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>liking creatures that prey upon humans and treat them as food

How could you /jp/? Are you all cattle?

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Who are you quoting though?

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they are cute so i dont care

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Who are you greening?

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getterguts = deepfag

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All of /jp/ throughout the history of the board.

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It's moe

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>I can't believe my JP is this autistic

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Youkai, for the most part, don't treat humans as food. Only the occasional outsider gets treated as noms.

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Isn't that only because of the Spell Card rules? Wouldn't most yokai eat humans if it weren't for the major societal repercussions?

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Once upon a time, maybe, but nowadays not so much. Most have adapted to and are happy with the human-free diet.

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If youkai just ate everyone then wouldn't they stop existing because there would be nobody left who believed in them?

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I'm into femdom.

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I've been waiting forever to use this.

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I'm pretty sure that the humans from Gensokyo can defend themselves, Akyuu and Keine keep them cool, because humans joining forces against youkais is actually dangerous.

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I want Yukari to consume me with a nice glass of wine.

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Can youkai be felled with guns?

Maybe the lesser ones can.

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source pls

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Redpill me on Youkai please.

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This needs a cringing/creeped out close up of yukari added to it,

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Yeah that's fine and all, but who are you greening?

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The weaker ones could be hurt with firearms, but not permanently injured or killed. The best you could do is drive it away with the pain. More powerful ones would likely soak or avoid the bullets easily.

Now, if there was sufficient belief in your culture that a certain type of firearm was effective versus demons, undead, and other supernatural creatures, the effect could be far more pronounced.

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Silver bullets will kill hairy wolf girl

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Please do not bully Kagerou-chan.

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Canni-can by Zounose.

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Youkai who operates modern weapon is the best.

I love da Reisen.

All that killing power augmented by the best tools possible.

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Moon tech is more futuristic than it is modern.

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Moon tech is more like magitech and won't likely work in the outside world, or possibly Gensokyo either if it requires being in a Pure Land to function properly.

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As long as it's semi-auto and it makes shit go boom, it's all okay.

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The Touhou anime I want to make is expanding on Gensokyo and moon relation.

I want to see legions of moon rabbits shooting at youkai while Yukari schemes against Watatsuki hime and Eirin.

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I want to see america kill all moon rabbits

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It depends entirely on the projectile. Reimus amulets, needles and yin-yang orbs can hurt youkai a lot, so you could put their properties into bullets as well.
The things those bunnys had in SSiB looked like normal bolt action rifles and they weren't much stronger than fairies. Maybe the rulers of the moon keep them poorly equiped so they can't rebel against their opressors.

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>>liking creatures that prey upon humans and treat them as food

But I don't.
Checkmate atheists

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sheep are herd animals, hence sheeple

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I want to see the moonslim rabbit eradicated.

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Pretty much.

The Human Village needs to be liberated, and the demons need the fear of Abrahamic God implanted into them to make them quit their ways forever.

Because let's face it 54% of humanity faith in one deity who believed to be Omnipotent + a follower believing they're giving them a divine mission to save Gensokyou humans not even Yukari wouldn't be able to do anything.

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Rabbits might not be strong but they are super fast as evidenced by Reisen II, a normal mochi pounder, being able to outspeed Reimu and run back and forth between moon palace and the battlefield in a daze.

Now equip with good weapons and drill them and you are set.

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Who are you quoting?