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>browsing 2ch for fun
>came across this
Why do you want to be japanese when they want to be us?

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>electrical super-gay with mental disease
The hero that /jp/ deserves.

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Can you chat in that part of 2ch or is it also ipbanned like the rest of the site

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Fuck, I wish /jp/ had threads like that. Instead we got idols threads with people from tumblr posting in them and the too few retro threads.

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If this is from the English language board (forgot what the name in the URL is), then the place is inactive, many threads have been sitting there for years and still haven't reached the post cap.

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Link please

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Last I checked foreigners were still range banned on that board.

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They tsundere

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Hey elevens we know you are browsing jp, pls respond

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I thought they couldn't post here without spoofing their IP. Did moot get rid of that policy?

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わたし なやむ です (´ ー`;; )

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I believe this is it: http://awabi.2ch.sc/test/read.cgi/english/1412503216/

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>spoofing their IP
I understand what you were trying to say, but this statement is nonsensical.

Did you intend to say that they used a proxy or similar service?

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You are absolutely correct. I'm not very tech-savvy, sorry.

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This kind of post is why is why autism got popular as an insult.

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He used to post here.

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Thanks anon

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I thought they just couldn't get past the captcha.

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This kind of post is why dumb got popular as an insult

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>weeaboo from around the world
I can't post on 2ch because all my japanese proxies don't work.

They work on Futaba though.

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Has 2ch been really slow for anyone else lately? Threads and boards used to load instantly before but now they take near a minute.

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Japs can post on 4chan. Go to >>>/int/ sometime around Jap hours.

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Link to the thread?

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Lazy fucker. Try reading this thread first.

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I wish I could learn Japanese so I would properly translate our memes so they won't use shitty google translated stuff. I bet there's a lot of misinformation about our curtur.

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>What I care is our beloved makers, sony, panasonic etc, have no presence outside Japan,

Of all companies, they pick those two? Really?

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Sony is dying soon, or so I heard.

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Sony's already dead on the inside.

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>Error! ブラウザ変ですよん

Haha, racist japs.

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They rested on their laurels too much.

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When did you check?
I got them to unblock foreign IPs on the English board earlier this year, and was able to post for a while.
They said it was temporary though. I haven't been there the last few months so I don't know whether they put the block back.

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Well, you can't post there anymore so I would assume so.

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Just tried it and it's working fine for me.

You might need to make sure you're using 2ch.net, not 2ch.sc.

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Everybody wants to be something else. Even if people become what they want to be, they will instantly want to be something else.

Such is the human condition.

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What if wanted to become somebody who will not want to become something else afterwards?

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Stay NEET, stay safe.

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Tried on both, won't let me post.
Maybe it's just specific countries that are banned.

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Question - What does that actually say?

If google is accurate about "strange browser" it might actually be checking your user agent for the language, as opposed to your IP, in order to keep us gaijins out.

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Because it's a matter of perception depending on where you live.

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Either way, it won't let you post.

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The Japs already possess a detailed knowledge of western memes. After they started making matome blogs about foreign threads (nowadays it's mostly translations of Reddit stuff, but it used to be 4chan's /int/) they created some glossaries describing their Internet slangs.
If anything it's us who are misinformed about their terminology. I mean, not that I have trouble going to Nicovideo's dictionary every time I need to check a net yougo, but for monolinguals it wouldn't be as easy.

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Nico has a dictionary?

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Pixiv has a wiki too if you didn't know.

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Did they find the ponponpon remake?

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>made this thread 12 hours ago just to shitpost
>it's still up
i will never understand otaku

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>faced with new, unknown, scary net yougo
>ask giga turbonerd /jp/ pal what the fuck's up with that weeb shit
>problem solved

Not a second wasted memorizing retarded hieroglyphs

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/jp/ is slow
Threads can stay up for months sometimes.

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What if I don't help you?

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If you wanna post on 2ch you need to post on Anarchy, the karakoe box. Foreign IP restrictions are lifted on that board.


Usually the board is filled with generals though. And you also might wanna hide your ID, I think you can do that by typin !id in the email field. But it doesent work with western letters and I haven't tried it with Japanese letters.

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Y-You wouldn't

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I honestly don't care enough.

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If a japanese person showed you a hoop, would you jump through it and bark?

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nah, i'm a cat person

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>touhou pirate

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Wonder if this guy was serious.
Hilarious mistake.

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i love that guy

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Where can you find more of these?

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Reverse image search.

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Diet coke is disgusting.

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Gives nothing.

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They don't lurk /a/ and /jp/ anymroe because we got even more shitty with lesser and lesser OCs

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>They work on Futaba though.
Would you mind sharing them? I've been longing to post on Futaba for a long time... 日本語知っているので心配しないで

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It is literally the first fucking result.

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You are disgusting!
I used to drink normal coke and thought that diet one was disgusting too, then because of a friend with diabetes I was forced to drink diet coke for some time. Now the normal one tastes bad.
I'm okay with that because fuck sugar.

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how about you drink water, fatty?

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I want to be a Japanese girl.

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Haven't touched a coke since 2 weeks ago.

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Hi Moot.

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And do you think that's a lot nerd?

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Why is the YuruYuri thread full of gifs of Akari wearing ZUN's hat?

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Lame joke, dude.

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I haven't gone out of my house in that time either. Also I'm skinny.
Go bully your mom.

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Is there a dictionary that explains the meaning of all those onomatopoeia words (or whatever they're called) like peropero, mofumofu, punyapunya etc.?

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/a/'s fault

Giving anime girls ZUN hats and mug bears is a meme last time I've checked.

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How can they tolerate sites with UIs like that? It's 2014 man. And same thing goes for their blogs.

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>How can they live without superficial, attention-grabbing bells and whistles? It's almost like they don't share the American idea that something isn't good unless it has at least five unneeded features and looks "next-gen".
Do remember that not everyone on the planet holds the same values as you.

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Go back living in your capsule hotel you blind worker bee.

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I don't suppose there's an English version?

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If I wanted to share my music on the English board, would that be fine?

I'd post it in their "share your music thread" but I can't.

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>To be honest, I'm not really sure XD
I mean... As "weeaboo" as this will sound, I've always been fascinated with Japanese culture, so I thought it'd be kinda
cool to talk to some Japanese people. (I assure you, I am NOT a "weeaboo" XD )
That, and this website is actually talked about among groups here in Australia (I can't say much for other countries).
So, I thought I'd check it out. So far, it seems pretty cool.
>It was more of a whim, I guess XD

Jesus fucking christ.

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woops, fucked up the greentext.

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People have long reclaimed the word and wear it as a badge of pride.

Now, posts like yours are why "neurotypical" will never cease to be an insult.

Jesus Christ. It's always weird to see something that had maybe five threads on /jp/ years ago still going strong elsewhere. Does /a/ copy everything we do?

Likely much easier than it takes people to tolerate the crap we get served in the west.

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ayy lmao

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You need to find a new one every few hours, but I find these ones to be quite useful.


It's free proxies, so you might need to try a few times, but none of them should be banned.

Obviously they won't work on 4chan or 2ch, you need to shill out お金 to get that.

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It's much easier to create your own userstyle around a site like that, with everything shaped by its structure, than a modern western site that's structured entirely around it's shape/style with no regard for the structure itself.

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Except nobody who posts on 2ch browses it without some addon or a special app.

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GikoNavi, you raging faggot.

>> No.12613535


diet cock is p. nice though

>> No.12613537

>Does /a/ copy everything we do?

/a/ doesn't put out much oc these days

>> No.12613538


which, of course if because some fucking moron decided to cut the board in half

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Not him, but how do you use these?
Sorry, I'm technologically retarded.

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Whatever you're browsing with generally has some proxy configuration. Firefox's is buried a tiny bit in the options.

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Not really. Proper modern websites separate the structure and the styling.
2ch looks like it's shaped by its structure because structure is the only thing their layout has.

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Those people are weird and unpleasant. Just look at the thread, they act like they're schizophrenic.

>I don't want to hate good people. I want to hate anti-Japanese people. The hate is beneficial to world peace. My hatered won't turn into arms.
>Hatred is good for yourself, and of course for others. The moment you switch your mind to agression you win. But if you switch your mind to extend into the other person's mind, you can be left behind. Others will know everything and lead you. That is to your disadvantage.

>> No.12614204

>literally the first fucking result
Not necessarily. Big brother serves personalised search results that only include what you're used to seeing, to keep you narrow-minded and pliant. Search for "filter bubble".

>> No.12614751

Google image search doesn't do that shit. Only text search results are based on your previous searches. If google finds an exact match to your image it's obviously what you're looking for, so there's no need to mess with the results.

You already knew all of this before you made that post.

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Technically, it adds text and allows the image search to be reorganized by the filter bubble if enough people have searched it and tried to add text to narrow it down. But that's irrelevant to this iamge. Which only really has two results, foolz/moe and livedoor.

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That's neat. You can hover over the ID and show all that ID's posts. Clicking highlights them all.

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