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I want to make summer memories with Yuuka.

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good luck

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dude you got like 5 months what the heck are you doing thinking about summer right now

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have fun, anon

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I want to be consumed and injested by yuuka

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i prefer yagyuu as my mother

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Impregnating Yuuka Kazami

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that's not mustard seeds

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I want to pollinate her.

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I never realized how much I wanted Yuuka to sit on my face until recently.

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How does one get liquid proof clothing in Gensokyo?

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There's a snow storm today, 20cm of snow
I wish I was waiting warmly!

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Wait warmly indoors. Unless you need to go outside for some reason.

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I can't even pretend it's summer when it's -19°C out.

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My parents say I have to plow the driveway.
Don't be down when I get back /jp/

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Easy coast best coast

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C-can't take it easy!

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I want Yuuka to kidnap me in the night, dress me up as a girl and then ravage me with her umbrella.

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How about if she ravaged you with Kogasa?

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That would be satisfactory as well

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I'm trying to imagine her trapping me against a tree with one arm and applying Kogasa like an onahole with the other hand. But how would she hold Kogasa without breaking her?

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I'm sure Yuuka would be able to coerce Kogasa without actually touching her.

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I want to go to Goa with Yuuka

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Winter Yuuka is fine, too.

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Exactly, she is the Flower Master of four seasons, after all.

You should make memories with Yuuka year round.

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Yuuka's one of my favorite 2hu's, but I hate summer, and I'm not too fond of spring either. What is a boy to do?

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She looks really cold.

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I hear fall is nice

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I like to talk, sometimes about how I feel.

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that's mima though

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Why would a ghost get under the covers?

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maybe her tail is cold

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Minoriko should be careful or else she might FALL in love!

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Consensual pollination with Yuuka!

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Old hag.

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Get out.

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I want to make spring offspring with Yuuka.

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You wouldn't be so shallow, right?

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I want to kiss her penis goodnight.

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Yuuka is a youkai, mom.

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