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Tonight is going to be a good night, guys. I asked my mom if I could order a pizza and she said yes. She'll give me her debit card too so I can order a pizza with as much cheddar cheese as possible. What I mean is that Domino's has "extra" "double" and "triple" amounts of toppings available. Last time I was only able to afford "extra".

I bet triple is delicious.

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lmao have fun with your heart attacks there dweebo

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domino is always shit no matter how much plastic cheese you put on top of it

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Do any other places have cheddar as a topping?

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Domino's is fucking disgusting. I feel like throwing up just knowing someone is going to eat dominos tonight, kill yourself.

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Then tell me some other places! I mostly want a pizza with cheddar cheese.

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i dont like piza but i like panzerottis

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my mommy is making homemade pepperoni pizza today

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my mom's homemade pizzas are so gross, you can literally see and taste the flour and she always burns it

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What shithole do you live in?

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Domino's fucking sucks

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Well there's Pizza Hut, but they don't let you put on cheddar cheese. There are some local places that might have cheddar as a topping, but I don't feel like calling them all and asking. That basically leaves Papa John's or Domino's.

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local pizza places are always better.

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feel when you're craving a cheap 5$ cardboard pizza from little caesars

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Yeah, but I want cheddar cheese.

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Are you the sonic guy?

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i am now


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I just ate a whole little caesars pizza.

I'm dying, Forrest...

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I love little caesars did you get a square one?

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You know what fuck you guys. I ordered from Papa John's, and I paid for double cheddar, and it turns out they don't even fucking have cheddar cheese because it was ONLY used for the fucking Frito pizza and since the pizza is gone, they aren't getting any more cheddar in. They just gave me a normal cheese pizza. Fuck you guys, your advice was horrible.

To make things even more annoying, they tried calling, but the fucking home phone was unplugged by my fucking sister to charge her cellphone.

Fuck everything. Tonight was NOT a good night at all. I should have ordered Domino's like last time.

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My plan worked out all along. Its your fault for being a freak who likes cheddar cheese on his pizza. The fuck is wrong with you?

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You should fug your sister

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I want you to fug me.

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Sorry, I'm gay

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I would fug her weird stalker friend who always stares at me.

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get her some candy for a late christmas present

say you know its kinda weird but at the same time it was pretty cheap so its not a big deal

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I remember when I started this meme.

It was a cold winter night......