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WaHH chapter 26 is translated. I dunno why they skipped 25. Maybe lack of raws.


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Also Marisa is a drug addict.

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Hopefully we get the other one too.

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man, these urban legend characters are NOT cute

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Oh.. Mamizou, is it...

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I haven't even read the past 6 chapters.

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Why is ZUN so afraid of having a normal male character that's the same age as Reimu and Marisa?

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i'm amazed people still translating these touhou moe manga

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Why shouldn't they, xXxdarkoNmrd89xXx?

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>I dunno why they skipped 25.
>chapter 26 is v0.5

Because 26 isn't even a chapter they have released yet. It's not that they skipped 25, it's that you haven't found the file for it or they haven't uploaded it anywhere. Why else do you think they tell people this is a rough draft?

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I'm well aware it's 0.5 but i just call it anyway cause it's better than nothing. And i went to TV-Trope forum for this saving you guys from all the shitty hassle of secondary shits. And the translator said they skipped 25 for inexplicable reason. That's why.

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>Why else do you think they tell people this is a rough draft?
because they say that every chapter

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Damn, you're fucking stupid.

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Ever since CoLA, nigga. Ever since CoLA.

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The Moe manga is the other one. This is the Aya manga.

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elevens would riot

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nice blog

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marisa knows the good shit

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Touhou has the one of the biggest fandoms in Japan.
Huge community in the West as well.
Thousands of doujinshis, several touhou doujinshis are uploaded every single day.
But it also has 2 ongoing official mangas.
There are always significant delays with raw uploads.
We always get shitty draft translations which are not even available to general public.
Complete translation can lag behind by more than 6 fucking months.
Chapters might be skipped for now fucking reason.
It takes several days (sometimes a week) for a thread to appear in /jp/.

AND NO ONE CARES. Go to /a/ and check how they wait for each next release. Just check archives to see what happens if the next chapter is delayed.

If this is not the proof of how bland, boring and shitty these two mangas, then what is?

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>Go to /a/ and check how they wait for each next release
I meant "next release of their favourite manga". Because they obviously don't care about such shit as WaHH and FS.

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>go to /a/
No thank you.

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>appeal to popularity

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Better than your greentext with a reaction image.

Notice that I also appealed to popularity not only in general but in /jp/ in particular. I hope you're not trying to imply that majority of people here have bad taste.
I also want to mention that WaHH/FS threads get almost no replies (unless they have cameos like Reisen/Remilia ones). Even some H doujinshis generate more discussion here.

But if you're still unsatisfied then welcome to archives. Moe or warosu, it's your choice, there are dozens of arguments in previous threads.

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hey guys, I am a little behind with these serie, the last one I got is chapter 22, can someone please share a link where I can download the rest, the ones I usually found are death.

also question, have someone translate forbbiden scrollery chapter 22? the last time I check, only 21 is translated and we have like 3 more waiting.

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Same advice for you, check archives. All the links should be in previous discussion threads.

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Please take it easy.

One or two 2hu manga threads ain't going to kill ya.

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You must be new here. There are delays because since this is an official manga, the reputation of those involved in the translation is at stake. Nobody cares if there's a mistranslation in whatever shonen or mega kawaii manga you think is good, because in the end of the day it's all about generic anime characters doing generic anime things. But due to the nature of Touhou, even a small mistranslation can lead to plot details and japanese culture references being lost. If you mess up the translation of a ZUN manga nobody will trust your translations anymore.

As for the raws, very few people are stupid enough to destroy their manga and books just so a bunch of ungrateful brats can read a translation for free. This includes the translators themselves, they always just wait until someone else does it. Pretty much every manga that's not mainstream garbage like Naruto wont have their raws made available soon after the release of a new chapter, or at least not on a consistent basis.

Lastly, these manga are aimed at japanese adults. Don't expect children (like you!) who are still fascinated by modern generic anime to find it very interesting.

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I dont't know is these mangas can really be said that they are aimed to adults, I feel that the problem with of why some people don't like these ones, is because they are expecting something more close to the games, a serie of fights while trying to resolve a incident, but these mangas fall more on the slice of life genre, that's why the lack action and all that shounen stuff, these are more to read after a long day.

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I wish this threads could get more lively, but since many here don't like the mangas I suppose that's a lot to ask.

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I just wait for them to finish before seeing all of that.

Don't want to wait for them every week.

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>the reputation of those involved in the translation is at stake
Hahaha. I still remember the infamous WaHH chapter 14, the one with that Yukari's dialogue about food and outter world. It has blatant mistranslation which created the biggest and most disgusting shitstorm in /jp/ (in terms of official manga of course). But even though it was only 2 years ago I guess you weren't even her at that time.
No one fucking cares about translators. No one even knows their name here.

>very few people are stupid enough to destroy their manga
And that's why we get hunderds of douhinshis after every big con?

>these manga are aimed at japanese adults. Don't expect children (like you!)
Holy shit, I haven't seen this kind of insults probably since 2010. I think even /a/ not uses them anymore (though maybe things changed, haven't been there for a long time).
I just like high quality stories and not utter garbage.

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Please take it easy and just enjoy Touhou manga on /jp/...

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>No one fucking cares about translators. No one even knows their name here.
>I'm terribly uninformed, everyone else must be too!!

>And that's why we get hunderds of douhinshis after every big con?
A huge number of them were never uploaded, plus you're forgetting the fact that most doujinshi are one shots that are read once and never touched again. A lot of people actually collect ZUN's manga. For example on twitter there are several fans (not only japanese) who own every single official tankobon.

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You can generally scan doujinshi sufficiently without debinding it.

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Who isn't a drug addict in the place where even little girls can get drunk and no one bats an eye.

>they say
Isn't "he says"?

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But I take it easy and enjoy bashing Touhou manga on /jp/.

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Then please discuss warmly and do not tell people to go to /a/ to discuss Touhou manga.

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one thing is getting drunk, another is being into drugs, in many cultures even more on old cultures, there wasn't a problem with kids getting drunk.

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Those of us who are pure.

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no luck, or I just suck looking in the archives, probably a mix of both

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nvm, while looking for FS I found them. less chapter 25 of WaHH

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The average waiting time from a convention to a raw upload for a doujinshi is months, if not years. Most of them will never be scanned. It teaches you patience. (And face it, 99.9% of the /a/ crowd would never do anything if their translations suddenly stopped appearing. They're just spoiled.)

And there's exactly zero quantifiable difference between the 0.5 and final version for those translations. It's probably only there to avoid making some potential fuckup "official". An admirable sign of modesty, if you ask me. If you're a real fan, you know where to find them, If not, keep waiting until the wiki catches on, you shouldn't care in the first place.

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An old lady selling leg...
An dog with a human face...

Hey, isn't it like the synopsis of Urban Legend in Limbo, /jp/ ?

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Anybody has had any luck ordering 東方鈴奈庵 ~ Forbidden Scrollery.(3)フィギュア付き限定版? I can't find any store that ships this overseas.

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Wait, it isn't finished?
Where I can read the whole translated thing?
Which comics aren't finished yet?

>> No.12994176

Anyone? At all? For some reason none of the sellers are willing to ship this overseas from the amazon site. I would really appreciate some options. Honto is completely sold out as well.

>> No.12994826

I just pushed this into the shopping cart at Amazon.co.jp and they seem happy to sell it to me?

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Is it being shipped to America, by any chance?

Thanks, I will try that.

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I've seen more than a few touhou characters with opium pipes.

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>Is it being shipped to America, by any chance?
And the shipping cost is absurd, but it is available.

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Man the regular version has another cover.
I have the limited but damn me if I don't want to buy the regular too.

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Oops. I did not realize that poster was looking for the limited edition. Amazon.co.jp is not selling that one anymore.

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Also sold out in kinokuniya. I ordered it to my shitty 3rd world country, but it never arrived. Guess I will never have Kozusu now. ZUN doesn't do reprints does he?

Why would these scumbags rob me of a little toy like that?

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This one?
Probably some custom's agent thought his daughter would like it.

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Yes. That one.

I wanted her to stand alongside my Kasen...

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Have you tried CDJapan or bookweb?

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CDJapan - not available.

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It's gone on both. The only site who claims to have some is amazon as collectibles, but they refuse to ship it overseas. Why don't they want my money?

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Because lots of different custom's agent have daughters who like toys, so the chance of it actually reaching you is low, and they don't want the hassle of dealing with the non-delivery claim?

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I guess that my only option is to wait for ZUN to make more of those.

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Found it. Seems like not all is lost yet.

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Man, ZUN really is obsessed with Mamizou that he desperately jams her into everything now.

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>I also want to mention that WaHH/FS threads get almost no replies
Go to the archive and show me.

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"Waaah why is this character I don't like relevant to this storyline? Anything that happens should only revolve about the ones I like!"

This is what I hear.

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You are really sensitive, you take offense even when there isn't one by making up things.

>> No.12995361

>relevant to this storyline
But she isn't, she could be replaced by anyone else. And thing is, ZUN really is putting her everywhere even though she isn't relevant at all. Obviously because she's based on his wife.

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Are you sure it's ZUN who's jamming it into Mamizou?

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I like Mamizou

>> No.12995394

Why is Reimu always upset and disbelieving in WaHH? She's the complete opposite in EoSD and SSiB where she's really calm and cool. It's like ZUN can't even remember how she was like so she changes her up each game and manga.

>> No.12995407

She's an outside world savvy youkai who sides with, or at least is friendly with, regular humans to a certain degree, unlike Yukari who is very obviously on the side of youkais.
She's pretty much Yukari's counterpart, doing things that Yukari probably wouldn't do based on her personality.

>> No.12995411

There's a manga for The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil?
In the fairy series of manga, Reimu appears to be in charge because the fairies are our viewpoint characters, and see her that way.

>> No.12995412

EoSD/SSiB is full-blown incident mode Reimu.

WaHH and fairies is "fuck this, I want to go back to sleep" Reimu.

>> No.12995422

>or at least is friendly with, regular humans to a certain degree,
She doesn't even go to the human village unless she has her disguise on, she wouldn't need to do that if her real self was friendly with humans.

>> No.12995439

She's taken off her disguise before in front of them and nobody really freaked out. She just doesn't want to make a scene every time she goes there..

>> No.12995443

Yes, she would. Because humans cannot be friendly with Youkai if the balance of power is to survive. How friendly she is to humans is irrelevant.

>> No.12995446

>because the fairies are our viewpoint characters, and see her that way.
Where the hell did that get that from? The fairies are not the narrators at all.
>SSiB is full-blown incident mode Reimu.
She literally could not any less incident mode in SSiB where she rightfully thinks that going to the moon is stupid and doesn't want anything to do with Remilia's spoiled desires but is forced to go by Yukari.

Also UFO is also a game where she's in ''full incident mode'' yet she's the complete opposite of how she was in EoSD and IN. Might not count though since ZUN said her scenario in that game never happened and instead it's Marisa B's.

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>Because humans cannot be friendly with Youkai if the balance of power is to survive
Well that's a big lie, Yuuka goes to the human village regularly to do shopping. Rinnosuke is half youkai. Reimu is a human and as much as she likes to deny it she's friendly with youkai, pic related.

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Tell ZUN.

>> No.12995485

Akyuu is not ZUN, in that very manga Kosuzu disagrees with her and ends up being right. ZUN himself says Akyuu is full of shit in PMiSS. Akyuu is just the human village side of things where they're all overly stuck to their ancient, now obsolete, beliefs and ignorant.

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>> No.12995525

I think it was the night parade episode where she transforms just to tell Reimu that Kosuzu was the culprit.

>> No.12995528

That's another manga where said opinion ends up being proven wrong by the other characters in that very same chapter.

>> No.12995532

I don't recall.

>> No.12995538

Reimu is unpredictable, end of the story.

>> No.12995546

Wow, ZUN really wants Reimu to be as unlikable as possible by making her batshit retarded and only caring about money. Makes me wonder why he still includes her regularly, guess it's because he already made her the MC and there's no turning back now.
Or ZUN doesn't like her anymore. She has permanently been like this since SA, gone is the cool Reimu of EoSD, SSiB and IN.

>> No.12995559

I like Reimu's bitchiness, it makes her more entertaining.

>> No.12995598

Oh look, another autist who takes everything literally and can't into conversation. If you think that page means she's "batshit retarded and only caring about money", there's nothing to discuss. It's too bad your idyllic image of Reimu is crashing before you, but she's been the same since pc98. If anything, you should be glad the main character isn't a rose-sniffing faggot.

>> No.12995600

Entertaining how? By being annoying as hell and YOU knowing that she's wrong all the time since she a) doesn't believe in rumours and b) says everything ever bad is because youkai? Even other characters know she's retarded and wrong all the time like in this chapter when Mamizou and Marisa mock her behind her back. Knowing that a character is wrong and them just going on about it is really frustrating.

I mean even ZUN has given Marisa more screentime now than Reimu since he gave Marisa her own book, she's always the one finding about the incident-of-the-week in the manga and she's the one that was the host of SoPM that gets along with everybody whereas Reimu was the big bully that ruined everyone's fun in the end by nagging till everyone left, Akyuu says that everyone looked at her with a pissed off expression.

Quite different from SSiB where Reimu was the calm one that ends up being the important character in fixing the relationship between Yorihime and her people whereas Marisa is just the overly loud prideful bitch that constantly fucks things up like Reimu's ritual.

>> No.12995617

Because it gives us great quotes like this:
>Are you stupid? Who's going to protect those laws? Whoever makes them, they'll just write them in a way that benefits themselves, and if they break them, they'll just ignore them and go unpunished.

And come on, who gives a shit if Reimu manages to hurt dem youk's feelings, they are fucking youks.

>> No.12995626

>but she's been the same since pc98.
Sorry, no, there's absolutely no way you can tell me the extremely cool and calm Reimu from EoSD is the same nagging, whiny, annoying, always-angry, extremely-aggressive, mocked-by-everyone, unfriendly, LYING (even Suika says Reimu's extremely honest in IaMP, which was true at that point, not anymore since WaHH where she lies every chapter), doesn't trust her friends and is always wrong creature from SA, UFO, TD, DDC, OSP, WaHH and FS.
>If you think that page means she's "batshit retarded and only caring about money"
Explain to me how she isn't.
> If anything, you should be glad the main character isn't a rose-sniffing faggot.
There aren't just two extremes you know. Marisa is a better main character, she's actually friendly and doesn't spend her whole time doing nothing but scamming people like Reimu does.

>> No.12995642

>to hurt dem youk's feelings, they are fucking youks.
It's not only youks, even Akyuu and Marisa are pissed off at her as shown in SoPM.

>> No.12995648

Marisa is a wannabe-youkai while Akyuu allows Yukari to edit the chronicles.

Either are bastions of pro-humanity.

>> No.12995660

well if Akyuu didn't then Yukari would probably gap her to the 9th dimension where she'd suffer for all eternity and replace her with an Akyuu that's actually obedient.

>> No.12995666

The worst Akyuu could do is dying then eventually serving the yama.

She got guaranteed post-life job.

>> No.12995669

Akyuu, Yukari, and Reimu are part of the persons that know the reason of why Gensokyo exist, to serve as a safe heaven to all creatures that exist and depend of the human emotions to be born and continue living, youkais are born from fear, gods are born from human faith, fairies while more close to nature spirits, they need to human belive in them. Coexisting withing Youkais and humans is possible, but doing that, will cause, at least for Youkais, to eventully die or go extinct, this could happen for many reason, new youkais will stop being born, and we know that youkais are mortal, so the ones that lives will just wait to die, or the second option is that the moment humans stop fear them, they will go sick, weak, whatever and start diying in masses.

that's why Akyuu wrote a new book each reicarnation, and sometimes give bad image to youkais that don't derserve it, they need it so the human population have a fresh idea of "youkais are dangerous" instead to let the idea become old and people stop caring.

>> No.12995691

Marisa is not a wannabe-youkai, if things were like that she would be already a full witch, wha she wants is a way to find inmortality without loosing her humanity, so far becoming a hermit or the Tao way is the best one, but she doens't like all the things you have to do to achive that, is to boring for her.

>> No.12995696

Gensokyo lore thread

Best youks are still moon youks (or rather, moon humans and moon bunnies)

Every other youks are go die tier.

>> No.12995700

everyone cosplaying as reimu in the lower right.

>> No.12995706

>without loosing her humanity,
when did she say that? I'm pretty sure her aim is being a Magician-type youkai like Alice and Patchouli.
>lower right

>> No.12995708

Hmm, you can't be immortal without losing your humanity because a natural human dies.

Just ask that nigga Mokou.

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Poor Reimu. If only she knew.

>> No.12995774

if I remember correctly it was in the Symposium.

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File: 146 KB, 640x480, reimu b eosd ending.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And then in the later part of this chapter she's calmly chattering with Mamizou, a youkai, and in another chapter of WaHH she's calmly chatting with Remilia, a youkai, at a party, and another one in OSP with Yukari, a youkai, about a radio tower that Yukari found, and then gets along with the 3 fairies in the end, and in FS she defends warns Nitori that other humans know about her location and that she should retreat to safety and later in that chapter Reimu defends Nitori against Kosuzu's accusations and wonders to herself why she's doing that. But most importantly in SoPM, Miko, who's power allows her to give a certain read of one's desires, says that she detected that in reality, Reimu actually wants peace between humans and youkai and for everyone to get along.

So yeah maybe she is unpredictable, it's her anti-youkai job (simply because of the human village's absolute hatred of youkai) and her youkai-liking self colliding. As if >>12995459 wasn't proof enough. But ZUN certainly has changed her out of the blue, that's for sure.

By the way I'm replying to myself.

>> No.12995789

I can't find it, post the quote.

>> No.12995812

I remeber what Miko said on the SoPM, and I get the image that Reimu desire peace and friendship, but is stuck on a job where she can't express that openly and can't even work in secret for that, and also, that she wants some respect for the things she does, soemtimes when reading the mangas I remember this and think that Reimu probably feel really lonely in her life.

>> No.12995896

I can't find either, probably mistaking source, I am sorry for the false stament then. you can say I am shitposting now.

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File: 1.60 MB, 1298x1815, Neko Miko Reimu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reimu is a good girl.

>> No.12995959

It was mentioned in PMiSS that Marisa may become a youkai magician in the future. I don't recall reading that anywhere else.

>> No.12996068
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The youkai flock to her no matter what she does. It's like she emits pheromones out of her exposed armpits.

>> No.12996073
File: 424 KB, 567x650, reimuface2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> that Reimu probably feel really lonely in her life.
ZUN said this is how Reimu feels in IN, but then again that was back then when she barely had any friends, now everyone who's a youkai has been tea-party'd by Reimu.

>> No.12996100

Meant to quote >>12995896 and >>12995789

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>The youkai flock to her no matter what she does. It's like she emits pheromones out of her exposed armpits.
That's lewd, anon.

>> No.12996183

Marisa expresses interest in Hourai immortality in IN, and hermit's immortality both in WaHH 1 and when Miko offers her to become her disciple in SoPM. Despite this, she's still always reserved about it and silently rejects these opportunities. It's more of an unsaid character trait about Marisa.

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Reimu is too wrapped up in her job, to where she doesn't know how to be anything else

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>to where she doesn't know how to be anything else

>> No.12996274
File: 1.81 MB, 1016x1138, kasen detective.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12996286

I missed this chapter, can you post it please?

>> No.12996289

>there are entire porn doujins based on a single outfit on a single panel of an official manga

>> No.12996306
File: 1.69 MB, 786x1080, reimudetectivefs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>single panel
there was also a full body shot by Harukawa in FS.

>> No.12996320
File: 995 KB, 1690x2410, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's #13, the one with the Kappa and the animals. But it's just one panel.

>> No.12996340
File: 927 KB, 670x1341, 1416987791523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fanarts and doujinshi of official manga stuff is more likely than you may think.

>> No.12996345

single piece fanart is one thing, full retail doujin is whole nother.


>> No.12996668

yeah, but still, some people can live going to parties and still feel alone, just see how many people that looks extrovert commit suicide.

>> No.12996680

I still wonder why Kosuzu is the only one she refers as "-chan", while we know nothing about Reimu childhood, probably they were friends? before Reimu going to be a full time shrine maiden.

>> No.12996716

For those interested in a Kozusu figurine, Lawson HMV online store has it available.

Can't wait!

>> No.12996880
File: 356 KB, 390x600, 33007511_m.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because Kosuzu is more than 5 years younger than Reimu?

>> No.12996926

Reimu is over 45?

>> No.12996934

Kozusu is younger than Akyuu, who is younger than the kids learning how to read in school?

>> No.12996974

No, Akyuu is older. Kozusu are almost of the same age, which is younger than Reimu. Reimu is too old (and too corrupt and jaded) to be in her early teens. She must be at least 16. Thinking that japanese girls do not have voluptuous figures.

>> No.12996985

Since Reimu drinks Sake, doesn't she have to be at least 20?

>> No.12996990

As if there's police in Gensokyo.

>> No.12997047

Everyone drinks sake in Gensokyo, silly. Even Medicine, who was literally months old.

>> No.12998237
File: 235 KB, 900x896, reimumarisa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's the only touhou with ZUN-approved breasts alongside Raiko and Utsuho.

>> No.12998240

cause Kosuzu is a child, and not a filthy youk either.

>> No.12998299


Oh come on. You won't find a more breast-less Touhou than Utsuho. This isn't even a matter of taste, she literally does not have a space on her chest left for breasts.

>> No.12998377

>she literally does not have a space on her chest left
As opposed to figuratively not having a space left?

>> No.12998449


>> No.12998471

Why is Reimu bending sperm? What is happening in that picture?

>> No.12998571
File: 57 KB, 213x166, okuutriangles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12998595

those are testicles, the artist is a huge fan of ball busting and testicle-gore, he includes it in like half the pictures he does.

>> No.12998790

Highly Responsive to Prayers came out 20 years ago.

>> No.12998814

Real time doesn't equate to time in Gensokyo, ZUN has said. Reimu will most certainly be eternally a teen, with growing breasts as of DDC.

>> No.12998849

Gensokyo time is slower

>> No.12998872

No, the time flow in Gensokyo is pretty much consistent with ours. Touhous are just ageless.

>> No.12998880

>Touhous are just ageless.
not only does Alice grow up quickly as well as Reimu having breasts in the latest mainline game, ZUN himself said our time isn't Gensokyo's.

>> No.12998881

5 years, not 5 times.
Sorry guys.

>> No.12998902

>ZUN himself said our time isn't Gensokyo's.
[citation needed]

He did actually say he's not going to give the girls ages because then they'd have to, well, age.

>> No.12998918

But they are aging, again, Reimu grew breasts, and it's been nearly 20 years since HRtP, same time as ours my ass.

>> No.12999036

Nitpick: Touhou didn't really have a continuity until EoSD (or maybe a little after it), and EoSD came out 13 years ago.

>> No.12999044

Yuuka and Alice think otherwise, they even go ''oh Reimu it's been a while'' in their first Windows appearance.

>> No.12999085

He said that fans will continuosly keep track of their ages, not that they won't age.

Also for all you know the whole first 5 games could have happened within one year.

>> No.12999212

No, he said exactly what I s...typed he said. Nothing less, nothing more:


Also behold the little gem I discovered while searching for that quote:


>> No.13000147

But anon, PC98 canon is not the same universe as Windows canon

>> No.13000165

Actually a few characters who are first introduced knows Reimu for some time. Kasen and Kosuzu being one of them. So we can assume Yuuka and Alice know Reimu before but not in the same manner of PC98.

>> No.13000327

Pretty sure they meant "continuity" as in "established timeline". Because that's how the Windows series works.

Characters not "aging" in a 1:1 fashion with said timeline isn't really a problem, it's just conveniently ignored. They've aged in some senses, but it's the character development that's important, not how they look.

>> No.13000337

Toho has the deepest lore

and the tightest anus

>> No.13000511

>Kasen and Kosuzu being one of them
They're new, Yuuka and Alice are not, not making the connection is just being contrarian.

>> No.13000516

>isn't really a problem
Nobody said it was, what people were arguing is that if time in Gensokyo is the same as ours, and obviously it's absolutely not, otherwise Reimu wouldn't be a teen.

>> No.13000724

"Reimu not aging in line with Gensokyo's timeline" is the problem I'm talking about. I'm saying how Reimu or others seem to age (or not) isn't important to the timeline. Whether you take this to mean people age slower in Gensokyo or whatever other silliness, seasons and years demonstrably pass more or less exactly the same as here.

>> No.13000735

>seasons and years demonstrably pass more or less exactly the same as here.
How? Where does it say when does even a year pass? ZUN himself said our time is not Gensokyo's time at all and hence why characters are aging very slowly, saying that one thing ages but not the others is an irrelevant assumption. There's been what, 3 springs in the 20 years since HRtP?

>> No.13000848

it isn't 1:1, but there are enough references to seasons to see the years passing close to ours

>> No.13001187
File: 113 KB, 500x500, anime question girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Reimu secretly suffering with her conflicting mind of wanting peace with the youkai but having to deal with her job as anti-youkai? Some of the discussion of her in this thread just got me thinkin. I always liked her for her aggressive personality and cruelty but now I think I just might start feeling a little sad for her.

>> No.13001744

>Where does it say when does even a year pass?

Ever read Bohemian Archive / Symposium? Every newspaper article comes with a date, and they create an entire timeline you can check against. Post-TD events of Symposium all happen in Gensokyo's year 126, while an earliest post-EoSD event is dated at year 118, meaning that 8 years passed between them.

And there's been a new spring in the manga whenever there's a new spring in our world. They've been running without a break for almost ten years now...

>ZUN himself said our time is not Gensokyo's time at all

Still waiting for that citation.

>> No.13001819

In fact, I've only ever heard that time passes at the same rate as ours.

>> No.13001825
File: 213 KB, 900x1182, grandfather_nurgle_by_xleshiyx-d5besm9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, in order for Gensokyo to exist, humans must fear youkai. If there is no real threat, there is no fear. Thus, youkai must out of necessity assault humans because there is no other way.

But, if the small human population was severely endangered like, for example, a plague, youkai would have no option but to help with unnatural remedies or whatever magic they could muster. Because they do not get to make a choice on the matter.

>> No.13002278

>Akyuu is full of shit in PMiSS
[Citation needed]

>> No.13002288


They have to believe in youkai, not fear them. Big difference.

>> No.13002370

Only that the reason to live for most youkai is to actually be feared. That's why Byakuren got told several times what she's doing is actually bad.

>> No.13002424

And that bitch never listens. What a fucking whore. No wonder everyone hate her.

>> No.13002514
File: 954 KB, 919x637, byakuren yuuten.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Byakuren is beloved, and no wonder

>> No.13002521

That's a cool art style.

>> No.13002611
File: 251 KB, 800x900, 21385928_p5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Byakuren is hated and scorned
Fixed it for you.

>> No.13002640

no, those are the gods, that's why kanako came to gensokyo, people there belives that gods exist and that's enough for her to live, but Youkais need to be feared, that's the reason the exist, as the unnatural monster that hunt humanity.

see this.>>12995669

>> No.13002648

I always thought that if a plague hit the human population, while youkais, at least the "elders" will try to do something, they will need something like Kanako or another no-youkai being to take the credit, because if the humans knows that youkais save them, loss of fear and problems.

>> No.13002657

well, humans and anti-youkais persons hate her, youkais love her, she basically is trying to teach youkais to trasend their nature, like a human becoming a hermit/god/celestial, but for a youkai that's probably impossible until proven otherwise.

>> No.13002668

Doctor Eirin is here, and Eirin is considered human.

>> No.13002683

But Anon, Eirin is a quack.

>> No.13002685

Eirin and her bunny run the drug business, both medicine and recreational drug.

No gods, no magic, only science and money.

>> No.13002689
File: 102 KB, 354x311, 1380477432829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you believe in this theory, how do you explain the "fear" of a bucket falling down from the treetops out of nowhere? are tengu even feared? in all folklore involving tengu i've read so far, it's just about them being dumb and deceived by humans to get their magical items.

>> No.13002691

>Eirin and her bunny run the drug business, both medicine and recreational drug.
More like
>the bunny run the business while Eirin does nothing
Reisen say in Inaba that she surpassed Eirin, so it's canon.
Granted, she was totally drunk and was more likely boasting given that she's treated like a slave rather than like a pupil, but still, she said it.
Time for Eirin to retire and let Reisen take care of the business.

>> No.13002694

Do I smell some serious power struggle between the master and the student?

>> No.13002702
File: 181 KB, 1000x1400, 39705888_big_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depends who's writing the story. For most people, it's pretty obvious Eirin's in charge. Especially if it means tearing Reisen a new one each day.

>> No.13002708

Sorry I thought this is a canon thread, please keep ye secondary at the door.

>> No.13002711
File: 43 KB, 524x287, this is canon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can you prove that Eirin isn't in charge?
No? That's what I though.

>> No.13002715

Eirin "lightly" punished Reisen for making cat statues in FS.

If she isn't charge, she wouldn't be able to do that.

>> No.13002719
File: 338 KB, 646x513, Cannon 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you proved that Eirin's in charge, and that she often punishes Reisen. Thanks for admitting that you're wrong about Reisen surpassing Eirin.

>> No.13002724
File: 391 KB, 534x1348, Inaba_of_the_Moon_and_Inaba_of_the_Earth_-_CH04_-_03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And here's the proof that >>13002691 is lying when he says that Eirin is old and busted.
The old hag's still kicking.

>> No.13002725

That was the other guy.

Still, Reisen is the muscle Eirin has to rely on, the princess and the other rabbits being either too sly or too lazy to run this kind of business.

>> No.13002727

>That was the other guy.
Hang on, you're not the dumbass kebab who accused me of being a secondary because I claimed that Eirin was in charge of the Eientei?

>> No.13002734

There are two guys:
One guy said Eirin isn't in charge of Eientei and Reisen has taken power.
I ask about the possible power struggle then dismiss the whole "depends on who's wiriting" bit as secondary wank.

>> No.13002749
File: 206 KB, 705x900, 01eae96755e96d700884c9b270774377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But it's true, mate. It entirely depends on who's writing the story. In Inaba, Reisen's unwillingly holding Eientei together, has >>13002725 described, and get tortured by Eirin when she fucks up (which includes going for a troll without being allowed to, as well as "planting" ideas in Kaguya's head). In the Forbidden Scrollery books, she shows initiative and is only lightly punished instead of being whipped and having candies thrown at her face.

So even among canon books, there are difference in treatments. I think it's called "artistic license" or something like that.
>inb4 "inaba isnt canon because i say so and you're a secondary if you disagree with me"

>> No.13002756

Both are written by ZUN (ZUN wrote Inaba scenario or some shit but most of that shit is canon), nigga.

And both scenarios share the same consistent plotline, Reisen tries to get the initiative and then gets showed who's boss by her master, Eirin, no where in either works show that Reisen is in any way in charge.

>> No.13002766

>Both are written by ZUN (ZUN wrote Inaba scenario or some shit but most of that shit is canon), nigga.
If you were more often on /jp/, you would know that, each time someone talks about Inaba, there's a faggot to come and say "yeah but ZUN isn't credited for story, only for characters therefore it isn't canon".
That's why I want to make it clear : Inaba IS canon.

And I'm ready to forget canon for a moment if it allows me to read a wankable story where Reisen get fucked by her boyfriend, walks home, and get spanked and whipped by Eirin because she's late.

At any rate, my point is : Eirin's the boss. There's no power struggle. Kaguya doesn't do anything. Tewi's unpredictable and unreliable, and not even Eirin can touch her.

Even IF the part about Reisen surpassing Eirin is canon, it's still a long way before Reisen becomes the boss of the Eientei.

>> No.13002768

Never said anything about Inaba not being canon, m8.

Chill out.

>> No.13002771

Never said you did. I just wanted to make it clear in case you wanted to. That way, if you were one of these morons, that woulda shut your trap before you even used that fallacy.
And it would've allowed me to say "REKKED" in caps lock, complete with a disco gif showing you being stepped on by a mecha.

>> No.13002792
File: 394 KB, 1920x3695, 1382834254451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After Reisen deserted from the Lunar Army, how long did she wander in the Real before finding Gensokyo?
Did she survive by dine-and-dashing, or part-time work? Does anyone have a pic of Reisen in a Lawson's outfit?

>> No.13002806

Pretty sure she touched down to Gensokyo right away and after that being spotted by Tewi then contacted by Eirin.

Shit is Cage in Lunatic Runagate first chapter.

Eientei still keeps her celestial fowl in case she goes back.

>> No.13002814

>Inaba is canon
Wow, the retardation is real.

>> No.13002817


I am pretty sure that's not the word you wanted to use.

>> No.13002828

It was a scarf or something.

>> No.13003065
File: 130 KB, 1000x1000, 1421585315026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's one of her bestie.

>> No.13003114
File: 122 KB, 900x574, Dakka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Science? More like SCIENCE. As in not more believable than pixies and gold pots at the end of the rainbow.

Like that drug that lets you have good dreams. Whomsoever invented that would get to retire young and rich beyond belief.

>> No.13003121
File: 191 KB, 700x500, 47851419_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, not all youkai are feared. It divides in these 3 categories:

Faith (Gods)
Belief (Non-harmful creatures like mermaids and fairies)
Fear (Every asshole youkai in Gensokyo)

For example, I do not quite believe in mermaids, but if I ever met one, I would expect her to be nice. It is the idea I have of one, and what would manifest in Gensokyo if there are enough dorks like me who think the same.

>> No.13003303

I feel more like, Reisen wanting to become indepent, like making her own business, without Reisen to sell the drugs, or Eirin will have to do it herself, get Tewi or another rabbit to do it, or find another pupil.

But I really wish that ZUN give her some "freedom".

>> No.13003335

I dont know if gods and fairies can be called youkais, I feel that the way is used is more like, "fantasy beings born from human emotion" and depending on the emotion or image people have of them, they fall in one of the sub-races (god, youkai, fairy, with (o any other youkai that born from a human).

>> No.13003412

Nah, originally mermaids were pretty horrifying and known mostly for sinking ships (and rather than pretty girls, the Japanese variety looked more like shaved monkeys with too many teeth). It's just that the original image has faded from peoples' minds as sea travel becomes safer, to be replaced by Disney movies.

In any case a youkai doesn't need to physically harm people, just be weird enough to induce Lovecraft-style "but that's WRONG" horror.

>> No.13003508

Tengu depends on the depiction. Sometimes they're badass mountain warriors with holy powers who are arrogant but also awesome mentors if you can earn their respect. Like, the first ninjas were all taught by one guy who was taught by a random tengu, but even third-hand tenguness is enough to make you a supreme badass who can run on walls and create illusions.

"Tengu are dumb" stories are mostly early-Buddhist stuff designed to make people give up their silly native superstitions. In those stories tengu exist pretty much solely to wander around in disguise, tricking people into damnation until they're foiled by a heroic Buddhist.

>> No.13003684

>the Japanese variety looked more like shaved monkeys with too many teeth
Just like my ex-girlfriend then?

>> No.13003691

Buddhists truly are the worst, they should be removed

>> No.13003698
File: 42 KB, 183x264, REMEMBER ME EDDY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have done nothing by repeating that Buddhists are asshole. I began saying it even before TD came out.

>> No.13003713

You are thinking Sirens anon. The ones with half bird bodies. Mermaids were always nice.

>> No.13003724

>Mermaids were always nice
Stop watching Disney movies once in a while, mate. Except Pirates of the Carribean, that one depicts accurately mermaids.

>> No.13003725
File: 60 KB, 640x346, 77_ningyo_japanese_mermaid1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13003750

Nah, you see the "tengu are awesome" stuff is also Buddhist - it just came later on, when people started associating tengu with garudas.
Japan has been Buddhist for most of its history - Shinto is a modern religion, created by taking Japanese Buddhism and removing the parts that came from Chinese Buddhism until hardly anything is left.

>> No.13003753
File: 365 KB, 1920x1080, yuugi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, but the way it is written in japanese is "fish person", not "sea maiden" like in our languagues. Diffferent concepts, different creatures.

What part of that looks like a maiden to you?

>> No.13003759

>is proven wrong

>> No.13003767


>> No.13003768
File: 29 KB, 640x480, sounds_familiar_actually.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you're talking about the mermaids of England then? Because they were mostly known for swimming upstream, luring people into rivers and drowning them. Sometimes eating them.

>> No.13003769

Bird bodies and fish bodies were just two ways of depicting the same basic creature archetype. To the point where to this day, half of the world calls their mermaids "sirens".

>> No.13003771



>> No.13003795
File: 368 KB, 500x338, 1417530353504.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mermaids didn't start there. The assyrians had mermaids way before that, with a goddess being the first mermaid in recorded history.

Mermaids can be good or bad, just like the sea.

>> No.13003841

So which came first: sirens or mermaids?

>> No.13003862

Your mother.

>> No.13004060

but both creatures have the same "horror" as basis, luring men to their death, usually a water body of some type, with a song or just attack them, cause of this they were fused on the same creature on the popular culture, and the fish-human one become more popular, the old siren is usually despicted as a harpy or similar in these days.

>> No.13004073 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.47 MB, 3456x2304, 1423176908807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I take it you people never got your ears blasted by a siren.

>> No.13004091

Goddammit anon. Stop making me laugh, you are spoiling my foul mood.

>> No.13004106

good "joke"
It's almost like sirens were named after the mythological creature because of their similarity.

>> No.13004112

Nice "quote". I "appreciate" it.

>> No.13004146

Ok, that was funny, you win this the day sir.

>> No.13004286

good joke!!1!

>> No.13004303

You just can't leave it alone, can you?

>> No.13004304

hey guys i got a funny joke what if people were talking about a computer mouse and someone posted a picture of an actual mouse! it would almost be a joke if it weren't for the fact we call it a mouse specifically because it looks like one!

>> No.13004306

Looks like someone's a bit salty that someone made the joke before him.

>> No.13004367
File: 243 KB, 1025x1200, TouhouBestGirls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tengu used to serve the 4 Oni kings and were related to the administration of old hell, IIRC, so might be considered of the next world rather than this one and therefore out of consideration. Same with Ghosts, phantoms, poltergeists, shinigami, and, in another sense, moon rabbits and the lunarians.
Kappa ... seem really indifferent to humanity, and may have found another way to live than as youkai, but ZUN has not revealed it.
Shikigami are powered from their master.
Fairies are shikigami of the natural world.

>> No.13004390

>Kappa ... seem really indifferent to humanity, and may have found another way to live than as youkai, but ZUN has not revealed it.
Synthetic shirikodama?

>> No.13004406

No. Cucumbers. Seems that every time a human needs to negotiate with them, cucumbers are offered in lore.

>> No.13004408

... that who's responsible for the "designer bath salts" insanity?

>> No.13004530
File: 567 KB, 529x561, fs fairies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss the fairies. Apparently they're in FS 22 as well, but probably another wordless cameo. I want to meet them again.

>> No.13004715

>star sapphire playing with Shinmyoumaru
>luna quietly reading books
>star hogging Marisa
Why are fairies so cute when they're supposed to be obnoxious pests.

>> No.13004752
File: 559 KB, 902x1273, 30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In 201X lasting peace was established

>> No.13004762

>fairies taking over the hakurei shrine
>fairies with miko clothes
>fairies in charge of fixing accidents
Well, that would finally explain why they have several lives in the game.
And they would also be cute as fuck.

Replacing them would be hard, though.

>> No.13004856

as a rule on Touhou, only Reimu and Marisa will constantly appear and be important to the plot of almost any extra meterial, the rest of the cast, unless they are th focus on that work, are doomed to be wordless cameos.

>> No.13004868

>fairies fall on the classification as youkais.
>start wearing miko clothes
>start youkai hunting.

well, wouldn't that be something like betraying their species?

>> No.13004878

Star was able to handle the God's Vessel that instantly blasts any youkai to touch it, and is therefore not a youkai in the eyes of the only god that matters to Hakurei shrine.

>> No.13004894

I wonder if we are going to see someday the hakurei god.

>> No.13004931
File: 1.47 MB, 1920x1440, Kawashiro.Nitori.full.1121520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A god who grants the blessing of youkai extermination? Only in an apocalypse scenario.

>> No.13004968

Kanako/Suwako grant similar blessings.

>> No.13005002
File: 839 KB, 1500x569, Touhou.full.1798681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recall Suwako as controlling monsters that will kill for her, not directly obliterating youkai with touch attack destruction effects.

>> No.13005577

Nigga, what? Suwako controls the spirits of the land (the huge white snakes), and as such can control if harvests will be plentiful or just die. That's why people feared her. Kanako is a fucking goddess of war.

>> No.13005621

or if ZUN decide to explore a little the power of Reimu.

>> No.13005623

Kanako is trying to changer title to "god of technology"

>> No.13005675

Maybe "god of progress" or something?
Being a god of war doesn't net that much faith anymore with no wars around, so her stance is kind of understandable.

>> No.13006422

Yeah, it's not like ISIS are being assholes to pretty much everyone.

>> No.13006722

For fairies, they're the oddities. Living like a human instead of being dumbshits like other fairy.

>> No.13009723
File: 908 KB, 696x871, 20131026-ch-ch-ch-changes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13010173

First, Japan got nothing to do with that shit yo.
Second, the outside world in Touhou isn't the same one as ours. They have tourist trips to the moon and train walls made of giant screens and shit.

>> No.13010245


>> No.13010248
File: 1.23 MB, 1153x1600, reimuyukari2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you never played IN or SA where youkai deliberately help and encourage the extermination of other youkai? Especially Yukari in SA where she stops Reimu from drinking tea with Satori.

I wouldn't be surprised if the next tag-team game has Sukuna as a Reimu shot type.

>> No.13010258

And this is why I never discuss touhou canon. It's because of people like >>13010173. They play the game, read the books and manga, they think they know canon, they probably call other secondaries. And then they say the stupidest shit possible.

>> No.13010261
File: 47 KB, 238x149, reimu yin yang orb spirit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>grants the blesing of youkai extermination
that already happened, it can grant any wish including Earth exploding as shown in a bad HRtP ending, not that ZUN will acknowledge this thing ever again.

>> No.13010263

>Sukuna as a Reimu shot type.
My heart.

>> No.13010264

Maybe because they are supposed to be fairly powerful for a fairy? They are supposed to be the personification of light, be it the sun, moon or the stars.

>> No.13010272

What are you doing here then?

>call other secondaries
Look at people like >>13010245, they're asking for it.

>> No.13010273

>Second, the outside world in Touhou isn't the same one as ours. They have tourist trips to the moon and train walls made of giant screens and shit.
The Sealing Club stories are set in the future, dood. Have you forgotten that time Yukari picked up a Game Boy and said its newest model had two screens?

>> No.13010278

Kinda like Yukari and her Ran shot?

>> No.13010282


Not that dude but I think she it was so old a new model with two screens would be arriving in Gensokyo shortly too, if I remember correctly.

>> No.13010285


>> No.13010287

No, she said it was the trendy item in the Outside World right now.

>> No.13010300

the lunarians actually fought with astronauts.

>> No.13010307


Oh you're right, I went to search for the quote.

>'Didn't I inform you before that portable things are popular in the outside world right now? That's why this kind of item is appearing a lot: this one is a handheld game machine; you can use it to fight and destroy imaginary enemies, wherever and whenever you are. But unfortunately, this grey one is a rather old variety. It's only monochromatic...and since it's so old, almost nobody in the outside world has one anymore. You know, the popular one right now is one that has two screens.'

>> No.13010311

Who at the same time is a Reimu shot.

>> No.13010343

You must be thinking of Renko and Maribel's stories. These aren't happening in the same era than the Windows game.

>> No.13010414

Fairies are tiny forces of nature, be it flowers, elements or seasons. The fairies of light are powered by their respective celestial body.

>> No.13010433

those celestial bodies must be weak as shit then cause the fairies are weaklings.

>> No.13010687

Fucking Rumia is a pushover, and she is supposed to be the Youkai of Darkness.

>> No.13010744

No. They are ugly and worthless.

>> No.13010801


Well celestial bodies are just objects after all. If there was any power attributed to them it would likely go into their godly representative via faith. Not the random nature sprite that is associated with it.

>> No.13011639

They actually didn't, it was just rabbits making shit up.

>> No.13011654

how do you know?

>> No.13011979

the usual despiction of darkness we have is something evil, with domain over death/night/decay/corruption/etc, But Rumia is exactly what darkness is, just the lack of light, her power is just to create a sphere of darkness around her, and she can't see were is going cause of that.

>> No.13012004

I always wonder if ZUN have ever considere creating "avatars". While fairies can born from just a tiny flower, and are more close to nature, avatars can be the physical manifestation of elements, in terms of raw power, they surprass even the mighties youkai or god with the same affinity on their element since they are "that" element, funny the fairies see them as "older siblings" when interacting with them.

>> No.13012954

Rumia ia a youkai of darkness, she isn't darkness.

Drop your headcanon on Maidens, secondary.

>> No.13013265

there's already characters whose abilities is strictly element manipulation (Mokou, Nitori, Suwako and Aya).

>> No.13013472

And here is another reason why I don't discuss canon. It's because of people like >>13010173. They play the game, read the books and manga, they think they know canon, they do call other secondaries. But actually they are retards who lack even a little bit of reading comprehension.

>> No.13013477

are you ever gonna shut up about your discussion preferences.

>> No.13013528

Are you ever gonna shut up about people criticizing your stupidity?

>> No.13013533

good job not answering the question and accusing others not knowing who they are, that damage control is pathetic.

stop changing the thread topic.

>> No.13013768

Can I ask about other chapters? Like why Kasen is suddenly able to stand on clouds?

>> No.13013837

Discussion of WaHH chapter 26 ended after first 10 posts in this thread.
I bet 90% of anons here didn't even read it because they are waiting for ch25 to be translated.

>> No.13013847

But my question is from chapter 24. Although, if chapter 24 is translated, link?

>> No.13014142

Ha, the secondary proves its stupidity by convincing himself that only one person doesn't like him.

>> No.13014243


>> No.13014277

Thank you very much. Should I scan the pages of chapter 25 from my volume 5, or are poor scans already available?

>> No.13014291

No problem. I haven't been able to find any scans, if they exist. Maybe I'm just bad at finding them? But if you wanna scan yours go ahead

>> No.13014348
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>> No.13014354
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>> No.13014365
File: 784 KB, 1777x2519, WaHH25_003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Loli Reimu?

>> No.13014379
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>> No.13014394

>sh-sh-shit, he got me, better claim he's the secondary I'm talking about as if that makes my thread-derailing any more justifiable!

>> No.13014411

No that's just Azuma Aya's style.

>> No.13014412
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>> No.13014425
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>> No.13014432
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>> No.13014443
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>> No.13014455
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>> No.13014462
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>> No.13014475
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>> No.13014480
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>> No.13014492
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>> No.13014496

I definitely remember I saw this page posted here. But maybe it was one of those 'sneak peeks' taken from 2ch.

>> No.13014499

did they just touch each other's hands.

>> No.13014501
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I have no idea what Reimu is selling here.

>> No.13014508
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>> No.13014516
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>> No.13014521

>I have no idea what Reimu is selling here.

>> No.13014524
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>> No.13014529

back to the formula again, ZUN? and just when the chapter seemed interesting.

>> No.13014545
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Tents, how do they work?

>> No.13014552
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>> No.13014558

oy vey it's another shoah.

>> No.13014559
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>> No.13014566
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>> No.13014583
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Does anybody want to compare the Kappa Constellations with the the Yukari Constellations from Curiosities of Lotus Asia?

>> No.13014594
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>> No.13014607
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>> No.13014609

Yes, you perfectly explained how you acted.

>> No.13014619
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>> No.13014625
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>> No.13014635
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And now for today's Where's Mamizou:

>> No.13014642
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>> No.13014661
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A rare case in which being starry-eyed is a Tom Swifty:

>> No.13014683
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Reimu has rediscovered her childhood dream of stardom, that was lost to the harsh reality of the moon mission.

>> No.13014693
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>> No.13014696

translation when

>> No.13014701
File: 901 KB, 1777x2542, WaHH25_032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last Page.
As for translation, Machine Translate users aren't welcome on JP.

>> No.13014709

Thanks for posting!

>> No.13015309

If these are translated, I can maybe eventually edit them.

>> No.13015333

I got it from amiami just fine.

>> No.13015351

Now we wait.

>> No.13016519
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Were there ever any Toho cheesecake calendars?

>> No.13019233



>> No.13019390

Thanks anon.

>> No.13019416

if the translations is right, during the first page...could have Reimu lost his parent when she was younger?

>> No.13019421

Reimu has a dick!

>> No.13019448

Reimu was born asexually!

>> No.13020212

Good bits of exposition all around.
Thanks, Anon.

>> No.13020306

I recall it being said somewhere that Reimu is the last Hakurei, so it would follow that her parents are gone.