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Japanese Bird Cooking Spaghetti.

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Naice, naice.

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Ah a thread from the good old days.

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But everyone hated this in the good old days

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Japanese deer being a respectful pedestrian.

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It was only funny when people thought it was real like back in 2012 or whatever and not from that Adam Sandler movie.

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I had no clue it was from an adam sandler movie.

What's your favorite adam sandler movie /jp/? I know they're all pretty good. As for me, Billy Madison.

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I fucking HATE Adam Sandler.

Fucking piece of shit kuso.

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Why are you so mad at Adam Sandler wtf? All he did was make funny movies like Click.

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I tried to watch Billy Madison but didn't like it all. I think it's something you only like as a kid and then have nostalgia for.

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Janitor, I got a feeling your whole family is going down. But for now I need to shitpost.


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Janitor, I got a feeling your whole family is going down. But for now I need to shitpost.


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All his movies are shit, dude. SHIT.

He's a fucking bad actor. One of the worst to exist.

He's not even funny. Fuck that guy. Fuck him.

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That was the single best part of the movie.

y del your post?

I don't know how I would feel about it if I watched it for the first time now. All those 90's Adam Sandler movies were the same kind of cheesy humour, basically a genre in themselves.

Better than you. I'd like to see you create and star in a beautiful movie like 50 First Dates.

8 crazy nights, just another masterpiece from him,. He makes music too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIDPdOyZN7c

Dude is fucking hilarious you can't beat him.

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Eat shit, kuso.

Go watch your crap western movies the fuck out of /jp/.

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Japanese dog jumping through five hoops.

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I love japanese humor too. I laugh my ass off at rakugo, do you like rakugo? Only thing better than that could be Adam Sandler doing it, he's still funnier than any japanese person.

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>I know they're all pretty good.
nigga you clownin.

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Rakugo is alright.

Adam Sandler is not funny, you shitter.

He sucks ass.

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Why would they be deleting your posts but not mine?


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Oh, I deleted those. I am being deployed in the navy in September so I thought giving /jp/ one last visit was in order.

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I heard, goodbye when you leave gigs good luck.

I heard the navy isn't too bad danger wise, like you're not in much trouble, right?

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Anyone have that picture of Okuu cooking spaghetti

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I think this mod loves me.

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>posts image of proof of permabanned tripcode

>Well lets just ban him for two days and maybe he will go back to imagedumping and being harmless


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lmao looks like gigs is getting owned out of the stratosphere again lmaoooooooooo

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Haha lets just close the thread rather than delete it and not expect people to see it and react to why its closed.

What the fuck happened to /jp/?!?

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*shits all over oy u * stay owned gigs lmnao welcome back tot he 2 own zone lol

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I am banned for only two days which means... I am free to post again.


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the own zone gigs the own zone

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But whats the point :(

Did some /a/ mod move a bunch of shit to /jp/ or something over the past week or so?

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Yeah if you weren't a complete fucking retard you'd notice the thread one deal down.

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I thought you were leaving?

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The new mod is kami`/kinomod from /a/.

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Why do you say that? He's been around for awhile so it'd be odd for him to suddenly start this dumb cleansing of content.

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He likes to give public bans a lot then locks threads right after, same type of moderation.

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Moderation has only really started heavily since the monster girl threads, so it's obviously whatever /a/ mod who said "I will purge the board of all generals by the end of the year" the only reason for moderating /jp/ so heavily is so the kids don't go crying and posting back in /a/ because /jp/ shitposted them away from this board.

Back in the good old days we could have chased them off to /d/ or /vg/ where they belong.

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gigs whats your rate??

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I believe kinomod posted in one of the monster girl threads telling them to fuck off and stop using greentext with his capcode awhile back, iirc.

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But that's not Kinomod. Leave Kinomod alone, he's the only good mod /a/ has.

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I just don't get the point of kicking them off /a/ yet continuing the moderate them. He's still doing the exact same thing just on a different board.

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No, he's fucking retarded.

He's trying to push off all generals out of /a/ for some reason.

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The problem is he's not forcing those standards on this thread, he's literally using /jp/ as a trash can and deleting any opposition to the threads or complains about the posting standards.

It's retarded.

Not all generals, Precure, Aikatsu and JoJo haven't been hassled in the slightest. And let's not forget "Buyfag", Daily Japanese threads and Waifu generals are perfectly /a/ related.

Sending emails won't do anything and /q/ got deleted because it was a retarded "I don't like this" and complaining about /pol/. Guess we're stuck until either the moderation changes or stops.

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Why does he say "No generals allowed" in some of his posts but then allows half of them on /a/?

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I assume only the generals that generated the most reports got kicked out, pretty sure that was the mods reason for kicking Love Live out to /vg/ when all it has is a mobile game yet Neptunia generals or Muv Luv generals didn't get touched. Idolm@ster threads only got hit because Love Live people bitched non stop about favoritism.


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Fucked that up, thought it would auto link the foolz or whatever like the above posts.

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>I assume only the generals that generated the most reports got kicked out, pretty sure that was the mods reason for kicking Love Live out to /vg/ when all it has is a mobile game yet Neptunia generals or Muv Luv generals didn't get touched.
Love Live was supposed to be moved into /jp/ (it really makes nose sense in /vg/) but the people in those threads reacted like Jews told they were receiving an all-expenses paid trip to Auschwitz and begged the mod in tears until he said they could go to /vg/ instead.

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I can't blame them when I think about the tantrums when people tried to talk about it here before.

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Retarded, Love Live above all others is /jp/ related because of it's origins.

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It doesn't matter if people have tantrums about it if you're just going to babysit the thread all the time like the monster girl threads.

It was the same for Idolm@ster threads, I recall one guy saying he would quit browsing 4chan if they were moving to /jp/.

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> I recall one guy saying he would quit browsing 4chan if they were moving to /jp/.
Jesus Christ really? What a fucking faggot. I wonder why they pander to these sensitive fucks, do they know what 4chan was built and runs on? Whenever someone gets their feelings hurt a mod steps in and starts throwing around the ban hammer like he's sucking off guys. The stupidest rule I think is global rule 3 because they can just apply that shit to anything and the whole "posting on 4chan is a privilege not a right complaining will get you banned" "mods can ban whoever they want" mentality is what's going to get that kike Poole poor as fuck again

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I fully agree.

Well, in order for the threads to be babysitted, somebody has to make one, and it never even got to that stage because the people were so dead-set against it. I mean, you can make a Love Live thread in /jp/ right now if you want. It's just nobody will post in it.

Sometime in the last four years /jp/ gained a reputation of being somewhere between /b/ and /mlp/ in quality.

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It's not the reputation of quality, everyone is scared of us because we have the reputation of being elitist faggots. Even though the majority of the board hasn't been like that for ages.

>> No.12352704,30 [INTERNAL] 

>everyone is scared of us because we have the reputation of being elitist faggots

back in the day when we were so [i]epic...

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Can't hang with the jay so they stay out with the g/a/y

>> No.12352704,33 [INTERNAL] 

Remember when...

>> No.12352704,34 [INTERNAL] 

No, we had the reputation of being elitist faggots a long time ago. We lost that about the same time we gained a reputation of being an unusably shit board. People had the impression that if they moved Love Live threads here all they'd get is wch LL fuk, Clammy-tier butt spam and shitposting.

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Was 4pq* being sarcastic in this thread or is he really so young that he enjoys Adam Sandler movies?

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(4pq* is a grill)

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Right... He just posts in a girly way in an attempt to get people to like him.

>> No.12352704,40 [INTERNAL] 

No, she posts in a manly way to try and cover her femininity, but ultimately fails because she's so girly.

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I want to FUCK a 4pq*!

>> No.12352704,42 [INTERNAL] 

What's 4pq*'s tumblr?

Is there any way I can give her gifts?

>> No.12352704,43 [INTERNAL] 

Add her steam and send her gifts

>> No.12352704,44 [INTERNAL] 

steam is down...

>> No.12352704,45 [INTERNAL] 

Cry me a river gaylord

>> No.12352704,46 [INTERNAL] 

How can you call people gaylords when steam is down?

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is this really 4pq? pls confirm.

>> No.12352704,49 [INTERNAL] 

why would he lie to you?

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Virus IP grabber

dont click

>> No.12352704,52 [INTERNAL] 

It's too late I clicked it help please what do I do i'm scared.

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Holy fuckkkkkkkk