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I like it

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when is "too late" really?

5 years?

10 years?

the age of 25?

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When you post in a thread like this one.

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S-shut up Anon, 25 is s-still young! My parents told me so!!

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Im 35 is it too late?

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>someone is older by 1 year than me
What? But it's cool to know that I have some old /jp/ fellows.

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Death just take me already

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my mom wants me to get a job
I don't know how to tell her

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I'm 24 and I'm going back to school!

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I will kill myself when my mother dies!

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good for you!

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Best of luck anon

I dropped out of college after a year and was NEET for three and managed to get back on the road to normalcy, for better or for worse, so I know what you're going through!

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i give up

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>not going out to lift

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Why would any NEET lift weights? What's the point for a NEET?

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Uh.. truNEETism is all about self-mastery.

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wrong again.

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ever since i became a hikkineet its felt like time has stopped its scary thinking about how much people i used to know lives have moved forward

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life is not a race

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Fuck off falseneet.

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dont you ever call me that ever again.

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warosu: normie central and epic crossie memes

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Warosu: we all fat here

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iktf bro

it's scary realizing its 2014 and i'm literally in 2009 still

my generation... has passed me by.... my peers... married, or graduated, successful, experienced with life.... society has moved ahead while I'm stuck in a warp

we're like old people who are stuck in the past never to understand what's happening in the world

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Uh, I'm not fat.

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