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Two things I've noticed about Japanese anime:

On the one, we have an highly emphasized theme of "perseverance" through adversity by desire and willpower.

Then, on the other, we have shit like pic related. A distinct sense of helplessness and defeatism, with an underlying sense of a form of psychological self preservation.


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Here comes the psychology undergrad.

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It's funny because it's most likely true.
Fucking normie weeaboo faggots shitting up my jay

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>implying I graduated highschool

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Last time it was moe, wasn't it?

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Are you saying that different stories have different protagonists with different personalities and outlook on life?


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my therapist says that its ok to give up

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Because it's character development after he stops saying "it can't be helped, it's useless" to "hell yeah we can do this, power of friendship, I believe in myself".

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Most important things in your life, a place to stay, food + water, and internet connection.
Stop feeding normalfags delusion.

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He wants you to become more hopeless so that you keep coming back to him.

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>Japanese anime
And why do you think this is otaku culture?

kuso fiber, OP

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I'm not paying her though, she's giving me service and the government is footing the bill

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Is she a qt?

Do you talk about /jp/ with the bitch?

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she's like 50+ dude, but judging from her appearance now she was definitely cute in her prime. i don't talk about the jay with anybody in the real world

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Wouldn't want any busybody snooping around here.

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The Japanese are hopelessly Romantic.

They emphasize the emotional struggle of the individual in face of hardship and obstacles, and how that individual overcomes it.

It really does not matter what the character is feeling exactly, as long as it fits the mood and is cathartic.

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Superior life philosophy coming through

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She's still getitng rich on ya

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i'm not her only client dude

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OBVIOUSRY the defeatism is a reaction to the subversion of their initial standards of perseverance. They're taught that they can only get what they want via hard work. But sometimes hardwork and willpower is all for nothing because reality is nonconsensual, and then their entire viewpoint collapses into defeatism. You can work hard and want hard and still get nothing in return.

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