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Yeah good game.I came, like 5 times.

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Hizashi no Naka no Riaru. All I know is you start molesting a loli in it for some reason. I also can't figure out how to unlock most of the scenes.

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Fapped many times to this game.

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>>1260745 All I know is you start molesting a loli in it for some reason.
Gee, I wonder why.

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>been fapping to this game since 2 years

yeah same here

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souce? and learn to crop

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Probably because she's one of the hottest lolis ever.

I wish the game was uncensored so I could stare at her beautiful hidden places in all their glory.

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There's an uncensoring patch.

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Really ??? SAUCE !

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Link NOW

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This is relevant to my interests.

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Bump for sauce

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10/10, would rage again.

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just what do I have to do to play this on window mode? I messed around with pretty much every option it has and It didn't work. help please?

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It is the second blue option from the left on the top bar.

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Mouse over the top of the window while in a scene, click one of the buttons with a square in it/.

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Thirding this request.

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Well played good sir. Well played.

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is there a pic collection for this?

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Does anyone just have the text translated?

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Moe blowjob

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I can't believe anon fell for this

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She has grown to be a beautiful girl.

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It is. With a patch.

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anon falls for anything when loli is involved

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She's my eternal loli. She'll never grow.

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I still don't know how to play the expansion pack.

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You probably are playing it. The expansion pack adds the pen scene and some various others.

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I haven't played the original since I ran the expansion. Does just running it add the scenes to the original game? I was just thinking the expansion was completely separate and just had some bonus scenes. I need the anal scene so bad.

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the expansion doesn't run without the original

does yours say version 1.5?

if so, don't worry about it

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>I need the anal scene so bad.
you can get the save files off of /rs/

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So you're fine with loli-fucking but you hate incest? SUUUUUUUUUUURRRE.

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It says version 1.0
But it's so much more satisfying when you get it yourself.

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>But it's so much more satisfying when you get it yourself.
The problem is it's not in the actual game. It's one of the Append scenes in the movie viewer.

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Come on you idiots. Stop falling for the trolls. There is no uncensor patch, and there is no playable anal scene.

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Oh, okay, I'll check /rs/ then.

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is there at least a translation patch

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Why is she such a slut?

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Why hasn't it been translated? I want to know what the cut scenes say.

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It's getting a translation and DS port.

Very very slowly.

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You take that back, she's a good girl.

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>Why is she such a slut?
I hate this sentence...

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She initially resisted her brother's attempts, didn't she?
What happened that she eventually agreed to be fucked?

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For what reasons is this young woman such an unscrupulous trollop?

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>Why hasn't it been translated?
It doesn't need to be translated.

What's the source of that picture? Is there any more?

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If memory serves, after she finds out that it was him that was doing all the "ecchi" things to her while she was asleep (which happens on the third day), that's when he moves her leg and sees that she's not wearing any panties. So you tackle her, and basically try to rape her. If you J-J-JAM IT IN she turns into a nympho, if you can't get it in, she gives you a blowjob or a handjob.

Also, not her brother.

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It's from the artbook, rapidsearch it.

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There's a 1 KB version on /rs/

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Incest is wrong.

But this isn't incestual.

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I think most people consider loli sex wrong too.

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Loli sex is only wrong if you get caught.


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>Incest is wrong.

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But that's not an area I concern myself with at all.

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Isn't incest a normal thing in Alabama?

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Stop making words up, you hick. It's "incestuous."

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I could never figure out how to beat the part where shes in a shirt and wont let you open her legs.

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Both incestual and incestuous are valid terms.

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Check your dictionary.

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Results 1 - 10 of about 74,000 for incestual.
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,330,000 for incestuous
I don't think so. No reputable dictionary lists incestual. Only idiot Americans let common mistakes become accepted into dictionaries.

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Don't forget adding netspeak terms.

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He's the highest authority on incest.

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>No results found for incestual


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You only came 5 times? God, I must have come at least 5 dozen times, probably more.

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Japan is a wannabe Georgia from Failmerica

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I can't believe Americans are that stupid. Don't you idiots ever check to make sure you're right before sounding to absolutely certain you are?

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>to absolutely certain
That should be "so," excuse me for changing what I was saying right before submitting.

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>before sounding to absolutely certain you are?

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>before sounding to absolutely certain you are?

At least learn to speak English coherently before you insult >>1262660 & >>1262661.

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How does one use the savefiles?

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hey, good I found this thread.
so I started playing using a walkthrough. I'm now on day 3, the scene where she has a green shirt on and you fuck her. so, the walkthrough I'm reading said you should play with her pussy until she closes her eyes and starts moaning, and she'll talk to you making the finger icon available. thing is, she won't ever talk, did I do something wrong? am I supposed to just keep playing until she says something?

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