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Hey guys

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... reported

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Too otakool for you?

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this is bullshit,hes trolling -.-

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but but.. oni-kun.. I'm very serios

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we should print this out and stick it up on lampposts and at school and stuff so normies understand

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come and show it a fuckin league of legends ima godanm plat I bro

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No shit. we are everything on that list. otaku and proud /)

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What hax did you use to make that?

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Oni-sama <3~

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This is true though, how could anyone be ashamed of such?

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just ignore the haters

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Once you are a super Otaku, you will know.

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are there still people like this left?

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I am super duper Otaku xD upupu xD

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Why is it always indonesians, pinoys and mexicans that identify with these kinds of images? I don't think I've ever seen a white person, or rather, a person who had a basic understanding of English post images like this.

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on the rest of 4chan

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Dude trust me many whites from Europe are identfying with this shit.

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This is some of the most self centered weeb crap that i have ever seen

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Half of their list doesn't even make any sense

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My favorite part is that in Japan an Otaku is usually looked down upon so they see becoming the sum of the Japanese society

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I say pathetic

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i am an otaku

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janitor-kun, please blast this thread the fuck away from me

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yes please don't post weeb threads on the weeb board

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I'm not a filthy jap lover just because I like some of their porn games.

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anon please

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i miss dan ;_;

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Fuck off ``please''!

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