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I wish to be the U.N.Owen.

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You wish to be sealed in a basement because you're a shame to the rest of your family?

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Assuming I also get the eternal youth, unlimited power, and remain in said basement only as long as I care to obey my family, very yes.

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Wouldn't it be pretty boring in the basement? I mean, I don't think the SDM has an internet connection

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Which is why I'd much rather be the beautiful moon princess.

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Enjoy the horrific pain of being burned to cinders multiple times a day.

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After 1000+ years of daily death, Kaguya and Mokou still killing each other indicates that they must be sadomasochists. For them, I bet being annihilated down to quarks results in unimaginable, consciousness-expanding orgasms that would crush the psyches of mere mortals.

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It's an acquired taste.

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I'd rather live with them instead of as one of them but same thing.

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I'd like to be Marisa's sexually abusive father. Think a teppei situation where he forces her to come home.

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I wish to be the half ghost

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I wish to be the bitch tyrant.

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Sauce Please :O?

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Fuck you, troll.

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This is almost as cute as Chibi Saber.

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So you want to be the judge, and off yourself at the end of the book?