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Is Yuka really as crazy as she seems?

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She does gives off psycho vibes in PoFV.

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She doesn't want to be bothered, that's all

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What has Yuukarin done or said that makes you think she's crazy? It's all that repulsive village's fault, badmouthing the sunflowe girl.

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She is just bipolar

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I want Yuuka to beat the shit out of me and tell me I'm scum.

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"Genocide is just another game. It doesn't matter if it's humans or Makai residents" - Yuuka

She's legit psycho. Just admit it.

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Wriggle please go

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That's PC-98 Yuuka

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Yuuka? More like Yuck-a!

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It still counts.

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Don't talk shit about Yuuka.

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Sounds like typical Touhou trash talk to me. Yuuka is a total douche but that doesn't make her psycho.

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Yuuka would have been perfect for DDC. Possesed parasol would revert her to the unhinged PC-98 personality, while weaponless keeps teasing onee-san from PoFV.

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Yuuka is easily the kindest and most civil toehoe with the most peaceful hobby.
As long as you don't bother her, that is.

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as long you don't piss her off, or hurt flowers, you will be OK.

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She has the worst friendship level with humans.

However the whole acting crazy thing may be because she knows human life itself is transient. She doesn't want to form connections to others because she knows they will die of old age, leaving her alone.

Similar case with Mokou or any long lived Youkai. They will outlive those around them.

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Who's to define what crazy is. Yuuka's just a girl tending sunflowers

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>yuukarin will never be your personal onahole

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Her favorite pastimes are sleeping, learning magic and genocide.

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Not really?

She explicitly says it herself in PoFV that it's all an act she's just a colossal troll who enjoys teasing naive people for entertainment. She is actually extremely similar to Remi in a sense that she is whimsical and does things out of boredom to see a reaction. Hell I bet Remi & Yuuka would get along incredibly well, at the very least she was invited to a party by her once.

I mean Yuuka's whole schtick is she is ungodly old, nobody seems to be sure how old she is and boredom just comes with it. Youkai naturally gain power the older they get so she is ungodly powerful as well. That part is confirmed by Marisa who mentioned before how Yuuka is stupidly powerful in every area without even any major abilities or magic and probably would be the strongest youkai ever if she did.

It's just a exaggerated fan interpretation from PoFV and her discussion with Eiki Shiki where she accuses Yuuka of not being right in the head for picking fights with others as entertainment.

Although some food for thought far as I know from recent official stuff.

It's been already shown she gets along with Seiga Kaku on the other hand who is crazy.

Also in WaHH there was a brief moment where it was confirmed Yuuka gained the personality of a oni. Which although not shown would've been fun considering her usual appearance.

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