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Quit fapping to Touhous and talking about homosexuality and penises.

I'll post Hot Dog Chuck's (good) portion in bowl of Mayohiga.

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oh look, a faggot.

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Post some Yukari x Rinnosuke porn from HDC and I'll be happier.

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>>1269348Quit fapping to Touhous and talking about homosexuality and penises

Well I don't do this as it is so yeah...

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I meant you're still allowed to, but seriously, you guys many too many topics of Touhou NSFW images. That or you guys hijack topics with them. Learn to self-moderate, guys.

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His story and characters sucks in there. Yukari was the best in Bowl of Mayohiga, and Rinnosuke was just something completely different than what I imagined him to be like.

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It's what sexually frustrated young adults like us do.

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I would buy a male version of Yukari's sleepwear. So I can wear it around my apartment and feel that much closer to Gensokyo.

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>>1269364story and characters sucks in there
>what I

Well thats like your opinion man.
I'm not you fagget now do as I say or be purged

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Don't worry, you'll eventually reach a point here sexual satisfaction plays a second role to very many things. Your libido will die and you will just imagine living with your favorite Touhous, a happy life that can be created without the need for sexual gratification.

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I know it's an opinion. I guess the Touhou fanbase is just too damn big and varied for all of us to get along well. Regardless, just sit back and relax in this topic. You'll still get some mud on you, but I think it won't be as bad as usual.

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Skipping all the trash in the middle.

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Fuck you. Stop reminding me that I am going to get old and flaccid one day.

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I'm not sure about that. A male version might look silly, and the dress looks pretty breezy and comfortable...

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Maybe. I have the feeling we're straying dangerously close to
>Quit fapping to Touhous and talking about homosexuality and penises.
But at least it's not in the context that I meant to be, such as, "WE NEED MORE MARISA X ALICE, MARISA IS A PIMP"

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Heh, a piece of heart.

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How are nightgowns even remotely homosexual?

Well, okay. You've got a point. I still think it would be more comfortable as a dress.

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Hot Dog Chuck

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I don't know. Do guys wear nightgown? I do agree they look extremely comfy though.

On another note, the fifth panel here, with Ran smiling. This point is where I was 100% positive Ran would be the perfect waifu for me, with or without ears and tail.

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First picture is sort of creepy.

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Nobody's really there to raise an eyebrow if you wear something like that to bed. Might as well make it comfortable as possible!

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So I guess we need to make these Yukari nightgowns and Mokou pajamas?

Also, FIN.

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HDC draws Ran so damn hot it isn't funny

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She doesn't necessarily look "hot", but she looks like the perfect wife.

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She looks like love. I would eat whatever she made for me, because I would know that the love put into each spoonful heavily outweighs any blemish in her cooking.

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Mokou's pants already look like pajamas. Like the kind of thing you'd wear over a diaper. I'd still prefer the nightgown, because wearing pants all day can get boring.

Quite fin indeed. This story warms my heart every time!

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Thinly veiled /r/

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This was a decent topic. It will now fall to page 10.

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Or will it?

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>Quit fapping to Touhous
But happy life is my fetish.
I fap to many stupid "happy" anime instead of porn.
And bowl of Mayohiga is my perfect fap material.
Normal family life makes me horny.

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I just beat Yukari in Phantasm for the first time.
I expected her to be more, not a HARD MODE RAN.

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I still don't get why anyone would fap to touhou.

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I know! It's full of girls and the only guy is straight!