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Best 2Hu

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Amida Buddha please save me from this lewd body.

totally worth it

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Prettiest fanart!

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Are her pubes gradient colored as well?

This is important.

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Best colors. I like how she and Miko match.

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Dunno about the best, but certainly one of the most photogenic 2hus.

The sheer numbers of times of her being on album covers... Hell.

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Well meaning, but her good intentions will be for naught. There cannot be coexistence between predator and prey.

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I like when the album cover has Touhous playing music. I haven't seen one of her though. Hijirin looks cool on stage.

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she's just damn handsome.

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See's too good for this world.

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Why is she so motherly.

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She's dressed like a fancy pop-singer all the time


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Nice milf

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More like GILF. She was an elderly nun when her brother died. Then she sold her soul to monsters in exchange for youth and immortality,

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not my favorite, but I have a soft spot for her

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Thats fine. I dont mind

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>"Ara ara~ there are so many more younger and beautiful 2hous than me around"

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Her theme and all their remixes/arrangements are GOAT


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Another good one.


her theme is magical.

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That was kind of bad,

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Byakuren is evil
But I happen to have a kink for "Evil Women" and would still engage in coitus with her

Even if she is evil, she still seems kind and comforting and I bet she would be a good mother and wife for her own family.
She's a deceiver with a soft voice, beautiful face, and a warm embrace.

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piss off, hagfucker

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she looks good on stage, though.

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Deceiver? No. She actually believes what she preaches. Her ideals are not realistic though.

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Sounds like Seiga. Those two should chat.

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Seiga is actually just plain evil.

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If one wants a truly bening youkai, there is only Keine. And maybe the fairies. Oni are decent when not kidnapping you.


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Make me.

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Byakuren really is a nice person

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But she has a silly scroll thing.

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Spankiest 2hu

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I don't trust whatever her true ideals and goals may be. Of course she believes what she preaches, the best deceivers foremost deceive themselves. I'm sure she sees nothing wrong with her immortality. And even worse, seeing nothing wrong with the humans that perished from the youkai who follow her

>Although she acts like a saint, the powers she wields are evil. Though never seen as hostile towards humans, ultimately, she's an ally of the youkai.
>Her magic is derived from her mastery of Buddhism. However, she's strayed from the path of Mahayana Buddhism and possesses demonic power. Most likely she won't be able to enter Nirvana.
>However, because she has declared that she follows the religious precept of not killing, it's unlikely that she'll suddenly attack you.
>Rather than that, you should be worried about her youkai followers. Of the youkai that visit the temple, there are a number that clearly violate the teachings.

I'm quoting Symposium of Post-mysticism

Well not exactly. Seiga could perhaps be a good mother, maybe... especially considering some of the black magics her spellcards reference, but she steals and blatantly works in her own interests. She happily manipulates and perverts others. She's straight up described as wicked and Miko tries to avoid her.
That, and she openly dislikes Byakuren as is.

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In before that one guy that says that Cosmic Skyscraper is overrated.

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>>Her magic is derived from her mastery of Buddhism. However, she's strayed from the path of Mahayana Buddhism and possesses demonic power. Most likely she won't be able to enter Nirvana.

Well, she cant die.

And dying is the first prequisite for entering Nirvana.

Yeah, she's a bad buddhist. Too much suffering, but deliverance never.

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Holy fuck I want to fuck Hijirin so bad.
Best GILF ever.

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Another good vocal by senyan.


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She was so afraid of death that she became a monster to vanquish death itself.

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Do not stick it inside the revered monk.

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to say the truth, Emotional Skyscraper is what brought me filthy secondary into 2hu.

Now, I enjoy the games and all the themes.

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What first got your attention?

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That's usually the job of the 500 billion of EoSD remixes released every years.

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Byakuren is a lich!

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2hus all being magical and spamming danmaku strangely fitting into the flows of their themes was miraculously hypnotising.

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Actually, the toasties are closer being liches than Byakuren.

They left their body behind and transfer their soul into an object (plates for Futo). All that to obtain Sainthood / Hermithood / Celesialhood faster.

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That's nonsense. Come over here and put your head on her lap.

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Why is she so present?

And she isnt even one of the most popular 2hus...

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Well ok....
Still an abomination though
But one I would rest my head on the warm lap of

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>2hus all being magical and spamming danmaku strangely fitting into the flows of their themes was miraculously hypnotising.

My favorite recent example of that was the DDC Stage 6 + Boss 6 themes. They are the same songs but one is faster and more aggressive than the other.


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Would you wear her glasses?

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Hoyl shit yes, not that you are reminding me.

This one was amazing as well.

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>that meat

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>Welcome home, dear.
>Your hand must be cold. Come, stick it in and harm yourself

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100% Hijirin grade.

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so, she's the 2nd canon rather fatty 2hu besides Patchouli?

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I would harm myself if i put my hand in there, those melons are dangerous!

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She's no traitor to humanity.

Her teachings are dangerous to the establishment, thus, humanity has cast her away.

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these actually look rather nice.

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She's disgusting preaching unity between the creation of fear, and the object of thought. One can exist without the other, but rather than have that to avoid death she would unite the two. It would be a lot easier to turn all humans into Youkai as they are the master race

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All Touhou characters are canonically fat. I swear, people don't even hide that they've never played the games these days.

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Please do not sexualize Byakuren.

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she's doing it herself fairly well.

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she's a spy for the Youkai alliance and a traitor, TAKE HER AWAY!

she's also a liar

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I hope you guys all remember that Byakuren can't have sex for pleasure due to her religion.

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So pretending to be raping her is alright (by mutual consent, of course)?

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byakuren is a hypocrite with no principles, so she would be fine with breaking her own doctrine.

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I'm sure buddism doesn't approve of becoming an immortal dark sorcerer, either.

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I want to Byakuren.

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This thread took an unexpected turn toward lewd. Oh wait, it was already lewd to begin with.

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hijiri has a nice package

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Byakuren has openly officially declared her hostility against Seiga.

>Ms. Seiga Kaku, correct? I've felt an extraordinarily strong evil from her, but what exactly is she...?
>Ms. Seiga has been going around bothering people. At this rate, it wouldn't be surprising if someone destroyed her. If other people don't, I might do it myself...

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Hahaha, oh man, that's a great idea. Someone's smart.
No Patchy specs, though? No Satori or Keine or other relatively bookish girls? Weak!

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kill yourself

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I love frameless glasses.

would wear.

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all these curves and health is going to break me.

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Why that shit damage? I remember it was the strongest weapon from Naxxramas

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Also here are some quick sketches of Mayor Byakuren Hijiri. I went for 80's style wide-padded shoulders for her jacket for no reason other than that I felt it'd look good on her.

The UFO (Universal Friendship Organization) Party swept in during the height of the recession in the aftermath of the danmaku bubble crash, displacing the previous government. They promised fiscal conservatism, job creation, and preached traditional religious and family values.

Though they haven't really delivered, they have stayed in place due to a well-oiled political machine and the seemingly-boundless charisma of their party leader. Dubbed "the Smiler" by Aya Shameimaru for her never-broken serene smile, Mayor Hijiri's true motivations are yet to be seen.

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Unrelated but reminds me that I should play Gyakuten Touhou.

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So a mix of Ronald Regan and Richard M Daley
"We begin Spell Cards in five minutes. Go burrs"

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New WoW expansion had a stats crush.

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awww shit i wanna get alice glasses

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Fucking finally

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It's much more satisfying, though I haven't played the new expansion, to be hitting for small amounts. Makes your kills feel that much more earned.

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Does /jp/ play WoW? I want to play with /jp/, pls no bully

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I am more of a Guild Wars 1 guy.

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Official or private?

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Now you're going to be telling me that you played on Molten.

>> No.12801059

Yes, I play on molten sometimes. Only Woltk though.

>> No.12801067

Were you in one of the /vg/ guilds, OLW? I played for about 6 weeks a few months ago.

>> No.12801077

No, never entered a guild nor any social circle. Anyway it's unrelated to the thread, i'll just poke the next mmo thread later, now I'm just going to sleep.

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Enjoy your sleep man

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what does byakuren's hair smell like?

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I'm tired of wanting to have sex with Touhous

Because I never will

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maybe you could put a silly hat on your hand

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I want to be namusan'd.

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>No international orders
Suffering, pure suffering.

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Emotional Skyscraper is fantastic and all, but Fires of Hokkai is criminally underappreciated


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Byakuren is quickly becoming one of my favorite 2hus. I thought I would remain loyal to Momiji forever, but Byakuren is just...everything about her is literally perfect.

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Byakuren is probably the best 2hu design ZUN has ever come up with.

>> No.12802356

Truly. That gradient and long hair, elegant dress, large bust, womanly figure in general...literally perfect.

Say what you want about ZUN's art, but his character design is incredible.

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Actually, there are so many underrated but god-tier themes that work so well with vocals.


Higan Retour is magical.

But Emotional Skyscaper is probably the entry-level theme (nothing bad about that) which attracted the most newfriends into the tuhu franchise. Which is also nothing wrong.

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extremely lewd.

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There are many other 2hus with elegant dresses, but only her dress makes her look extremely lewd while it covers most skin.

>> No.12802558

Byakuren most certainly has the most elegant yet and inadvertently lewd outfit in Touhou.
Just remove the white undergarment = instant lewd

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File: 2.77 MB, 2560x1920, sunsets_touhou_long_hair_hijiri_byakuren_anime_girls_2000x1823_wallpaper_Wallpaper_2560x1920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

like this.

>> No.12802711

I don't see it, can you post another example?

>> No.12802738

that picture is scary as hell!
will never listen to the music on that cd, to spook

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sorry for 3DPD and tumblr, but I have to stress that Hijiri is quite suitable for westeners to cosplay fairly well.

that curly hair could have been natural as well.

>> No.12802887

What the fuck is wrong with her chin?
Western cosplayers are garbage and make me feel ill.

>> No.12802889

It's eurobeat.

dont bother if you do not own a car and a passion for driving fast and furious.

>> No.12802891

>but the byakurens
the curvy byakurens, man.

>> No.12802893

>so many GOAT wallpapers

thank you, guys.

you are the best.

>> No.12802896

Nice cosplay, would be 10/10 if not for the chin.

>> No.12802905

What about it? I think it's cute! :3

>> No.12802911

His doujins are so good.

Too bad nothing is translated.

>> No.12802914


i only have the passion


>> No.12802956

that chin has plans to lift of to space

>> No.12802976

I'm pretty sure that one is translated.

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I'd a tiger and a magician.

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Thats a nice trap you got there

>> No.12803714

i want byakuren to enlighten me with her giant cock

>> No.12803734

I would die happily after BYakuren paizuri,

>> No.12803799

Funny that you mention them, I just wrote a pornfic for /d/ involving Shou and Byakuren and posted it only a few minutes ago.

>> No.12804071

Considering her gradient hair color is natural...

I would say yes.

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post lewd byakuren.

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wud she let her disciple fuck her?

>> No.12805555

Of course, she's running a sex cult.

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I wonder what he's up to.

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[X] Rest head on soft, warm lap.

>> No.12805975

>all that bully


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Touhous with capes > Touhous without capes

>> No.12806016

I wish i could look as good as a girl as he does.

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Here you go. May you enter nirvana, good anon.

I do, every day, all day long. I'm near sighted, so I had mine fitted with prescription lenses. They're amazing. Pic related.

>> No.12806667

frameless glasses are elder god tier.

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Spot-on, anon. Like this. I hug and hump her and sleep with her every night. Feels good man. My beloved youkai savior.

We'll never know, as she's paipan.

Yeah I believe you can say I like Byakuren. Best Touhou ever.

>> No.12806699

You can actually get frames fitted with prescription glasses? The fuck

>> No.12806793

Those Touhou frames are sold with neutral lenses only. However they've been designed for daily use like "real" glasses, not just a gimmick. So you can fit any kind of lens you want.
The store FAQ said "after receiving your Touhou glasses (mail order only) you can visit our store (in Ikebukuro, Tokyo) or any glasses store near you and have the frame fitted with your preferred lenses". That's what I did: proxied the frame from Japan to my country and bought prescription lenses at my local glasses shop.

>> No.12806801

How much did the prescription lens and modification cost you anyways?

Most of the glasses shops around here are franchises and I doubt they offer that service sadly.

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Housewife Hijiri a cutest.

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You might just ask them if they can sell and fit lenses only on a frame you already own. Don't see why they shouldn't anyway. You might as well need new lenses for an old frame, the glasses shop doesn't care and shouldn't force you into buying a new frame if you only need new lenses.
That said, fitting prescription lenses is not a modification. As I said, these frames are designed and built like any other glasses frame, allowing to change lenses as you like. Fitting cost is included in the lenses cost, no extra needed. Mine costed a pretty penny (€280 a pair!) because I wanted an high quality organic material and the best antiscratch/antireflective/antiwater/antioil/antieverything coating available. But optical quality of these lenses if stunning. Typical polycarbonate lenses are much cheaper, but of lower quality.
Keep in mind that these Touhou glasses are limited editions, they're not for sale right now. They had an open reservation sale back in July, and will now sell surplus items (from cancelled orders) on January 12th. Don't know what items will be up though. While on Jan 24th will be on sale the Nue and Kaguya models. The latter in real bamboo!

Back on topic, Byakuren teaching a lesson to the taoist is hot. Pic related looks like a perfect setup for a spanking.

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God i like Yoriyuki Chiyo. She, making such juicy looking Touhous.

>> No.12806969

>That's what I did: proxied the frame from Japan to my country and bought prescription lenses at my local glasses shop.
Did you use a specific proxy service or a personal one to get the frames?

>> No.12807418

dem frames
dat art

Your investment was so damn worth it. Damn I'm a bit jelly now.

>> No.12808182

Did the purchase myself (item lasted around 20 minutes before selling out) and forwarded through BiginJapan. The payment was a problem, as they only accepted bank transfer, so I had to rely on a person I know in Japan to pay for me. Right now it seems they're accepting credit cards again.