never want to see another thread or post about zun hating fanservice or tasofro rumors or any of the sort again.

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Thanks for that. Here I was stupidly thinking, "Wow, those ZUN twitter claims are usually bullshit".

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Except that's wrong. Given the context of what happened, he was using the modern use of the word Fanservice, which in this case means "girls in revealing clothing or with large bouncy breasts." ZUN hates it, and he explicitly stated that ISC wouldn't have any of that because of the controversy surrounding HM's lewd sprites, which many fans also found distasteful for the franchise.

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Any proof of what you are saying?

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>Basically a small group of pathetic people want to feel hardcore for playing shooting games, and to do that they have to distance themselves from the typical loser anime fan.

Don't assume everyone is like you, faggot. I was playing shmups (among other genres) before you were even conceived.

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All I know is that alternate breast sizes are amazing.
みょんちち the best. Thank you pixiv for having tags for every Touhou tits.

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Of course. It's just a bunch of pathetic lolifags desperately trying to force their belief that everybody in Gensokyo is DFC on the world.

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*Of course not.

Damn fingers, too quick for their own good.

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Secondaries actually getting upset at people playing the games?

Haha, oh wow.

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"Those didn't happen" - ZUN

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it's the thought that counts.

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>ZUN hates it
hence the hypocrisy since he did fanservice in his own games and let Byakuren's tits in HM go untouched.

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Seconded, I enjoy seeing adult versions of normally loli characters and vice versa.

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There's no tag for Kourin with tits.

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りんのぱい has a few results, but the tag for genderbent Rinnosuke seems to be 霖子.

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We need to go larger.

> >>13028170 >>13028174

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Except those posts claim that what ZUN means by fanservice is different than the fanservice he does, which is wrong, both the fanservice he complains about and his own fanservice are the same category: lewdity.

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It has to do with height. Apparently, the taller a girl gets, the bigger her breasts become.

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Nitori is short and is often drawn with huge jubblies.

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Yeah, no one. Heh.

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Post the last one you fapped to.

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I'm not him, but sometimes I just open up my 2hu/smug/ folder and, well, you know.

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Goddamn Seiga, stop it you witch.

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Upload please.
Do you imagine them belittling your pathetic attempts at danmaku?

>> No.13051166

Today, I will remind them.