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Marisa has problems

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that looks like the toilet room in that one half life 2 map with the toilets

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She'll just respawn at the last bonfire.

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Full Metal Jacket was a good movie.

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Please don't!

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I am totally confused and do not know which way to turn for better or for worse! This is a murky and turbid world. People think that the cicada's thin wing is heavier than a thousand catty; they cast aside the precious yellow gold-bell but let the poor quality clay-pot thunder loud. Scandalous people stay in high positions, but the virtuous and learned men are kept in the dark corner. Alas! What more can I say? Who would appreciate my honourable and righteous intention?

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those toilets look so clean ZUN himself would be proud to take a dump

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I want to pull the trigger

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Koishi is Gunnery Sergeant Hartman's Youkai Girl!

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Dude, is that a M1 Garand rifle?

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Fucking M14.

Come on, /jp/, don't you know guns?

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That's real fucking funny marisa, because from what I understand she'll just become a youkai if she brb gensokyo's.

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Don't do it Marisa, you'll be in a world of shit if Reimu finds out

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Pretty sure it's a FAMAS.

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Eskimo pussy is mighty cold

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why don't those toilets have walls and doors

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I just want this nightmare to end

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Are you an idiot? Its clearly an K98

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Do you know that for a fact or have you been told?

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I don't know, but I've been told

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brain problems.

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Never been into the army son?

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no sir i'm a civilian please don't bully me you're supposed to protect me

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Do you really take a shit with someone staring you down doing the same thing?

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When you're a filthy recruit


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Fucking pinko.

I bet you've never even tasted the blood of a man trying to kill you.


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uhhm why don't YOU drop and give me 20 army dude

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It's an UZI you retards.

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I-I c-can't.

I lost both of my arms in the war.

I'm typing this up with my feet as we speak.

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Guys, guys, /k/ here, I think i can settle this.

All of you are wrong.

Its clearly a drawing.

You're welcome.

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Oh look at this smartass

Just had to ruin it

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Sir! I read that as "hatman" instead of "hartman," sir! Could we change Gunnery Sergeant Hartman's name to Hatman in honor of all the 2hus silly hats, sir?

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Squats are okay too, anon.

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Repo man took my legs 30 minutes ago.

I'm just a torso now, man.

I'm not even a man, man.

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No, pretty sure it is a Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-√Čtienne.

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Breathing exercises. 50 deep breaths now, soldier. We'll get you up and fighting in no time.

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I want a gun

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Me too

Why can't I just buy a gun online and have it delivered to my door?

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bleeding-heart liberals...

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That movie was really boring.

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*hu hah*
*hu hah*
*hu hah*



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Don't do it Marisa! Come with me and I'll show you something worth fighting for, like my love

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/jp/ - Weapons Culture

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only the first part was good
another vietnam movie that sucked was the deer hunter. never knew why that one was considered a classic

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It was better than Apocalypse now, that was an overrated piece of shit and a waste of 3 hours

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>only the first part was good

fuck's sake would everyone stop parroting this

Full Metal Jacket was a war movie not a boot camp movie

sure I missed R. Lee Ermey too but the story had to grow

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Do it, faggot. You're replaceable.

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Why isn't she using the Type 99 Arisaka?

It is disputably the greatest rifle known to man.

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OI! Frigg off with yer Jap ching chong shit, maite.

Real men use real rifles like this.

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I bet the Arisaka has been folded more than the Enfield.

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Folded in yer dirt, ya sneaky tunnel diggin' Japs.

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It's okay Marisa. I have problems too.

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Why the hell isn't there any art of Reimu as Sgt. Barnes

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Reimu doesn't know SHIT about guns, dork.

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What a stupid picture. Marisa would never do something like this.

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fucking crossies, I swear. go the fuck back to /k/ if you're just going to dump rifle pictures

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Yeah she might blow her mind if she's not careful

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It's a FAMAS

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Do it.

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I want to look an anon in the eye as we shit together!

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Eh, she won't have to deal with you in Nam

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I listed several ways(most of which legal) for NEETs/Hikkis to obtain firearms without leaving the house on the archive about a year ago if you can find it.

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You got a problem with rifle pictures, nerd?

What the fuck are you, some kind of samurai or some shit?

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you forgot the "faget"

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Don't do it! I want to kill you with my own hands Marisa-chan

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I've got problems...

But it's not as if anyone cares...

Why am I even alive?

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Woah it was even my thread. Could this be fate?


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I doubt any of that will seriously work.

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You can build an AR legally with shippable parts. I'm not going to spoonfeed exact information though, if you're too maladjusted to leave the house and too stupid to figure it out in 2 minutes through Google you don't need a gun.

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Is it as easy as building a PC

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i hope no neets are going for a night walk tonight...

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lets have some carbombs

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Janny I've been bad I literally can't shut myself up

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uh without involving an 80% lower?

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the blacks are out

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