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Yuugi's giant oni mammaries aside, which 2hu has the largest breasts?

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Officially, most likely Yuyuko because of official art.
Unofficially could be anyone.

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Byakuren has boing.

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Only ZUNart matters.

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I actually forgot about this game.

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I don't think I have seen Yuyutits being depicted with large boobs.

Byakuren canonically has large breasts, yes. But they seem kind of unnatural. We know she sold her soul in exchange for power and youth, so maybe that was one of the boons her dark gods gifted her with?

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That's a good thing.

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And a penis.

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Okuu canonically has the largest triangles.

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Doesnt mean fan art cannot be posted.

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Okuu canonically has a cock dangling out of her skirt.

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I stand corrected. Yuyusama does have big breasts. Not imposing, but large enough.

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She has the biggest hurtbox for her shots Subterran Animism

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Go back to /d/ already.

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I want to fuse with Okuu so badly!!!

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Will do when you fuck off to /a/ or /v/.

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Musclegirls can't get breasts without implants
They also have long and thick, cock-like clits.

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Then its the same to Youmu, right ?
I mean, she is the softest.

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Living underground has its advantages.

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You mean Touhous with childbearing hips and huge breasts full of plenty of child nourishing milk?

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And giant Onis

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You're all going to hell

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Her judgments are the severest

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You're pretty curvy!

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You're pretty milky.

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almost forgot

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for you

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Komachi, right ?

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Well, of course.

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God, this is disgusting. How did it ever get approved?

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It's not Hopeless Masquerade's fault that it sucks in every conceivable way.

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I thought Futo, Marisa, and Miko's sprites in HM were good. The backgrounds were also pretty cool.

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A lot of the sprites where pretty good. But some of them were really bad.

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Sexy Touhou titties.

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The only sprite I had issues with was Byakuren's standing one. What the fuck artist, this is not an erodojin man.

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What about Mamizou?

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Mamizou was born to be sexualized, that's why she has barely any porn

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Her sprites still suck.
A lot of that is her design, though. Not a fan.

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since she can transform herself, she could be a canon futanari and make her breasts infinitely large

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If that's true then she should also be able to age herself down. Being able to switch freely between loli and milf? You'll get the best of both worlds and everyone will be happy no matter which camp they fall into.

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yes, she could make a whole loli army

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Rumors say it almost didn't. There were apparently even more finished sprites (and possibly full characters) that didn't make it into the final game, according to one of Tasofro's artists on twitter. ZUN didn't like the fanservice and most likely wanted it removed but conceded because of deadlines.

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Ran's breasts aren't the largest, but they're the most respected.

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If you wanted more busty Shiki, you should have just said so.

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Size 11 and larger or bust.

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okuu confirmed for largest breasts.

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>Yuyusama does have big breasts.
No, that's just a fan artist's depiction, you can't take one over the other, meaning only ZUN's art matters.

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Waggysaggy's saggy waggies!

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Look at the PCB endings then. Noticeable bust size.

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I'm pretty sure everything would bust if there was a size 11 and larger

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Things like this are what made me not like big tits for the longest time. Japan just can't do proportions at all half the time.

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I don't see any.

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That same artist has a thing for inflation as well.

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I'm okay with this.

It's from sachito, right? Seems to be the same artstyle.

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Most busty Eiki's doesn't work, but this always does.
She's still better flat or small, though.

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Too bad there's not that much decent Touhou inflation stuff, or in general.

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That's a fun artist.

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The hero we need.

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It's like she's begging for more soft jokes.

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Do you have that image of Reimu inflating herself?

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thanks inflatechan

translate it weebs

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That's a much, much less fun artist.

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Why is this so arousing?

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Yeah. His nijie account is better, though.

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Don't have it

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but inflation isnt possible because humanoid figures are homeomorphic to a torus!

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>but inflation isn't possible
Since when does logic have anything to do with fetishes?

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This suits Eiki much more than the stupid short girl.

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I think people go with short and flat Eiki just for the contrast with Komachi

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I love hag tits

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I wanna fuck that police!

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In my head I like to believe that thanks to Yuyuko's diet, Youmu must be pretty stacked. But because those cowtits would get in the way of her gardening and swordsmanship she wears a magical sarashi that binds her right down to flatness so she can continue serving Yuyuko to the best of her ability.

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How does someone else's diet give you larger beasts?

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I don't know the first thing about what actually determines what allows some women to stay flat while others grow cow tits. There may be some genetics involved, magazines like to state that diet is part of it, they could be counterweights to other body parts, like tails. Large breasts are basically just large because of the fat cells are more enriched than usual anyways.

Besides this is gensokyo, I'm certain if I believe that Youmu's diet is going to give her big knockers like Yuyuko they it may happen.

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I don't know who else is like me but for some reason body modification and especially inflation or expansion is erotic. But why? Is it because of the embarrassment?

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get off of /jp/ dobson

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Because you long to return to your mother's womb

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Pls no bully

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Hot. That's going to be my head canon from now on. Youmu has just as huge breasts as Yuyuko, hell yes.

>> No.12446755

But Youmu's supposed to be a tsurupettan qt

>> No.12446760

That's how her body developed after pregnancy

>> No.12446980

I find breast expansion and growing a sexier body to be incredibly erotic. I'm not for belly inflation but I don't find round bellies particularly erotic either, unlike with breasts where I'm rarely satisfied with breasts smaller than the owners head.

I'm pretty sure the WHY is different for each person and doesn't follow any real logic. For me it has nothing to do with the embarrassment but belly inflation and breast expansion may be quite different things in terms of appeal.

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I think hourglass expansion is pretty hot

>> No.12454158

I do too!

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Mm, more soft flesh for me to play around with~ and put my dick between

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this is a great thread

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Which artist is this?

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Touhou inflation!

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Am I the only one who finds breast expansion to be boring?

>> No.12462986


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Butt expansion a best

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Weight gain and butt expansion please.

>> No.12463091

Weight gain?

More please.

>> No.12463104

That's just getting fat.

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Yes please.

More like sexy.

>> No.12463153

>artist deleted their pixiv account

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Princess Plumpy

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okuu's boobies!

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I think Komachi is the largest even including Yuugi.

It's perfect irony for death to have such a powerfully fertile body

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2hu more like 2huge

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The best

>> No.12470818

Not 2huge enough

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Delicious death.

>> No.12470942

Wow! Why is she taking off her panties?

>> No.12471002

She wants the /jp/sie dick.

>> No.12471048

I don't think anybody wants that, otherwise most of us wouldn't be here.

>> No.12471053

Cumming inside Komachi. Can she get pregnant? It would be pretty ironic.

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I bet they're the warmest boobs in Gensokyo. I want to rest my head on her lap. Thighs below, boobs above.

>> No.12473102

I like to imagine Komachi with giant milky breasts, it makes me so horny

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They're gonna blow.

>> No.12474500

You can't get milk without getting pregnant.
You can't get pregnant without sex.
You can't sex Komachi because you'll die.
Therefore, those breasts are FAKE

>> No.12475205


>They're gonna blow.

my fetish

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Nuclear holocaust, accompanied by widespread death and destruction is your fetish? Can you be a little clearer dude?

>> No.12475357

Those tits are gonna make my dick blow

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The pressure has reached critical levels!

I don't have a pic of okuu's titties exploding, please help

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Pls no
Okuu's Suns are sacred!

>> No.12475488

But you wanna know what happens when suns go supernova?
They explode.

>> No.12478850


>you will never be squeezed between Okuu's enormous breasts as she goes nuclear

>> No.12479023

But then you would get blasted point blank by two supernova explosions at the same time, and then be ripped in half by two black holes.

who u quotin btw

>> No.12482375

Yuuka's big flower boobies!

>> No.12482379

This thread is gagantous

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Mamizou is too cute to be lewd.. even though her powers could make her the lewdest.

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saving this thread

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Patchy's big naked breasts!

>> No.12489729

No way! I'll still sex her and drink her milk!

>> No.12490258

Actually you can get milky by taking some medication that make your body think that you are pregnant.
Or by playing 15 to 20 min 6 times a day for several weeks with your breasts.

>> No.12490361
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>> No.12490386

Oh gosh
Where is that from?

>> No.12490498

>Or by playing 15 to 20 min 6 times a day for several weeks with your breasts.
Just like muh mangas

>> No.12490500

Apparently it works even faster if your man suck on your breasts very often every day too.

>> No.12490518

And that's the point when you're supposed to tease them about having a slutty cow's body.

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Big mermaid tittays.

>> No.12490543
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IT's hard to judge breast size looking at ZUN arts because:

>ZUN cannot into drawing
>Most Touhous are wearing frilly dresses and other clothes that hide the feminine form.

>> No.12491245

The yama did 911 ?

>> No.12491348

Nevar forget, many gaijin went to Gensokyo that day.

>> No.12491421


That's Yuuka, not Yuugi, you FUCKING RETARD

>> No.12491445

Clearly he meant that Yuuka has the largest breasts behind Yuugi's giant oni mammaries. But it's okay, lots of developmentally challenged people lead perfectly normal lives. For example, you could get a job sorting glass.

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Why is breast expansion so sexy?

>> No.12491500

this thread is gay

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I love breast expansion.
I just wish it wasn't so often merged with disgusting inflation.

>> No.12491589

Dobson pls

>> No.12491611
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What's wrong with it?

>> No.12491792

Why would you turn people into americafat?
That's disgusting mate.

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I take it you have never been around a morbidly obese person? The stench is unbearable. Always.

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It's a 2D girl anon. You can't smell them.

But we all know the best kind of inflation is by air or water and also when they pop.

>> No.12491889

Still not sexy.


>> No.12491899

>by air or water

anon plz

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>> No.12491929

breast expansion is a wonderful thing

>> No.12493760

I agree!

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we need to go bigger

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i like it when characters who are usually flat have big titties

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>> No.12497879

Woah! Eirin is cosplaying as Sakuya!

>> No.12498600

That artist is so great

>> No.12498948
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Me too!

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you all oughtta be saved by erin

>> No.12499025

That applies to every touhou.

>> No.12499067

That isn't how shirts work

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Who cares, breasts are just a tool for women to exert power on weak minded men.

Ass on the other hand, is where shit gets real.

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