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How does it feel being the most pathetic of the boards on 4chan?

Even /tg/ looks down on you guys. It's pretty sad.

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At least we're not /b/, or /r9k/.

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Pathetic? Maybe.

Dumbest? Not by a long shot.

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feels good man

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Pathetic? Remember, you're measuring us on your scale. To us, the rest of 4chan is pathetic.

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Feels pedo, man.

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It feels like I'm a pedo and proud of it.

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At least we're not taking part in the recent drawfaggotry.

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/b/ and /r9k/ can at least get attractive girlfriends while /jp/ pretends that it doesn't want a girlfriend with your 3D PIG DISGUSTING excuse.

I know for a fact that most of you wish you had a real girlfriend but gave up when you realized you could never get a good one since you're all creepy, awkward, and possibly bad looking.

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To be honest, I'm content being a pedophile. I will one day have the joy of giving a loli an orgasm with my own fingers or tongue, and I will have caused and witnessed the most erotic thing a human can witness. If you cannot take pleasure in such a perfectly erotic thing, then I believe you are the one who is pathetic, Anonymous.

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Quit making us more depressed than we already are.

Judging from the ronery threads I'm guessing a few of us are already standing on the edge of a bridge with a laptop, you really want suicides on your conscience?

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>/b/ and /r9k/ can at least get attractive girlfriends

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>/b/ and /r9k/ can at least get attractive girlfriends

Oh, wow.

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If you're so smart, then why are you here?

Enjoy your 4chan. Alone.

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Once again, we're pedophiles. I can't speak for ALL of us, but I'm pretty sure most of us aren't interested in anything over the age of 12. Hence, no, we're not pretending to not want girlfriends, we just don't want the old whores that you people consider "sexy." We do want a girlfriend, but one that hasn't hit puberty yet.

Trolling the troll? Nice, but really, your lies are too easy to see through.

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>creepy, awkward, and possibly bad looking

Pssh, what are you talking about?

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>/b/ and /r9k/ can at least get attractive girlfriends

Are you 15? Go back to /b/, you're killing me with your razor wit here.

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Funny, you always complain about them camwhoring and talking about their girlfriend problems as one of the reasons you never go there.

Hypocrites, the lot of you.

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Doesn't matter if you're a pedo or not, you'll never get laid either way.

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You misunderstand. We're making fun of the "attractive" part. Nothing over the age of 10 is attractive in the real world.

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I don't know about the rest of /jp/, but I'm actually a very happy, content person.

You don't seem like a happy or content person, though, OP. What's the matter? Come on, pull up a chair and tell us what's on your mind.

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Not true. I just have to support net neutrality and I can get a free consensual fucking.

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We're /v/?

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Haha, no. You guys are pedos on 4chan to look cool but in real life when you step out of your door (it has to happen at some point) you'll take whatever you can get.

Granted a small percentage of you may actually be pedos in real life, which makes you even more pathetic and creepy. Liking loli doesn't make you a pedo, which I admit a lot of /jp/ probably prefers.

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You're an idiot for believing that anyone on /b/ actually posts their own pictures.

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My thought exactly. What's with all the people taking him seriously?

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>but I'm actually a very happy, content person

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>Nothing over the age of 10 is attractive in the real world

Sure, you keep telling yourself that.

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Actually no. I've been offered sex before by more than one female, and I've turned them down. The truth is, I don't find them attractive (though they were attractive females as far as a normal man is concerned) because I'm a pedophile. I made up some shit reason, but basically, I could have had sex by now. I don't want to fuck an old 3D slut, though.

>Liking loli doesn't make you a pedo
Hah, right. Try harder.

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Are you kidding? Have you been to /b/ recently?

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Eh, actually, no.
We never go there because it's infected by kiddies. And you are possibly new on 4chan and haven't witnessed the countless ronery threads on /b/, /a/ and other boards. Maybe you haven't seen faggots RPing with Alice on /b/.
Fags with girlfriends were frowned upon on /b/ too before the kiddies came. Not knowing that means you came here a week ago.

tl;dr Either you have a gf, or you post on 4ch. Pick one.

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That only happens if you are drunk.

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Because getting a girlfriend is the only goal on life, right?

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I don't have to "tell myself" that, because I already know it to be true. On top of that, you seem to think that your definitions of attractiveness apply to the /jp/ lot. Sorry pal, but over here we're pedophiles, we don't like mature women, period. It doesn't matter how much a normal straight man would want to fuck her, we find her disgusting.

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You're happy and content because you've recognized that you're a failure and have already accepted it. That's why you browse 4chan all day.

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Surviving and passing your genes onto the next generation IS the goal in life.

Sorry, buddy.

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Actually, even while wasted I don't go off and try to fuck random women.

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Well played, would have been a much better troll if you didn't hang around and argue your point with a bunch of pedos.

Anonymous said "No, Troll. You are the pedos"
And then the Troll was a lolicon.

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I'm sensing an awful lot of projection from the OP. I suspect he is by far the most miserable person in this thread.

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No, enjoying life is the goal of life. I'll do that however I damn well please, and trust me, sticking my dick inside of a wet piece of meat that's attached to a person whose features and personality kill my boner is not in my definition of enjoying life.

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If you think you represent that majority of /jp/ you're sadly mistaken. They're all silently laughing at your pedo antics and it's why they keep coming back to /jp/ to feel better about themselves in comparison to you. You have a mental disorder if you prefer 2D women and little girls and there's no way to sugarcoat that.

Go up to a father and tell him you want to molest and take advantage of the little daughter he's been raising for years. You'll be in a hospital and behind bars after your broken bones are healed and getting pumped from behind. And you deserve it you sick freak.

And yes, there are people who like loli and aren't pedos. Relearn basic geometrical math theories.

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Without the internet, pedophiles wouldn't have a place where they could pat each others' asses and delude themselves into thinking that there's nothing wrong with them.

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>Because getting a girlfriend is the only goal on life, right?

If you're on /jp/ whatever "goals" you might have aren't anything to aspire to, and you'll never accomplish anything great. Enjoy your life of lonely mediocrity.

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I don't think everyone here is a pedo or only interested in 2D. Or shunned by the entire female species. I think there is also a faction who desire a level of compatibility that is difficult to find when you are unusual. It's not about getting a girlfriend or not getting a girlfriend, she has to be the right girl.

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>Go up to a father and tell him you want to molest and take advantage of the little daughter he's been raising for years. You'll be in a hospital and behind bars after your broken bones are healed and getting pumped from behind. And you deserve it you sick freak.

He would respond that way if she was over 18. That's how parents are. You would also end in jail for some reason, god knows why.

>And yes, there are people who like loli and aren't pedos. Relearn basic geometrical math theories.

n. The act or fantasy on the part of an adult of engaging in sexual activity with a child or children.
> or fantasy

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And yet you fap to the idea three times a day.

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You do realize it's referring to a fantasy in which you're doing a REAL CHILD, right? Not a cartoon girl that is said to be over 18 in the fine print on the back cover.

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This thread is an eyesore.

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cartoon child = child.

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So, let's break this post down. The people that are on /jp/ and claim to be pedophiles actually are not pedophiles and sit around claiming to be pedos to lure out the real pedos to get them to talk about being pedo so that the not-pedos can feel better about being a failure of a man?

Okay, got that one down.

Next, being a pedophile (which is a state of attraction) means that your desire is to molest and exploit children, which by the definition of pedophilia, are the people you love, and you should submit yourself to physical abuse because of your involuntary attraction. Then, you will be put in prison because you obviously want to cause immense emotional and physical trauma to the people you love most.

Alright, I'm keeping up just fine.

Now, there are people who are aroused by the figure and personality of a child, but not by a real child. The only difference, and hence only reason, they could be aroused by one and not the other, is because the one is drawn, while the other is not. So, when viewing the exact same thing twice, once real and once drawn, would only result in sexual arousal when viewing the drawing, and this is easily explicable by a brief study of the mathematics behind shapes and figures.

Now you're losing me.

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Self-denial defense mechanism has kicked in. Took you long enough.

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No, actually, I don't. I fap to the idea of sticking my dick in a wet piece of meat attached to a female whom I find attractive. This female just happens to have an age in the single digits.

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oh no
self denial defense
fairy he doesn't seem to like you

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cartoon child = cartoon child
real child = real child

Quite a big difference. Are you forgetting your precious 3D PIG DISGUSTING distinction that you spout every waking hour?

Most of /jp/ likes cartoon little girls but would never touch a real one.

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Trolls trolling trolls.

>> No.1275990

And yet again, you never will.

If you do, enjoy your life in prison you perverted failure.

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>Most of /jp/ likes cartoon little girls but would never touch a real one.

I, for one, firmly believe that this is a true statement. Otherwise I would have to be very sad.

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I wish we had a Mod.
Report. It does nothing.

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holy shit

this thread

this board

you guys

fucking hell

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I'm curious what the OP is attempting to accomplish, here. This thread has been slightly amusing to me, nothing more. How much time have you spent F5ing this thread by now, OP? Are you acquiring 'EPIC LULZ' to take back to /b/ or ED?

You amuse me.

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A cartoon child is a drawing of a child with a character that mimics the personality of a child. The ONLY difference between loli and cp is that in (most) loli, the girl likes it. Other than that, the kids are going to be exactly the same.

Since the only difference is the fact that one is ink on paper, then your argument means that this is the reason it is arousing. Go fap to some inkblots then, freak.

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I think not having mods is much better.
Just ignore thread.
Mods will not only delete this, they will delete everything they don't like.

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This thread is bad and you should feel bad.

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Waki Miko Reimu

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I am tired of this shit though. I don't care if they delete other stuff. These threads are an eyesore.

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I was referring to A=B does not mean B=A you uneducated twit. If you can't figure out what I meant by that you don't deserve an answer, nto to mention i already said the answer twice.

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See, you just accepted my point of view. Congratulations. This is what I've been saying all along. Is it pathetic to know what you are attracted to, and to live your life as best as you legally can within those bounds? I think it's a feat of personal willpower, and is much more impressive than you fags circlejerking over how many girls you fucked over the weekend.

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ITT trolls trolling trolls.

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>looking down on boards

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And yet again, I never will.
This is why I'm content with only imagining the act.

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yessss dance my puppets, ha-haa! your antics are most amusing!

*weeps into underwear stolen from the walmart kids' section*

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/tg/ is one of the worst boards. people rage at the most insignificant things. it's full of shitty rolepalyers and fanfiction writers. everyone faps to hideous muscly women.

>> No.1276021

There's only one problem: loli is made so that pedophiles can fap to little kids without harming little kids. You're a fucking pedo if you fap to loli. I do and I know it.

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Even the ones that are attracted to little girls in real life aren't going to have sex with them.

Pic somewhat related.

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If A = B, then B = A you faggot.

If we're talking A ⊂ B or A → B then it's a different matter.

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So far /jp/ has been quite good without the mods. Occasional janitor is okay.

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And if you don't, then you are a faggot.

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> ^_^
> moe
> kawaii

I think it's funny how people this this is a weeaboo board just because it happens to be named Japan/General.

The most weeaboo board on 4chan is /a/. This isn't a Japan board, this is a touhou and VN board. fa/tg/uys are the least indicated guys to complain when they use our touhou the most out of every board outside of /jp/.

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Wait, wait, wait, hold the FUCK on a moment. Just a goddamned minute.

There are NERDS on 4chan? NERDS? ON 4CHAN?


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Wao this is what happens outside of /b/ I should troll this forum too :D

Here's what you miss on /b/ though :(

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Odd isn't it? They call it making love, but they pat themselves on the back the most when they can "conquer" a girl and have sex with her, only to drop all relations with her later. That is more pathetic than actually making love to a loli, my friends.

>> No.1276044

>>1276006 A=B does not mean B=A
I don't really understand what you want to say, loli-hating-fag, but, no, equality is always symmetric, everywhere. maybe you mean =>. Maybe you're just stupid or maybe we have been trolled constantly.

>> No.1276045

>A cartoon child is a drawing of a child with a character that mimics the personality of a child.
I find it a bit frightening that you don't see a difference. Lolis possess childish behavior, yes, but they are very distinct from real children.

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I do it for fun actually, watching you guys try to defend your pitiful existences and calling out your crap is entertaining to me and helps me procrastinate.

I do it almost every night and 90% of the time I get 200+ replies. That probably won't happen now that I said it, though. And it's a more interesting read that the Touhou image spam, anyways.

I realize how hard it is to hide a thread, but try to bare with it.

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/jp/ Japan General if you don't like it get fucked, we don't care. Go find some CP to beat off too and STFU.

>> No.1276052

Correlation does not equal causation etc

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One of /jp/'s long-standing traditions is that we don't mingle with the rest of 4chan. Whenever other boards try to start cross-board drama and stuff, we're always stern in our opposition to their bullshit. Just report this thread and ignore it, guise.

Don't give them the satisfaction.

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>Fictional children act differently from real life ones.

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No, no and, no.

When you fap to a drawn little girl, nobody gets hurt.

When you molest a real little girl, you're causing emotional scars that last a lifetime and committing a crime. You're also committing a crime when you watch real pedo vids by promoting the industry of little girls getting raped and exploited.

>> No.1276061

Those are some sexy armpits?

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>> No.1276065

I don't believe you have a better life than anyone in this thread, sir. Enjoy your projection and your miserable, fake-internet-tough-guy existence. All I can picture is a sad, sad little man furiously frothing over his keyboard about what a brilliant puppetmaster he is.

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Ahh dont be angry Reimu we love your armpits, it's just morons are to busy with their useless discussions.

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>*weeps into underwear stolen from the walmart kids' section*

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>Cute! Not pedo!

I thought /g/ was the Ichigo Marshmallow board.

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>> No.1276072

Well, to be honest, it's a good chance for me to see what "real" people say about pedos, if you're actually a normalfag. Being an actual pedophile, I can't wrap my head around someone not wanting their child to experience an orgasm. It's a wonderful thing, and to tell their children that it's sinful is horrible and should be considered child abuse itself.

>> No.1276074

>industry of little girls getting raped and exploited.

You make it sound like there is some shadowy mob that kidnaps little girls and forces them to take naked photos.

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That's it, I'm done, fuck you. If we don't have any mods, I guess I'll do it myself

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Cool Story Bro! Can we get another one!?

>> No.1276081

What if I STOLE real pedo vid, HURTING ``the industry of little girls getting raped and exploited''? I think this means I am a fucking hero.

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>> No.1276083

Actually true of CP.

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I figure /jp/ is going to post here regardless because most of you guys are idiots, so we may as well make the ride as delicious as possible.

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>> No.1276092

I just informed /b/ of this thread :D


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>> No.1276095

I was talking about the sexual arousal aspect of it, but okay. There are videos out there where the children are not being raped or molested, and the only real difference between those and the loli is the fact that the loli is drawn.

>> No.1276096

Posting in the lolthread with my trip because I'm not scared of my homeboard finding out.

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>long-standing traditions

What? How old do you think /jp/ is?

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All I see in pic is an empty thread and a thread with a samefag.

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>> No.1276107


>> No.1276108
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>> No.1276109
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>> No.1276111
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>> No.1276112

If this is true, I pity you. You don't seem very perceptive and are far too convinced of your own superiority. You are probably perfectly happy the way you are... but to me, it is like you are crippled, but completely unaware of it. This isn't intended to be antagonistic, as I'm assuming what I think doesn't actually bother you at all. I just feel so sad when I read posts like yours.

>> No.1276113
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>> No.1276114
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>> No.1276115
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>> No.1276116
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>> No.1276118
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>> No.1276119
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>> No.1276120
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>> No.1276121
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>> No.1276123
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>> No.1276124

/jp/ is where old 4channers go to fade away.

>> No.1276125
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>> No.1276126
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Aren't you scheduled to be protesting $cientology for EPIC LULZ bright and early, OP? You'd better get some sleep.

>> No.1276129
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>> No.1276131
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>> No.1276132

Oh god, sage.

>> No.1276136
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>> No.1276138
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>> No.1276139


>> No.1276141


You sound like you're trying to make yourself feel better about your own shortcomings by pretending the people here are that much more pathetic than you. But you know, maybe I'm wrong. I don't know you, after all.

>> No.1276142
File: 565 KB, 800x600, 1220950468727.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1276145
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>> No.1276147
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that is the whole point.

>> No.1276150
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>> No.1276151
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>> No.1276155
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>> No.1276158
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>> No.1276160

You're isolating the sensation too much. In and of itself, an orgasm is a good sensation. Yes. That is correct. But you're not considering any of the myriad implications.

>> No.1276162
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>> No.1276164
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>> No.1276165

Shit I wished I saved lol.js

>> No.1276167
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>> No.1276168
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>> No.1276169
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>> No.1276170

I find it hilarious that someone here is so offended that they're taking 20-30 minutes out of their life to spam this thread with Touhou images.

This is your defense that you're not the most pathetic board on 4chan? Haha.

>> No.1276171

also holy god jesus SAGE

>> No.1276172
File: 19 KB, 523x518, 1220950585941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1276173
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>> No.1276175
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>> No.1276176
File: 469 KB, 700x1105, 1220950607252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1276178

yeah bro totally owned xD

>> No.1276181
File: 156 KB, 850x1115, 1220950625478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1276182

Hey, Anon? You know that you're actually not saging because of the period you put at the end of "sage" right?

>> No.1276184
File: 64 KB, 960x539, 1220950647326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

take your padeo shit some place else.

>> No.1276185
File: 153 KB, 600x750, 1220950651102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1276186
File: 24 KB, 450x403, 1220950653326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ahahahaha man i can see your shit up here in Croatia so clearly i lol'ed in real life.

>> No.1276187
File: 128 KB, 621x850, 1220950655426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1276190
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Forgot your pic, OP.

>> No.1276193


>> No.1276195

I agree with you that spamming Touhou is stupid. I also don't think the thread deserved a reply. I know with certainty that /jp/ isn't the most pathetic board on 4chan. If other people think differently, they are obviously wrong.

However, there were some things said in the meat of the thread that made me want to reply.

>> No.1276198


>> No.1276199


>> No.1276201


>> No.1276203

I never said I was superior, in fact I browse /jp/ all day myself. It doesn't mean I can't have some fun by trolling you guys, it usually sparks some interesting stories.

God knows that you guys won't post any threads worth reading yourselves, so I take it upon myself to do it. I see it as a gift for all the lurkers and something for the bored posters of /jp/ to respond to.

>> No.1276210

You are a shitposter and will post shit again.

>> No.1276214

>God knows that you guys won't post any threads worth reading yourselves,
Loli-story and loli-imouto threads pop up all the time, as well as religion threads. Pretty sure those count as interesting.

>> No.1276217

You posted at the wrong time all the american kids are asleep. Only crazy NEETs and Euro fags are awake now.

>> No.1276219


Entire thread is stupid. At least now some of these fags may find some pictures they don't have (lol, enjoy filtering through all the crap).

>I also don't think the thread deserved a reply

Hahaha, lol. Don't ever change /jp/.

>> No.1276230

You'd be surprised to find out how many of those threads I started.

It's not hard to make up a believable pedo story to lure more pedo stories out.

>> No.1276240

Don't worry, touhou spam is automated.

>> No.1276241

>201 posts and 101 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

>> No.1276243

Autosage reached!

>I also don't think the thread deserved a reply
Yeah, but that's a problem with the speed of /jp/. We can't simply ignore shitty/troll threads off the front page like a fast board.

So we report... and report... and then 2 hours later when it hasn't been deleted yet, people take it upon themselves to sage it off the front page

>> No.1276247

There are plenty of kids just as retarded and ADD-ridden as American kids in Europe.

The more you know.

>> No.1276251

Well, you did sound quite superior with the whole 'pathetic existences' bit. I agree with the ideas behind the post I am currently replying to, but I don't agree with the execution. So.

>> No.1276253




Now I have a headache. Thanks, /jp/.

>> No.1276259

When you report you bring in mods to /jp/ who leave a trail of deleted threads in their path, most of which didn't deserve to be deleted.

When will you learn to just hide threads, /jp/?

>> No.1276268

Or you could just ignore it the old-fashioned way? You know, by not paying it any heed?

Hmm? Did I need to explicitly specify that I didn't think OP deserved a reply, but some of the other posts did?

>> No.1276269

Wao, I just looked at /cgl/ thats pretty sad, you are all cancer CANCER

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