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Which 2hu is the least violent?

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a slut

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How could anything so cute be violent?

... wait what are you doing... OH GOD NO

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cute Yukari dude

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Wouldn't hurt a fly.

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I would create little barking puppies with her.

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where the fuck is her hat? you can't be a touhou without a head ornament.

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Some touhous go even further beyond.

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She wears one, but only in private.

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She ain't even a dog, dude.

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Love and my dick will find a way.

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The dead one.

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She wears one on her os.

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Wakasagihime. Kagerou said that's she wouldn't hurt a fly or something, didn't she?

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Waka Waka is all good.

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well here is a list of touhou's that are most friendly and least friendly towards humans

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Kyouko is a prime target for impregnation for more fluffy yamabiko.

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Nice ellipses, dude.

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Forgot to say that Kogasa and Ichirin can watch.

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Indeed. But she's too cute for me, I wouldn't rape her!

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that so lame
why not take on a challenge?
go with Yuuka

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No raping, just doing it in the missionary position while holding hands with the lights off for the sole purpose of procreation.

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I enjoy being alive.

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loly white.

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I'll try!

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Are fairies even sexually active?

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Oh wait, you are talking about her level of violence.

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>As youkai live longer, they become less active.
>There are few that take the initiative to attack humans.

>The stronger the youkai, the more polite they normally are.

>There are no countermeasures; it's impossible for ordinary humans to exterminate her. They can only be vigilant.

>Luckily, she isn't interested in boring battles, so as long as you don't attack, set up a trap, or set her field of flowers on fire, you should be fine.
>If you come across this youkai battling with someone else, do not get yourself involved.
>However, these fights are based on certain rules, so as long as you do not disturb the fight, she'll be polite.

there is a chanse!
just dont burn her flowers, put traps or attack her.

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I like how Reisen danger level is unknown, the same as Yukari and surpassing Yuyuko, Suika and Remilia and Yuuka.

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Filename made me giggle

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That chart is a bit off, now. Mystia went a bit up in the friendship level ever since she created her band with Kyouko.

kyouko's fluffyness is a miracle of the universe that turns human haters into an youkai that gives concert to humans and even started a food stand, too.

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Reisen abilities can be very dangerous.

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And she's a just pet.

Then again, another pet can be seen in the unknown column in SoPM, Okuu.

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is it canon?

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Nigga, Byakuren is that dangerous?

And funny how Miko is as dangerous as the yamabiko scum's Byakuen's lowest disciple.

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Pretty much. Meeting the Yama and Kyouko soften her a lot.

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Not to mention, in a real fight, Kyouko can take out Miko in one loud scream because Miko got very, very sensitive ears.

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She's not dangerous as long as you don't insult her. Just like Yuyuko in >>12774610. Yuyuko can murder th shit out of you if you did something that displeased her. But, the chances of seeing her is very thin, until you die, that is.

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>And funny how Miko is as dangerous as the yamabiko scum's Byakuen's lowest disciple.

If you have read the Hopeless Masquerade WaHH chapter, you see that miko is too busy being sparkly and the closest possible to humans in the village so that she can gather faith even faster. Then, she said to Kasen that she is lucky, since she can gain a great deal of things from animals.

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Anyone talking shit about Reisen's canon power better watch out.

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Surely, Reisen's friendship should be at least more than normal considering she actively sells stuff to them now, and not it's just on her Master's order anymore?

The capitalist rabbit!

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Sorry Yuuka is taken

by me

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Almost all the playable characters in Phantasmagoria of Flower View got character development in other official works (manga, fanbooks) during the Mysticism Arc.

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Yeah, too bad for that there Medicine.

Wonder if she is still plotting for Doll Liberation War.

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Was it Mystia or Mokou who had a food stand in the human village but it never gets customers?

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Mokou i think. Also, a funny fact: Marisa actually have a magic item shop in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the Forest of Magic.

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I think everyone who read the Fairy manga know that.

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I was assuming that "unknown" means that their capabilities aren't known, as opposed to "too high to measure" or whatever.

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Hmm, so they are the mysterious 2hus.

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Not everyone have read that manga. It is kinda ironic that a girl at odds with her father that's supposed to be some kind of merchant, opened her own store as a giant fuck you dad thing. Well, it's better than dyed her hairs red and hanging around evil spirits.

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This just in.
Toasts > Budshits

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You mean, she dyed her hair blonde to further distance herself from her past, right?

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is scary!

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ly cute!

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Yuuka: is this your's?


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I want to smell that butt.

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go and smell a dog butt and you'll know how it smells

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Cute girl butts are not dog butts.

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Yuuka is probably the most peaceful 2hou unless you touch her flowers.

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Are you man enough to touch her flowers?

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I'd Yuuka's flowers.

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No, I like being more than sunflower fertilizer.

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...I am

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dont touch the core.

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Danger level is ability to combat one on one multiplied by likelyhood of attack. Kanako is obviously much more powerful than Nitori, but it would take a lot to get a god to attack you. Higher danger levels also need larger groups of people to defeat. Hina's ability to cause bad luck is insanely powerful regardless of how many people are involved.


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It has perks.

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I'd be fine with it if I'd actually get reborn as sunflower.

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Canonically, Reimu's Turtle.

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Who Nue
Or is Nue just hiding the true form of her hat?

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I'd like to be a Yuuka Fertilizer!

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normally quiet, peaceful youkai mermaid who lives in the Misty Lake, singing songs and picking up stones

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I'd hug a Waka.

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I think she would hug you back
she's so kind hearted

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Did you know that if you eat mermaid flesh, you become immortal?

Abating death with wakasagihime!

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I wouldn't even try it.
Don't wanna mess with her friend Kagerou

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How easy is it to become a Youkai? Human to Youkai that is. I heard Alice trained for it, but to become a Youkai's one must throw away their humanity, which is kind of a broad term.

Also to become a Lunarian or close to it live in a place with 0 impurties(biological death)

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How would Yuuka react if you hugged her without touching her flowers?

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just a punch in the face if you are lucky

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There are a large number of yōkai who were originally ordinary human beings, transformed into something horrific and grotesque usually during an extremely emotional state. Women suffering from intense jealousy, for example, were thought to transform into the female oni represented by hannya masks.

from wiki/Yōkai

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Can one transform into a Youkai via despair, or madness?

And does the human turned Youkai's retain their personality, and self minus being human.

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You can become a Tengu is you are too prideful, you can fuse witha tsukumogami if you use one too much, almost any bad habits have an Yokai form linked to it.

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Why would you want to become a youkai? Even being in hell seems like a better alternative to just fading out of existence after a few measly millenia

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Will I fuse with my weenie if I jack off too much?

>> No.12783427

is there a yokai for fapping too much?

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>Fading out of existance in Gensokoyo
>Why would you want to become a Youkai?
Why wouldn't you? What's so great about being human when it's shit. If offered the choice to evolve into something greater, or stay the same which one would you choose?

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I myself have not read in to it to much but as I see it that yes you could become a youkai via dispair or madness or what ever.

And for the second one my guess is that what made you a youkai is your new personality.
Like Parsee Mizuhashi, she became a youkai because her intense jealousy if I remember it correctly
and she is jealous of everything and she developed the power to manipulate jealousy.

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Kisume is very friendly and wants you to put your head inside her bucket!

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>just a punch in the face if you are lucky
Yuuka is too polite to punch people and she wouldn't vaporize someone for something like that.

>> No.12783488

Eyewitness Reports:
> "She came to the village to shop. She gives proper greetings, and she didn't seem like she's that strong, but..." (Flower Shop)
> The stronger the youkai, the more polite they normally are.
> But you must not cross her.
>"I see her at the shrine a lot. I wonder if that shrine maiden will exterminate her..."
>The shrine maiden there is infamous for not doing her job.
>However, it's said that she's exterminated this youkai several times
>"I saw her at the Garden of the Sun. Her smile was terrifying, so I immediately ran away."
>Strong ones are usually smiling
But you must not cross her.

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she's cute but 2 spooky

Tsurube otoshi (lit. bucket dropper) are a type of youkai believed to have originated in the Chuubu region of Japan. They usually live atop trees, and when humans come close to the tree a bucket or a severed head drops down and eats them.

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Hugging isn't "crossing her".
It should be fine, really.
If anything she either gets flustered and runs away or politely tells you to stop.

>> No.12786276

you know what, I would not be fond of some random dude or girl giving me a hug out of nowhere.
and she's a youkai so she'll see little to no value in a human so she'll just not only be annoyed or irritated over the hug but she would K.O that person if he/she is lucky

>> No.12786281

*just K.O

>> No.12786292

The average person that gets a hug would be like "Okay, wtf", and ask why did the person hug them.

>> No.12786300

but we are not dealing with a person here.
and I'm not "okey, wtf" I'm more WHAT THE FUCK! and push that person away.

>> No.12786302

This kills the human.

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Yuuka does yes

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Just as I thought!

>> No.12786336

But that would be extremely impolite.
Yuuka is not that kind of person.

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do you think youkai have the same instinct that regular girls have to be "filled"? i read that a lot of girls just have the desire to have something in their vagina and making it feel full.

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Miko is a good girl.

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Miko is the friendliest and safest touhou to be around from a humans perspective.

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If you read the side materials it's not she isn't strong and more Miko after realizing Gensokyo doesn't need a natural born leader like her she just went back to being a open spunky stylish girl.

She's just naturally charismatic and she just gets along with everyone that isn't youkai scum.

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Is that Reisen photobombing Kyouko/Mystia's concert pic there?

Guess Reisen's been under a lot of stress...

>> No.12786503

It's Mokou.

Mystia is pretty well known for actually very good business amongst the youkai and a few humans due to her stands good food and drink, there was even a story in the 3 fairies manga about how once in a while she makes a amazing tasting sake which everyone goes out of their way to try.

>> No.12786512

I kind of wish they'd elaborated on that part of her background more. There was that really good story with Kourin in Curiousities of Lotus Asia meeting Marisa's dad and musing to himself about his past and connections to Marisa.

Actually with that said it's really easy to do too since according to Kourin the Kirisame family are extremely close and regularly talk to Akyuu's clan and you'd think she'd run into her family one of these days whilst raiding Akyuu's.

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so a polite person cant get mad, pisst or hit a person.

>> No.12786526

Not in public and not for such a silly reason.

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Poor rabbit having a master that keeps hitting her.

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well, you seem to know her very well.

>> No.12786560

FS would be easy, and it has an appropriate style.

That just made me realize, where the fuck has Rinnosuke been?

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No one posted this guy yet?

>> No.12796021

Reimu isn't violent, Reimu is a good girl.

>> No.12798496

that guy is gay and not in the game

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>That just made me realize, where the fuck has Rinnosuke been?

Forever gone because yurifags would lose their minds if he ever actually did something important.

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I guess the little girls grew up, and stopped wanting to go over to Uncle Kourin's house for stories and alcohol.

>> No.12802390

He stopped welcoming them in once they stopped being little girls.

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