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How does it feel being eaten by Yukari?

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How does it feel being eaten by Yukari?

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I wish I knew

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this is more like her

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Like walking around one day, and all of a sudden slumping down because you lack any internal organs.

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feels good man

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i hope "being eaten" include "being fucked".
you're dead anyway, why not try being kinky with one of the most lovable cosmic horrors ever...

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Reminds me of that doujin where she has sex with several men and then cooks their meat.

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feels good man

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>>1276869 here
to elaborate:
changing my sex on the fly by messing with the border of my chromosome, then putting me in wedding dress(!), then making my body go into impossible position with portals, then jamming real cocks out of nowhere into my brand-new vagina, then whispering sweet nothing directly to my ears for the maximum ironic value.

then SPLAT.

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