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what touhou would you be friends with?

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I'd try to be friends with as many as possible, having magical humans and powerful supernatural creatures as enemies seems like a bad idea.

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sometimes I lie in bed thinking about how cool it would be to get drunk with wriggle and getting chased out of the shrine by reimu for being too loud

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None, I mean, I wish I could, but I know very well I'll end up as a faceless background character. I'll just be fine by having a little farm and watching the 2hu passing through the human village. That's all I ask.

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sometimes I dream about being bullied by reimu

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She's an extremely powerful youkai, so she'd be handy to have around.
She probably doesn't have many friends, being a renowned horrible sadistic monster. This loneliness might make her a bit more desperate for other sounds then screams of agony and fear wherever she goes, such as friendly greetings.
She'd probably refrain from instantly murdering me if we were friends.
So long as I stay on her good side and she's in a good mood, I could probably stay over. A giant flower field would be a nice thing to look at if I don't get close enough for them to eat me. I'd even make breakfast to her taste.
But then again, perhaps I've got a death which.

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None of them would want to be friends with me, so the best I'd manage would be to get eaten by some low-tier youkai.

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Sleepovers with Yuuka! Don't wake her up!

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Are you going to plant your seed into her soil?

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I'd be too afraid to try, but when her sexual frustration builds up and she violently rapes me, probably breaking some bones, I won't be able to stop.
She might even feel bad about Professor X'ing me and help me get better, fostering me in her house and ensuring that my legs are healing fine, aided by flower power.

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Almost all of them. I'd really want to be friends with Futo, Miko, Shinmyoumaru, Kogasa, and Reimu. Not sure about Seiga though. She seems sketchy.

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Is she for sale?

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I'm gonna take her hat when she's sleeping.

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Yeah, two hundred nip dollars a pop, twenty more if you cum inside.

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If you're lucky, she'll laugh at you and take her hat back.
If you're unlucky, she'll scalp you alive. Good luck wearing hats after that.
Sure hope you two are good friends.

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If we're sleeping on the same bed, I'm sure we're more than good friends.

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>Q: If you could find yourself trapped in a hotspring with two of your favorite characters, who would it be?
>ZUN: Give me a minute. *Drinks his beer* Well, thinking about it, it can't be the weird characters after all. Please let it be Reimu and Marisa then.

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But Yuuka isn't really the sadistic bitch you think, and she's friends with Reimu and powerful youkai anyway.

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They probably bully him a bit when he goes to Gensokyo to gather data about the new games and written works.

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this one

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Marisa because she seems like a bro and down to fuck

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the cool one.
you know the one.

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Shou because Tigers are cool.

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My buddy Sekibanki

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Good one.

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I'd like to be friends with the fairy gang, if for no other reason I'd like to be able to call prank favors on other people.

I'd really like to hang with the Onis (Suika and Yuugi) to refine my taste in Sake.

of course, I want to fuck all of them

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>hesitates to sink his touhou's in the water.
>Vampires can't handle water.
>ZUN's favorite touhou's confirmed to be Remilia and Flandre.

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Does ZUN only swim in holy water or something?

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I want to be fuck buddies with Komachi which hopefully leads to a serious relationship and then marriage. I would make some many babies with her.

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All water ZUN touches is holy.

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stop that

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I want to place that yukkuri in the trash

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and then close the lid slowly while it looks at me

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I'd go drinking with Suika and Yuugi
Isn't anything like getting rowdy with oni

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I'm breeding them just so I can release them in your neighborhood.

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You got yourself $26k in the hole just to destroy one neighborhood?
That's some dedication man.

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they must breed very fast

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I'd be friends with Yukari so she can use her gaps to help me achieve my life time goal of fucking myself in the ass with my own cock.

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Wow, ZUN has shit taste in 2hus.

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Reimu and Marisa aren't very likely to eat him.

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you're frustrating me.

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>be friend with youmuu
>practice kendo in the forest everyday
>practice for days until we are exhausted
>take a shower under a waterfall
>go fishing something then roast and eat it with rice
>lay down on soft grass and then take a nap cuddling with her
>brb cry

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Kimeemaru is pretty based.

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Playing kamiasobi with our little god. or Hula hoop

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Tough question. Marisa, Reimu, Patchy... hell, imagine the amount of knowledge you could gain by being with Patchouli.

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Do you think kimeemarus are all minions of Aya, or do you think they tease her?

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i think the kimees tease real Aya

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Yuuka needs a friend to brew her hot chocolate after she gets back from surveying winter flowers.

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Which Touhou likes giant robots?
I'd be friends with that one.

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Cool. She's my BFF then.

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the one that makes them

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She is fun and won't eat you

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Marisa. I have plenty of things to steal, so it would work out.

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