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Who was your first 2hu?

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The green one.

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PC98 Reimu. I played the PC98 games back when the Internet was young. I got the games from BTAxis's IRC server, back in the Reycava/Plasticman days. Good times.

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I went to find out, deep in an unsorted 4chan folder on an old external HDD.

The earliest I could find was a group picture, guess I can't pin it down.

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the mcdonalds clown one

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I guess it was Reimu since this is the oldest Touhou picture I have, from June 2007. I don't think I got into it until a few months later, since around December a large amount of pictures start showing up.

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Either Wriggle or Alice, I can't remember exactly.

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This is the oldest one I have, it surprised me because I didn't recognize it for what it was until looking through the folder much later.

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I guess you could say Chen. I saved a flash movie from /f/ in early 2005 that has Chen in it (look up yakuno de pon on Google) and I think that was the first time I was exposed to anything touhou. Although I didn't know it was touhou at the time. I just saved it because I liked the cute art and music.

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Sorry I meant yakumo, typing on a phone sucks

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Probably some Marisa/Alice Kijirusi doujinshi before I knew what it was

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Youmu. Friend of mine made a picture and told me it was one of her favorite lolis with a giant sperm following it.

Didn't give me the best first impression of the series.

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Cirno, some dude at a Fire Emblem forum called himself Cirno with a picture of her in his sig and I just looked up the name.

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I once started drawing Myon at my Uni on the whiteboards in the library and to my surprise some girl actually recognized what i was drawing, we had a short chat then she left. I never saw her again.

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