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If you ever actually went to Gensokyo Mokou is the only Touhou who would save you from being devoured by Youkai out of a genuine sense of compassion.

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When she opens her heart to me, I shall consume it

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What about Keine?

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If that ever happened, I would tell her how much I hate her and to kindly fuck off because I would rather be devoured by a youkai. Especially if it's a cute and pretty little youkai like Rumia.

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I want hakutaku keine to force herself onto me

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Oh and by the way /jp/, out of the girls who aren't actually Youkai and who wouldn't be the ones eating you in the first place, Kaguya would probably be the least likely to offer any help.

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That's wrong. Kaguya understands that, since she is living on Earth, she should help others. It's very likely that if she saw a human about to be eaten by a youkai she would take initiative and try to help them. What is unlikely, however, is Kaguya being the one to run across that human since she spends most of her time at Eientei and not walking around the forest.

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I dont care, I still like Kaguya way more.
Mokou is a gross tomboy dyke that smells bad and lives outside like an animal.

Kaguya is hot and sexy and I like her the most. If she is a mean bitch that wants to bully me or be mean to me, I wouldnt care because she is pretty and not ugly like moukou.

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Too bad you'll almost never encounter Mokou outside of the Bamboo Forest.
Odds of saving you probably go Reimu > Marisa > Sanae > Mokou > Kiene > Taoists > Sakuya > Reisen > Youmu > Kaguya > Eirin

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The only saving Sakuya would do is shrink wrapping and freezing

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Akyuu tells of this villager who passed out and was saved and taken into the mansion by presumably Sakuya, he later escaped.

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>Kaguya understands that, since she is living on Earth, she should help others

Except no, because she's a self-absorbed bitch.

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kaguya, what a shit, what a shit! stupid bitch ned 2 go back 2 the moon, she go pond rice cake for mokou w/i the bunies, kaguya but a slave for the great mokou! my heart burn for mokou, the passion, fury it eminate warm the earth, i cannot bear it, my heart like to explode. kaguya, my heart only feel hate, it cold, deep, frozen in the icebox only mokou cna bring it out and warm with her radiance! kaguya, a lazy slut, she canot do anything without the entei, but mokou, there is no task she canto complte, not even hurcules can best her labors, her power her skill her beauty pearless, kaguya kiss her feet, an obscene girl, she can only looka t up the wonder that is mokou

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take you vore shit to /d/

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I belive Miko will do it too, and probably Sanea, especially Sanae, I bet she will love to have someone to talk about the real world even if just for a day, before going back.

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That's not actually vore though. Vore = being swallowed whole.

Being chewed to pieces is guro.

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Miko and Futo will. If you shout "Help meee Mikoemooon!" she might be able to hear you and let you stay at her place fore saftey.

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>-vorous: a combining form meaning “eating, gaining sustenance from” that specified by the initial element

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at least Miko is kind enough to not push her belief on someone, so I could at least live with them avoiding "BECOME A TAOIST" at least from her, Futo on the other side will probably try to force me into it, so I can admire the prince.

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Is that the sadpanda definition?

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Mokou is taller than Kaguya and therefore superior.

You know, in addition to being a genuinely better person.

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Would Keine attack people while in her hakutaku form?

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Uhhh, Eirin told Kaguya that their purpose on Earth is to help human beings, that's why they run the clinic. Eirin doesn't even care if you don't pay her immediately, she can wait for it.

Kaguya also loves visitors to her manor which means she'll probably treat them with lots of respect.

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Eirin runs the clinic. Kaguya sits around all day being of no use to anyone.

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Oh god I need her to ballbust me right now.

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This meme needs to stop.

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Are you baiting me or do you actually have a stick so far up your ass you think that "uhhh" is a meme?

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By the literal definition someone going "uhhh" is a meme.

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Probably not, no.

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But then if she doesn't bite people how would anyone else become a herehakutaku?

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I don't think it's transmitted by bite. And even if it is, she's still in control of herself on full moon nights.

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Of course it's transmitted by a bite, stupid!

And if she weren't a raving bloodthirsty monster, she wouldn't be biting anyone!

Couldn't you just feel her hysterical bloodlust during the IN extra stage?

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Settle down, Mokou.

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Could keine alter kaguya's history to make it so she'd never taken the hourai elixir and thus allow mokou to kill her once and for all? Or am I misunderstanding how her power works?

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It's only the perception of history that she can alter.

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I thought her hakutaku form could actually change history.

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Her hakutaku form can create new history. Her normal form can only make people forget a part of it.

Still, she can only change history. She can't change the present.

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Remilia likes fresh meat, it seems.

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Give me 5 years, a lot of luck, a good amount of high quality cucumbers, enough medical expertise and a internet connection, another boatload of luck and I'll maybe be able to do something too.

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But she temporarily erased the village in IN, in the present, by making it so it was never settled. Right?

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No, it changed the perception of history.
The village was still there but if you asked anyone about it they would reply:
>village? What village?

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Byakuren-sama would save me!

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I think Alice would help out too, considering how she's a former human and what she did in SaBND.

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and then force you to be become a monk.

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You couldn't stand staying with her though.
She'll make you destroy or get rid of any weapons you brought with you to Gensokyo to defend yourself and you will have to subsist on whatever horrid vegan food she supplies.

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>She'll make you destroy or get rid of any weapons you brought with you to Gensokyo to defend yourself

That's some bullshit, how come she allows Shou to carry around a spear?! Eh fuck it, find a nice hardwood staff or a shillelagh and practice with it. If she bitches say it's a walking stick.

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>natural non gmo food is horrid
You take that back! Besides, with more chickens and cows for youkai to eat, human "disappearances" will decrease, and the humans they do catch will be healthier and satiate them longer. Everyone wins, doubly so if the captee is into vore.

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Anyone with half a brain isn't going to Gensokyo not dressed like this.

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Shou carries the spear exactly as a walking stick.

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>Anyone with half a brain isn't going to Gensokyo not dressed like this.

The walking stick / fighting staff / shillelagh suggestion was for when after Byakuren makes you destroy/get rid of any weapons on your person as per >>13000657 said.

Also if I was armed like John Rambo Cirno still will come by and kill me like Sub Zero.

>Shou carries the spear exactly as a walking stick.

It's still a weapon yet Byakuren allows Shou to carry it which is rather hypocritical. She could've forced Shou to use an actual stick instead but she doesn't.

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Shou was pacificed to the point where she doesn't even know how to use the spear as a weapon.
>As a treasure youkai, she isn't very skilled at martial arts. 80% of her strength comes from the Laser Pagoda.
>Shou also wields a long spear, but it is for decorative purposes. It is primarily intended to lend her an air of majesty and she uses it as a walking stick.
Though, you can say that's just A9 being wrong as usual.

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Super racist.
Uses gun.
Invents and sells her shit to villagers to make capital.

Reisen is the most american touhou, surely she would come to my aid when I flash her some cash.

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that's a man who is serious about removing kebab

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Buddhists are vegetarians though, not vegans. And I'm already a vegetarian, so it all works out!