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It's snowing /jp/!

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you should move somewhere warmer dude

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Canada here, it was snowing in september.

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lmao look at that lardass

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Canada sounds like a very comfy place.

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Too soon, think of all the Thanksgiving commuters this early snow will trouble.

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Canada is comfy. We see Lily White for some weeks, then Yuuka for two months, and the rest of the times, it is the Aki sisters for three months and Letty for 5-6 months.

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It snowed, but then it rained and now it's just extremely windy. I hope we don't get freezing rain like last year.

We haven't been getting a lot of snow over that past few years if you excerpt last year. It was like all those Christmases without snow were trying to make up for it in a single year.

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You live in Maryland? Just started snowing not that long ago here.

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no it aint


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Remember: Letty doesn't control cold like Cirno; she only gets stronger the more cold it is. Cirno is the real snowbringer.

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How does she dare to openly display such an outrageous belly?, does she have no shame?

I want to bite and knead that tummy so bad, so bad!

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Give her the Popsicle.

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Yuki da!

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Letty takes cold weather and makes it even colder.

Her power is also being the belliest 2hu.

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Do you live in massajewsetts too? Or is it just snowing all over the NE area?

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Pack on that winter weight! Who needs a beach body?

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Winter is here