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Dear /jp/,

Yesterday, I accidently walked in on my little sister(she's 11) masturbating to my pictures of Sanae on my Mac. I told that masturbation is good and that everyone does it, and she was fine with that. /jp/, is there anything else I need to tell her? Sex education here is fucking lame, and I don't want to tell her anything false...

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/r/ pics of sister

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Tell her? Just go ahead and show her.

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Tell her where babies come from.

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inb4 moot creates another sticky

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to put it simply, just rape her.

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Sanae, huh? Your sister has good taste.

And you gotta show her how it's done.

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Post the picture she was masturbating to.

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Tell her to get a better brother

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In b4 sticky b&
Also post the Sanae pics

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Seconding this.

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post said Sanae pics

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1. Post Sanae pics
2. Find a GOOD sex ed pamphlet online, print it out
3. Pics of sister now

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In b4 sticky screencaps

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Tak to her about sex using your personal experiences as backgr-
Who am I trying to kid? JAM IT IN and pray for the best.

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In the pooper!

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Tell her that she's grow a penis eventually
And that she'll get aids from macs

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wait a minute I thought I was the only person on /jp/ with a mac...well there goes my individuality.

anyways tell your sister to stop going through your stuff, I would be pissed if anyone was on my computer.

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Assuming there's any truth to this, you're basically on the right track. "Masturbation is fine, good even, just keep it in private so you don't offend people. If you're worried about anything past that, well, hopefully we can have a mature discussion about it. Just ask."

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Don't you lock your computer when you leave it?

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Just tell her to read the wikipedia article on sex.

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A hot Sanae pic = shlick shlick shlick

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Tell her that masturbation is something to do in private. Also, does she know what happens during sex besides ponos in vagooo?

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dont use me to talk about this shit you faget

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sage for attempt at roleplay

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how so?

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>>1268036 In b4 sticky b&
What did I miss?

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Cool story bro

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Yesterday my brother caught me masturbating to pictures of Sanae on his mac. He told me to masturbate infront of him. I think he wants to pretend I'm Sanae.

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>Cool story bro

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Beat her up for desecrating the image of Sanae Kotiya.

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This is the cancer killing /jp/.

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Your sister is a bad girl

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Pretend? (≖__≖ )

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>This is the cancer killing

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I don't think you have a Mac. Enjoy your masturbating sister.


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Now you, too, can be the cancer killing /jp/

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Fuck you; you become one became be at will about yourself not, not to masturbate.

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I fucking hate any of you who said you'll become one for sexual reasons.

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herp burple

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Wait there was a sticky? What did I miss?

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wait what the fuck
>my little sister
>masturbating to... Sanae

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Lesbian loli.

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I have a very very strong feeling that the OP just made all of this up.

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Cancer? Don't you mean cure?

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Which makes me wonder what she does on her playdates.

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Dear /jp/,

Yesterday, I accidentally walked in on my little shikigami (she's 11) masturbating to my pictures of herself on my Mac. I told her that masturbation is good and that everyone does it, and she was fine with that. /jp/, is there anything else I need to tell her? Sex education here is in Gensokyo is fucking lame, and I don't want Yukari to tell her anything false or molest her...

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Chen is a narcissist?

>I don't want Yukari to tell her anything false or molest her...

A little late on both counts.

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Somehow though I feel OP might be laying. 11 year olds aren't smart enough to use Macintoshes.

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It's ransmirk.png. Get it right.

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Renaming it chensmirk, thanks

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You son of a bitch

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But I thought Macs were marketed toward children and the mentally handicapped?

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You sound a little confused

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I'm too jaded to believe that there are any lesbian little sisters that like Touhou. ;_;

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Well, if such a thing exists, we should kill it quickly

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I'm forced to agree.

And sage.

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Dear /jp/,

Yesterday, my brother walked in on me masturbating to pictures of Sanae on his Mac. He told me that masturbation is good and that everyone does it, and I was fine with that. /jp/, is there anything else he needs to tell me? Sex education here is fucking lame, and I don't want him to tell me anything false...

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Well, if there are any lesbian little sisters at all, I'm sure they would learn to like touhou once they got a taste of it. It's the kind of game kids are better at anyway.

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>11 year olds aren't smart enough to use Macintoshes

Of course Macintoshes are unusable by every age group

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Let list all the contradictions:
>11 year old little sister
>browsing /jp/
This is impossible
>Caught masturbating
This is also impossible
>Likes touhou
Also impossible
>to pictures of Sanae
This kind of thing just doesn't happen
>11 year old

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He never said that she was browsing /jp/ nor that she liked Touhou. You don't have to like a series to like a character from it; I don't care for Ikkitousen but that Kanu bitch is nice.

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You really don't want more female touhou fans to exist, I'm convinced they'll bring about the end of the world

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>11 year old
>Also impossible

Hate to break it to you, bud, but...

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11 year olds don't masturbate.

but I do.

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lol secret pillowfort club

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That's way too awesome to be true.

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Why is Sion in OP's pic?

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Too good to be true

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Because she's a whore.

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lol, do you remember when we all made blanket forts and took pics?

That might have been back when we were still /a/

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OP never said her sister was browsing /jp/
About the rest, it is possible, just very rare.
As in, a "full planetary alignment" rare.

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>11 year old
>Also impossible
I've caught my seven year old sister masturbating.

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too lazy to copypasta the E-RIN armswing and too lazy to enable japanese typing too

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wut? I started jacking off when I was 11...
Fuck... Now I feel old...

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>on my Mac

I stopped here OP is obviously a troll

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Everyone's a troll, didn't you know?

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You have something against lesbian Touhou fans?

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I can still remember jacking off and nothing coming out.

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I can still remember the first time I came was by without jacking off.

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Wow, that would have been a scary experience.

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yeah, that did hurt back then...

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God, schoolboy nostalgia.

The first time I came was to the Fox TV show "Boston Public." The cheerleading episode.

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Bah, Humbug!

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You're not a girl, so why do you care?

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I'm glad we could come to terms on this

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why are there two Remis in my /jp/?

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Are you new, or blind

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Because there's two fagets who couldn't be original about their tripfaggotry.

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Two is better than one?


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They should fight to the death. There can be only one.

>> No.1268607

Yeah, 'cause being original is my top priority on 4chan

>> No.1268611

I've been here for well over a year now and I've only seen
>Remilia Scarlet !cDHwwwva1A

Regardless, you're now the imposter
>Remilia Scarlet !NOUx2Remio

>> No.1268613

Seconding this notion. Maybe they'll finish each other off and then there'll be no Remilia Scarlets.

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But then who am I going to masturbate to?

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The Flandre Scarlet tripfag?

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He doesn't exist anymore

>> No.1268633

I'm the real Remilia Scarlet

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fuck yeah loli bitches we be gettin those toHOES a good ass smackin

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Wait, no, that's not right.

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The real Remilia wouldn't use a tripcode.

>> No.1268658


No, you didn't. You don't even have a sister.

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━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

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Wait, did I miss a sticky ban?

>> No.1268674

There was no sticky.

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You should do something about your doppleganger.

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They both appeared, long, long ago.
One is a suppossed lesbian bitch, who I happen to see before he/she was this tripfiend, and the other, i donno lol...same person with schizophrenia, perhaps?
Unless you are talking about Flandreanonymous the hypocrite, no.

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Also, source of this.

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Until OP appears again, I redeem your fail through a sage.

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Dear /jp/,

Yesterday, I accidentally walked in on my little sister(she's 11) masturbating to my pictures of Sanae on my Mac. I freaked the fuck out and ran out the door, locked myself in the bathroom and wept quietly while I masturbated to the memory. I'm really bad at talking to people and the idea of having to explain anything to my little sister fills me with dread and fear so I plan on just avoiding her for the next few years and hoping she forgets.

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What about clones and being virgin?

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Dear /jp/,

Yesterday, I accidently walked in on Sanae masturbating to my pictures of my little sister on my Mac. I told that masturbation is good and that everyone does it, and she was fine with that. /jp/, is there anything else I need to tell her? Sex education here is fucking lame, and I don't want to tell her anything false...

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Your Sanae is a slut.

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Wait... Who's Kanako's little sister?

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Plug a USB cord in repeatly until she understands.

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You didn't start masturbating till you were 11? By then I was already experimenting with anal stimulation at the same time as fapping. No idea when I actually started masturbating, long long time ago.

>> No.1270457

Masturbation was so much better when there was no messy ejaculation to deal with ;_;
I want to be the little boy again.

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