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/jp/, I have a question regarding Touhou Canon.

I'm reading Oriental Sacred Place for the first time and I just read past the part where they're trying to find the goshintai for the Hakurei Shrine.

The Fairies discover (and accidentally steal) a yin-yang orb from the shrine, and abandon it in the forest. When Kasen goes to pick it up, it hurts her hand, and she comments that it's "the real deal".

Now, I thought that the yin-yang orb was something that Yukari made to keep in contact with Reimu during the Subterranean Animism Incident. But Kasen is injured as soon as she touches it.

Could the orb actually be the goshintai for the shrine? If it is, did Yukari somehow manipulate it to make it more than just the repository for the god? Did she trap it?

Could she, a youkai whose type is never really confirmed outside of sources who don't know her or her origins, be the God of the Hakurei Shrine? If the shrine is the boundary shrine, the parallel between that and Yukari's manipulation of borders is clear.

Or am I reading too much into this? Have I missed a glaring piece of evidence?

Also, as topics go this might've been discussed to death and I don't know. If so, I apologize for wasting your time.

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Yukari is actually zurvan

Yuuka is satan

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Yukari didn't make the orb, she just added a feature to it.

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Read this and imagine the implication.

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Wait, Oriental Sacred Place has Kasen?

I thought Kasen only shows up in WaHH?

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>Could the orb actually be the goshintai for the shrine?
The yin-yang orb is a goshintai; key word "a". A shrine can have as many goshintai as it wants.

Yukari also didn't make the yin-yang orb. She just strapped a cell phone to it.

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She has a cameo in the final few chapters of OSP.

Occam's razor states that you're right, I suppose.

If it's the implication I'm getting (I never saw the monologues, I really need to go back and reread PMISS), I like it.

Thank you all for your input! Time to read more.

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>the ying-yang orb

As you yourself said, the key word is "a". Reimu can has as many ying-yang orbs as she wants.

Pictured: two of them.

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By the way, Yukari says she made them.

Of course since it's established there are multiple orbs, you can't assume each one of them has the same properties. The only thing we know they have in common is their orb shape and ying-yang coloring pattern. Reimu just really likes ying-yang orbs. She liked them even when she was still playing arcanoid, after all.

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If those two are just communicators Yukari made, then how does the first picture prove Reimu has or can make more than one?

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>how does the first picture prove Reimu has

By showing her with two (which is more than one)?

>or can make more than one

It doesn't but isn't supposed to, since nobody in this thread inquired about Reimu's ability to make ying-yang orbs.

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The god of the Hakurei shrine is, canonically, a god of youkai extermination. The connections between Yukari and Maribel Hearn are so blatant and obvious that one would have to be mentally retarded not to make the connection there.

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The ying-yang orb Kasen tried to take is most likely one Reimu received during her PC-98 days. They are blessed by the Hakurei god, which is a God of Youkai Extermination. Yukari made other orbs to communicate with Reimu.

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I meant "the yin-yang orb" symbolically, referring to any and all of them. I thought it was clear, but I see how it was mistaken. Of course she has a bunch of them.

Sure she "made" the communicators. That doesn't mean she literally created the yin-yang orbs (and yeah, there could be different versions, hypothetically). She says in SA that she modified them, and the same to Marisa's stuff in her scenario.

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The Hakurei shrine was the only Shinto shrine in Gensokyo until the Moriya's arrived.
So the Hakurei shrine actually served ALL the Shinto gods by default- including the ones Reimu never bothered to learn about.
A Shinto god made the yin-yang orb for the miko to exterminate youkai but which particular one did I don't know.
The reason that the Hakurei shrine not having a goshintai is really because it serves all the Shinto gods, not just one, and so instead of having hundreds or thousands of goshintai it has none. Or perhaps it might be better to consider the shrine and its miko together to be the actual focus of worship.
If Reimu read more she would know this, also Yukari knows but Reimu has too much pride to ask her.