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ITT smiles you want to protect.

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That doesn't look like a smile.

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Why is she crying?

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I have bad news for you.

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You could've saved her

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I was not aware she needed saving. While unfortunate, it's hardly my fault.

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It is your fault. Please take responsibility for your actions and don't negate the fault because it is yours.

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There just isn't another smile like his in the whole wide world.

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You're the one playing the game, and thus the only one able to alter its course.
If somebody dies, it's always your fault.

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I don't even know what game we're talking about.

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Me neither.
I just wanted to instill a crushing sense of guilt in >>12349178.

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You guys are faggots. Stop bullying Tomo, please.

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And of course every other 2hu's, but Tenshi's is special.

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This smile means the world to me
Not some overtly flamboyant beaming smile or giggly moe-blob grin, but just a slight curvature of the lip.

A real smile that comes deep from the heart. One that shows utter satisfaction with the world around you in that very moment. Something that displays the unmitigated invincibility one has when they are in love. It's the profound feeling of having the one most precious to you at your back. So no matter what seemingly impossible or terrifying endeavor you may encounter in life, you may go forth boldly without fear knowing that you have their support.

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Truly, Forte deserved to won the Tackbowl.

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Rift soon ;_; . All I want is to gaze at her beautiful eyes as I fall asleep. A lap pillow would be great too!

I want to marry Miku!

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Enjoy your facebook integration.

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love that meme

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Fuck off to /a/

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Look at this fucking smile. Look at it.

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Protection in progress.

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I want to protect Nu's smile too, OP.

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I'm gonna be pretty salty if Noel wins the Ragnabowl.

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I'm sure it'll be Celica.

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This whole thread should fuck off to /a/

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Isn't she basically Ragna's mom?

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But before that she has traveled with Bloodedge, which is Ragna sent to the past.

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it's lovely

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You don't really belong here if you don't know Ruitomo...

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I want to remove alice's smile.

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Just played CT on PC.

Is this Nu and Noel for real? Does the balance get fixed on later installations?

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I want to protect this smirk.

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Nu and Noel are clones of Saya (ragna's sister that got killed by terumi). you can watch the story of continuum shift extend in youtube or buy it for PS3, then get into chrono phantasma.
And yeah, a lot of thing got fixed, like this:

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In a sense. Characters that are OP in one installation generally get overnerfed in the next, in typical fighting game fashion. Taokaka though has been consistently good and very high up in each game, but since she takes more effort to play nobody uses her, so nobody really bitches about her.

I miss XDest.

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I'm asking specifically for their gameplay, though.
Why do they think having character that can spam projectiles or have Drive that has stupid range and invicibility is a good idea?

And wow that video is indeed bullshit

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Noel and Nu/Lambchops both get toned down in CS and beyond. In CT Noel and Jin were both commonly played by people who would win by doing little other than spamming select moves (drives and icecar respectively). And Nu's zoning tools were so strong that it basically made it impossible for Tager to win that particular match up. Tager was an uphill battle for lots of fights but that one in particular was more than unfair, it was brutal.

Kokonoe was the new OP hotness in the latest installment, but I think she got toned down? I still want them to bring Makoto back to CS status, but I'm a bit biased I guess.

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>Characters that are OP in one installation generally get overnerfed in the next, in typical fighting game fashion
Thats not typical unless you mean Blazblue alone.

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shitty mary sue