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Operation MI edition

English Wiki: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Kancolle_Wiki
Recent Updates: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Recent_Updates

Please read (before asking newbie questions)
FAQ: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Tutorial:_FAQ
Tutorial: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Tutorial:_How_to_Play
Guides: http://imgur.com/a/7HZO7/all

Japanese Wikis:

Air Superiority Calculator: https://googledrive.com/host/0B97S3y_L0wtXbW1TaDh5WG9XTjA/index2.html
Detailed Battle Mechanics: http://wikiwiki.jp/kancolle/?%C0%EF%C6%AE%A4%CB%A4%C4%A4%A4%A4%C6
Voice Clips, Room Deco Pv, Game Sprites: http://www51.atpages.jp/kancollev/
Kancolle Viewer: https://github.com/Grabacr07/KanColleViewer
Kancolle Viewer (Translated): https://github.com/Yuubari/KanColleViewer
Sanaechan Logbook: https://github.com/silfumus/logbook-EN/releases

Anime website: http://kancolle-anime.jp/
New Anime PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABZN292gvRo

Reminder that Midway will last from 8 to 28 Aug. Wikia link with info about the event:

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More stream for more fun needed

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Midway event rewards are the biggest blunder of 2014

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Ooyodo figure when?

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Post E2 setups that have killed the boss please

>> No.12345360

Is he down to his last kill now?

>> No.12345367

Well shit. I guess he is now.

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Any /jp/ TTK streaming right now?

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E-2 here I go!

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That casual Urakaze scrap. I'm sure there are tears now.

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The event doesn't look that bad

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>de boats

>> No.12345381

I have 7 carriers, should i just use one on E2? These wo are fucking me up hard.

>> No.12345383

No, only use CVLs there.

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Dropped from E2 S rank.

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What's your fleet comp?

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Any advice about what I should add/drop? Ships highlighted will be my support fleet.

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Had to throw that Type 2 Recon in there or it wouldn't get me to boss.
Also support fleet helps a lot.

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At least you passed E-1. I'm stuck, since either the night node or the preboss node knocks someone to red.

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She's like Atago's little sis.

>> No.12345396

Both boss/normal node support?

>> No.12345399

All those kitakami misses
Poor guy

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>> No.12345405

Only boss support, the non boss nodes aren't too hard.

>> No.12345409

If I had any, I'd use them. It's my own fault that I grinded up the ships I wanted to grind up and hoarded resources rather than use them efficiently.

>> No.12345410

How's the C node? I think there's a Ta there, yes? Normally that would give me pause with such a light fleet but this Wo is fucking me up something fierce.

>> No.12345425

CLTs are useless they said

>> No.12345426

KTKM is our savior.

>> No.12345427

What are you using to get this much LOS? I'm at 330 and using Inazuma/Arashio instead of Z1/Z3, Mikuma and Haguro k2 instead of Kumano and Suzuya.

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>> No.12345431

Unryuu is the E-5 reward? Who's left for E-6?

>> No.12345432

>Skips most intros
>Listens to the whole Amatsukaze intro and stares at her

I like this guy

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What does this say?

>> No.12345435

It's only an elite Ta/Ru so she misses half the time on me at least, the real trouble on that node is the flagship Nu that likes to randomly crit every now and then. You just have to hope your ships evade it really.

33 radar on DDs, Seirans on the CAVs and Tomonaga/Egusa squadrons plus the Saiuns/type2.

>> No.12345436

It says "Read the wiki."

>> No.12345437

Unryuus starting equips are a huge fucking joke.

>> No.12345440

Time to say goodbye to my DDs.

>> No.12345442

Almost. Would have been fun if he fed Akashi to Uryuu

>> No.12345443


>> No.12345447

Either you have a ship that's locked to AL, your equipment full, or your ship space full.

>> No.12345450

Was that intentional?

>> No.12345451

Amatsukaze drops at E-5 boss node.

>> No.12345453



>> No.12345458

Anyone catch how much of his resources he used for E3-E5 completion? I only remember vaguely like 100~ buckets and 22k fuel or so as I wasn't paying attention to the others.

>> No.12345461

Bringing out the top dogs, I see.

>> No.12345462

E-6 confirmed for not allowing MI/AL ships.

>> No.12345465

I wouldn't really consider his resource count to be accurate for most TTK, since he's rolling with almost a 50% married MI fleet.

Most of us are lucky to even have two or three married ships, let alone six.

>> No.12345475

Shit. For real? I just got back and missed his clear.

>> No.12345479

I finally managed to reach the boss of E-1 and knock down some health. At least I'm past halfway now.

>> No.12345481

What about his damecon count? Is that normal or have I just been playing this game wrong the whole time?

>> No.12345490

He's got WAY more repair goddesses, since he seems willing to drop money. Regular damecon stock looks about right for someone who's been playing a while, but I'm pretty sure he's been equipping goddesses as a cover-all.

It all really depends on how much you're willing to push your girls I suppose.

>> No.12345499

I think his E-3 starting was ~110k fuel, 160?k ammo, ? steel, and 80k-85k? bauxite.

but 1/2 his fleet is married so normal TTK fuel/ammo costs will be considerably higher.

i only saw 2 or 3 repair goddesses actually used when they saved ships, but he had enough for every ship + 10 or more spares.

and he must have used 50+ Mamiyas at least, he was using one or two every couple runs.

>> No.12345506

wow that torpedo

>> No.12345512


etc. etc.

If you arre gonna flood the thread with comments about a streamm, at least do it after it reaches the bump limit.

It's nt tat difficlt to make a channel at Rizon

>> No.12345513

Is his entire fleet sparkled? Christ, how long did he prepare for this? Did everyone in that Skype group go this hardcore?

Elevens truly are on a whole other level.

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File: 71 KB, 600x456, 2341231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying I'm not gonna wait for all you faggots to clean the maps before risking my fleets.

>> No.12345517

He muted his BGM, this is his music

>> No.12345518

>what is sage
fuck off.

>> No.12345519

It's Brave Phoenix. The dude mentioned being a Nana fan before, he's playing his own music now.

>> No.12345527

Just realized few seconds ago he showed mute BGM setting, fuck I'm retarded.

>> No.12345528

Oh no, wrong Nanoha insert song. It's Pray. Fuck, I'm retarded.

>> No.12345529

Hahaha what the fuck

>> No.12345534

>MI-3 boss as the preboss node for the EX map
Oh god

>> No.12345536

Whoa, that loli is angry.

>> No.12345544

Holy shit, all the Saiuns in the world. E6 is going to be interesting.

>> No.12345549

Goddamn, Loli-hime's "oiteke" creeps me the fuck out

>> No.12345580

Is he stupid or what? Damn

>> No.12345581

damn that flagship cvl in node I in e-1

>> No.12345583

its over, abandon all hope of finishing this event.

>> No.12345589

>The reward for that bullshit EX map is Isokaze
Why even bother?

She might be the best looking DD out from the rewards but this is too much suffering for someone who will be just one more -kaze to the collection.

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File: 358 KB, 619x394, Screenshot_11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12345599

Because it's there.

>> No.12345606

That actually looks easier than Spring E-5's boss node.

>> No.12345607

I'm more rekt because of the whole e6 lockout mechanic.

Devs didn't mention that all in their tweets. Seems like a really dick move on their part.

>> No.12345608

Faggots said the same about Sakawa. You clear it so you clear the fucking event.

>> No.12345613

So none of the maps can be subcheesed because of the los req?

>> No.12345617

This whole event is a huge dick move on their part.
Bullshit lockout mechanics and you only get DDs, a CV with horrible stats and the quest girl.

>> No.12345618

They didn't mention it, but Oyodo did, if you were paying attention.

>> No.12345622

When? After you clear AL?

>> No.12345632

When you start AL she tells you that you can't use the ships in "other operation(s)" but doesn't just say "in Operation MI." It's ambiguous because Japanese doesn't distinguish between plural and singular, but it's obvious what she means when you know.

Though I doubt anybody complaining about it has even started yet, and they're just being fucking crybabies because they didn't love all of their girls equally.

>> No.12345636

Flying white balls of death

>> No.12345643

Fuck loving all girls equally, I'll love who I want to love.
If the others dont like it then they should earn my love then.

>> No.12345647

She never says that MI ships are locked out of e6 though.

>> No.12345648

I dont like how veteran TTK is getting fucked by LoS requirement.
I am getting owned by a trollsub and Battleshit at the night battle here.
Even after I get past both nodes I still need to face 3elites CVL

>> No.12345651

How can they earn your love if you never give them a chance?
You ignored them, and Midway is your punishment.

>> No.12345659


>> No.12345660

Kitakami is actually a god

>> No.12345661

Dear lord this KTKM.

>> No.12345663

based kitakami

>> No.12345664


>> No.12345665

Did the E-6 health meter even go down when KTKM killed her?

It looks like we'll have to clear it like 20 times or something, in which case, fuck.

>> No.12345667

Wait, do you mean if you meet LoS block you won't meet trollsub & BB? Because I'm facing both barriers.

>> No.12345671
File: 174 KB, 795x444, ss+(2014-08-09+at+09.44.39).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I was too hard on her when I first saw her, she's cute enough for the effort involved.

Her voice is also very endearing.

>> No.12345672

Yes, the small amount that a complete kill seemed to deplete the bar is concerning. Doolittle is going to run wild on us mere mortals.

>> No.12345677

I haven't had much time with her but she's earned a spot in my PvP lineup for the next couple weeks. What is that she's carrying, anyway?

>> No.12345682

I don't know much about actual naval equipment, but maybe it's a depth charge?

>> No.12345684

And it's all for a DD. Not even a DD with ass fantastic stats, though she is rather cute.

>> No.12345687

I was gonna say it looks like a pressure cooker.

>> No.12345688

It looks like BB Hime needs 8 or so kills, and good fucking luck if you don't have both hotels.

>> No.12345690

That dd better have a blowjob option to be worth the resources

>> No.12345693

He had 5 ships on RED and still went to night battle.

>> No.12345696

Did moosashi just got oneshot?

>> No.12345703

KCV keeps crashing after I press Start Game. Am I fugged until it keeps updating for new patch?

>> No.12345705

Well it looks like you have to take on the E-3 Hime on your way, so it isn't all that surprising.

>> No.12345711

Yup, not even the hotels are safe.

Better start praying KTKM-sama.

>> No.12345713

It's fucked for me too, dunno if it's an issue with Yuubari's branch or in general.

>> No.12345714

I've never touched this game, but what is the Wo Class girl meant to be? A giant squid? I like her design, reminds me of Soul Calibur.

>> No.12345715

I'll pad my resources while the nips do their clearing

Preparing a good team composition should be essential to clearing this

>> No.12345718

I've had that problem as well, just avoid the newest version for now

>> No.12345720

Go ask in /a/.

>> No.12345726

I hear you. Normally, I'd be charging in, but with this two tier ship locking, I don't want to fuck up my chances at E-6.

>> No.12345729

I would have went north with 2DD if I could meet the LoS.

>> No.12345737

I'm not a crossie

>> No.12345739

>two tier
*three tier

>> No.12345740

Are Chitose and Chiyoda both lvl 50 full stats enough for the event?

>> No.12345748

JP and eng wiki say Amatsukaze drops at E-2

Well time to grind

>> No.12345750

There's only 7 real CV's, 8 real BB's so I'm not running even if it takes a week before knowing all the compass rules

All 5 maps look hilariously easy honestly. I'm mostly concerned with skipping damaged-princess on E6 mostly since it's hilariously strong

>> No.12345755

no one really knows m8
shes an aircraft carrier who was sunk into the abyss and consumed by darkness and reborn by it, something like that

i guess squid would work because maybe she collected it in the ocean

>> No.12345756

What setup are you using for E-2?

>> No.12345757

I think of it as two tiers of ship blocking, since MI blocks you out from using AL ships and E-6 blocks you from using AL or MI ships.

You could call it three tier too though depending on how you think of it.

>> No.12345760

Sounds edgy, thanks

>> No.12345761

What fleet comp are you using for E2? I just finished E1.

>> No.12345770

what were you using for E-1, I keep getting sent to red on the first node

>> No.12345785

This RTA guy seems like he really hates this event.
I get the impression he just wants to finish it and forget about it quickly.

>> No.12345786

1CL, 1BBV, 2CAV, 2CVL. Equipped CL with a sonar, 2 recon seaplanes per BBV/CAV and 1 yellow plane per CVL. I went double line at the first node to get the sub to at least orange and echelon at the night node. My HQ level is 98.

>> No.12345787
File: 60 KB, 1366x768, KantaiPV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never noticed, but the Abyss white ball fighters appeared in the PV.

>> No.12345790

They are old as fuck anyway.

>> No.12345796

It seems like he was completely caught off-guard by the AL/MI lock, so I can't exactly blame him as he's clearly slightly uncomfortable with his current fleet.

Also seems like he might have pulled close to an all-nighter, and he's said he's hungry a few times, so that could be contributing to his overall grumpiness as well.

>> No.12345797

Can you blame him though?
They hyped midway for so long and this is what we get.

>> No.12345801

How do I know what my LoS requirement is?

>> No.12345802

Yeah, I know that most of the event bosses have them, I just only recently noticed that they bothered showing one in the PV.

>> No.12345805

>>I get the impression he just wants to finish it and forget about it quickly.
Pretty much spot on. He was excited when he learned that he was the only admiral on nico still attempting to clear E-6, but now that he found a viable route he just wants to go to sleep. "My job here is done."

>> No.12345810

What's the worse that could happen if I keep grinding 3-2 even with red ships?
I need to get a few levels on my Chiyoda.

>> No.12345812

Count up your LOS.
If you make it to the boss, then note the number, and reduce your LOS.
If you don't, increase your LOS.
Repeat until you figure it out.

>> No.12345815

Well all that's left for him now is running it over and over again, I can see why he's losing motivation.

>> No.12345834

>E-2 pre-boss sub node
What the fuck

>> No.12345840

I'm moving into E-2 and haven't used support expeditions before. We need support shelling on the boss right? Which of the expeditions is for boss assistance?

>> No.12345846

God damn it, E-1. If I don't get a red at night, it's at the preboss node. If I don't get a red on the troll sub, I get a red at night.

Man, this is already wearing me down.

>> No.12345853

I have almost wasted 100 buckets already thanks to trollsub and random crits at yasen.

>> No.12345859

It's always the last one of the event expeditions

>> No.12345861

All these CAV formations.
How are low level TTKs supposed to deal? I only have access to Mogami.

>> No.12345863

CAV is not a neccessity

>> No.12345865

Low TTK can use DD
I wish I was low lvl, all my cute DDs being reduce to cheerleader

>> No.12345866

Just put some recon planes on a CA.

>> No.12345871

Don't worry, you'll use DDs in MI E3.

>> No.12345874

Streamer uses bad equipment setups, poor support fleet composition

Please take note and learn from his mistakes

>> No.12345875


>> No.12345880

And too often misclick during formation selection.

>> No.12345888
File: 351 KB, 1489x879, ss+(2014-08-09+at+11.36.04).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These buggers just hit fusou to red in two attacks.

And its only the first battle (NW) node of E-2...

>> No.12345938

That surprised the shit out of my too. My first trip there was the five ship Ru formation, but the second time it was five subs. I was half watching the RTA stream so I don't if I missed the usual submarine node indicator or what, but fuck that nonsense.

>> No.12345948

Is there any info on the E6 out yet? Does it require CV's or no?

>> No.12345952

Yet another crit to red on the preboss node of E-1...fuck it, I'm gonna take a break now. It's too much for me to try and break through the boss right now.

>> No.12345960

There's an angry nip guy working on it right now.
Search for the ustream link.

>> No.12345962

Yes and no. I would prioritise CVs for MI and use whatevers left over for E6.

>> No.12345969

Some nips is doing E-6 with 1CA 2Hotel 1CLT 2CVL

>> No.12345970
File: 645 KB, 800x480, 57cceb5a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which boatgirl is this?

>> No.12345971

Hey friend, welcome to my world, I've been here for 4 hours already, hope you enjoy your stay.

>> No.12345974

Isokaze confirmed for E-6.

>> No.12345975

As sad as it sounds, I have a total of 4 CVs, if I'll be using all of them in MI and E6 is going to require them, I'm boned. Hopefully just saving every single strongest BB in the game will be enough.

>> No.12345976


>> No.12345978

Kantah Banananka

>> No.12345989

No CVLs? RTA was running CVLs on E6. As far as my own fleet goes, if everything goes as planned I'll only have an underlevelled Chitose Carrier and RJ Kai left.

>> No.12345999

Does anyone here have the new BGMs of the event?

Can I have it, I will appreciate it with much grace.

>> No.12346000

Do you even know what's an RTA? Serious question.

>> No.12346001

おはようございます! 「艦これ」次回の新規着任サーバ開放は、【8/11(月曜日)】に再開させて頂く予定です。

>> No.12346005

What's the best E2 fleet comp?

>> No.12346006

That sigh...

>> No.12346009

I have a level 90 Chitose that I'm not planing on using anywhere but other than that, nothing, my other two CVL's are going to be running E1/E2.

>> No.12346015

2 CA 2 DD 2 CVL

>> No.12346022

How do I 改造?

>> No.12346023

By reading the wiki

>> No.12346039

Mind sharing what your plan is?

From my own observations so far, I'm thinking something like this:

AL - 2BBV 2CA(V) 2CVL (maybe some DDs for E2)
MI - 4CV 2BB(fast) / 3DD 3CL / 2DD 2BB 2CVL
E6 - 3BB 2CVL (and whatever DD/CL(T)/CA(V) leftover)

It would be nice if I had some CVs or CVLs left for a boss support fleet for E6, but I only recently got one of the crane sisters.

>> No.12346052

Oh wait. Support fleets don't get locked, so I could actually use my MI support fleet for E6, right?

>> No.12346061


Sadly I think E-6 changes support fleet. The Ustream guy changed his anyway.

>> No.12346067

I think he was just swapping his out for the sparkled ships. I don't think there were any flags that prevented the support fleet from E6 though.

>> No.12346077

Skipped damaged-princess with 3bb 1clt 2cv for yasen node

Time for flares

>> No.12346082

Not particularly, something about radars?

My current (and failing) attempts at AL are CL 3CA 2CVL, but I've locked my Hiyou by mistake. I can spare a BBV or two if I have to.

MI - 4CV 2BB + 3DD CLT 2CAV / 2CVL 2BB 2DD for support (not locked)

If I get to E6, I'll throw Hotel, Nagamon, my aforementioned CVLs and maybe a CA? I don't have much hope for E6.

>> No.12346096

Is there a branching rule after the second south node in E2? I have 2DD 2CAV 2 CVL.

>> No.12346098

How's RTA doing btw?
I had to turn it off cause his suffering just felt too overwhelming.

>> No.12346101

LOS requirement to go NW.

>> No.12346106

I meant the node before than one. Got sent east instead of northeast to the preboss node.

>> No.12346111

LOS requirement to go NW.

>> No.12346112

There are 2 LOS checks

>> No.12346113

Managed to shave off some health, but every other attempt has ended in failure.

>> No.12346114

Got another boss kill a few minutes ago, but there's still a good 2/3rds of a gauge left.

>> No.12346117

Huge amount of LOS, if you don't have enough LOS for the preboss node, you are far off the boss node requirement.

>> No.12346118

RTA is not a name

>> No.12346121

Poor guy. Let us know when he gets close. I wouldn't blame him if he just decided to take a break and finish it later.

>> No.12346125

What was his handle? 73fan or something?

>> No.12346128

About how much LoS do you need for the boss node?

>> No.12346134


>> No.12346135

Nana Mi(zuki)fan, yes.

From the looks of it, you'd probably have to kill E6 at least 20 times to clear it. Brutal.

>> No.12346136

You can call him a fucking retard that line aheads in night-nodes, that's what

>> No.12346142

>MI easier than AL

>> No.12346144

I'm running with 353 now, tried 34X before, and failed after the pre boss node.

>> No.12346147

Whodathunk it?

>> No.12346154

Fucking Alaska and the cold Bering Sea, man.

>> No.12346158

Why are this events rewards so bullshit? The only thing worth is the planes on Unryuu's kai

>> No.12346160

That Wo node in E2 is brutal but I seem to be completely incapable of even getting out of the preboss node along the 2DD route. I don't even know if I have enough LOS with this setup. I could very well finally get through after who knows how many tries and get dead ended. I at least made it the boss once after slugging it out with the hellcats.

>> No.12346168

Is there a certain formation for the north route?

>> No.12346169

All that preparation and planning, and you get crap out of it.

Just like the actual Aleutian Islands / Midway operation.

>> No.12346178

Is it even possible to get past Wo node in E2

>> No.12346180

I think any BB(V) or CV will send you NW from the start. I was initially just recycling my fleet from E1 (BBV CL 2CAV 2CVL) to save on necessarily locking out ships but swapped in 2DDs because of that fucking Wo and it's not really helping me here.

>> No.12346182

I tried BB DD 2xCA 2xCVL and went north (Wo) then night battle before pre-boss, but got crit in the night battle and retreated. I assume if you clear night battle after the Wo node you hit the pre-boss, but I've never been that far, I just went back to 2xCA 2xDD 2xCVL because fuck Wo and night battles

>> No.12346184

I just got to the boss node with 312 LoS.

>> No.12346197

E2 was going well until the loli powered up for the last kill, now it's bullshit.

>> No.12346199

Is she the first carrier to come with no planes? When I saw her starting loadout I lost my sides.

>> No.12346213

Yes, it's fucking stupid. I kind of want to blow the 130k resources I saved up doing LSC instead of this event.

>> No.12346219

Guess I'll wait like a week to try again when everything is known. I'm so shit at this.

>> No.12346222

No starting planes isn't really that big of a deal. All the other carriers come with shit starter planes anyway.

>> No.12346227

But Taihou comes with Reppuu

>> No.12346230

Is anybody using BBVs for MI? Not sure if I should save her for MI or just use her on AL

>> No.12346253

That's true, but the other CVs still come with shit.

>> No.12346258

I haven't heard of anyone using BBVs for MI.
MI sounds like it's just CVs BBs DDs and CLs from what I've seen.

>> No.12346271
File: 219 KB, 800x480, E6(temp).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If the compass allows it, levelling and sparkling these for E6

I called it weeks ago, 4bb2cv's is always

MI is a joke with the avoidance battles, just have to slave through AL with smaller ships.

>> No.12346272
File: 322 KB, 565x800, 1404778773330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

huh, 3 kuma in a row from E-1.

>> No.12346275

Did everyone forget that equipment LoS and effective LoS exist?
I hardly see anyone mentioning them in this thread besides total LoS.

>> No.12346277

Alright, cool.

>> No.12346279
File: 272 KB, 600x4000, kuma bokujo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're trying to tell you something.

>> No.12346282

Apparently. I'm guessing there's a lot of brand new TTK in this thread.

>> No.12346285

There were posts earlier, either this thread or last, saying HQ and equipment loadouts needed to be posted as well. No one's coordinating anything here so it doesn't really matter.

>> No.12346303

TTKs who have cleared E1, list your HQ lvl, fleet composition, and equipment loadouts.

On the off chance that we have some that have cleared E2, list the same.

>> No.12346307

It's a bunch of crossboard kids whining about their first event. A few posts up I read "let us know thanks, guys!' and I just lost it a little

On-topic, I have enough t-32's for months and I firmly believe they are the best equipment in the game because accuracy(lol), and now LOS is a necessary stat, so yeah.

>> No.12346308

So support doesn't get flagged? Absolutely sure about this?

>> No.12346312

i know shit about kancolle but anyway

i watched the pv for the anime not have any of the super slutty ones i see posted around from this thing like the flat slut with the thong or tenryuu? will they not be in it?

>> No.12346314


>> No.12346319


>> No.12346321

Go ask /a/.

>> No.12346327

Link to the official anime site is in the description of the youtube video.

>> No.12346343

Echelon subs in preboss of E2 red crit a full hp dd. Just wow.

>> No.12346347

CVL critting Mutsu from green to red, thanks green T.

>> No.12346351

most of the thread has already moved on.

TTK Level 101
Haguro Lvl. 74, 2x 20cm 1x standard plane, 1x Sendai Night Rape Plane
Ise Lvl. 49, 1x 41cm 1x35.6cm 2x zuiun
Hyuuga Lvl. 49, 1x 41cm 1x35.6cm 2x zuiun
Maya Lvl. 67, 2x 20cm, 2x standard plane
Chiyoda Lvl. 60, 1x Stuka (for ASW), 1x Reppu, 1x Saiun, 1x Ryuusei Kai
RJ Lvl. 94, 1x Stuka (for ASW), 1x Reppu, 1x Saiun, 1x Ryuusei Kai

>> No.12346353


>> No.12346356

All they ever do is miss me.

>> No.12346372

>most of the thread has already moved on.
Most of the thread is just sitting around waiting to get confirmation on MI compositions so they can start AL without worrying about lockouts

>> No.12346382

Same here, they must have done something to subs.

>> No.12346383

Is the northern or southern route easier on E1?

>> No.12346385

Not 100%. I haven't gotten to MI or E6 to confirm it myself, but I think others said there wasn't any flagging for support fleets.

>> No.12346392

Southern. Echelon and abreast on pre-boss, easy mode.

>> No.12346405

Low level admiral here. Stuck on E-1. Every time I go south, I always go away from the boss.

What should I do?

>> No.12346409

More LOS

>> No.12346410

Planes on fucking everything.

>> No.12346416

For E2 I used

Jintsu K2 (15.5, 15.5, floatplane)
Tone/Chikuma (20.3, 20.3, floatplane, radar)
Hiei w/ Sanshikidan and 41cm/HarunaK2 38cm/floatplane
Mikuma w/ Sanshikidan and 20.3/20.3/floatplane
Zuiho with Type62/Reppu/Type 21 (Hiryu/Soryu)/Saiun
Chitose with Reppu/Ju87C/Reppu/Type 62

Ran double vertical the whole time, basically pray you dont get taihad and you'll get a boss kill pretty easily. Won't get compassed as long as you have a CL I believe.

E3 is pretty straightforward so far, the annoying thing is fatigue.

>> No.12346417

2 Recon planes on your CAs.

>> No.12346419

Planes, really. If you're using CA or BB, opt for the CAV and BBV since they have better seaplanes. Even a Zuiun is 2 extra LOS.

>> No.12346425

What comp. did you use for e-3?

>> No.12346426

I hate the flagship CVL so goddamn much.

>> No.12346428


You're welcome.

>> No.12346432

I wonder how did people use the 2DD, 2CA, 2CVL? The LOS requirement seems to be pretty high.

>> No.12346437

Low level people dont get fuck by LoS.

>> No.12346439


I'm using that, my total LOS is 354 and efective LOS is 125. My HQ level is 105 and anything below that sends me to a dead end.

>> No.12346442

Hm, this is pretty close to my E-1 fleet except I used a BBV instead. Guess I'll try it later.

>> No.12346443

2CAV? I don't wish to deploy another CAV though.

>> No.12346444

Some guy I watched on nnd for a bit ran this. The secret is T33 and Saiun as always.

>> No.12346445

Agano keeps dropping at E-1 boss.

>> No.12346447

I'm thinking of going the centre route for AL E1 seeing that it's the only 3 fight route.

Is anyone using the centre route?

>> No.12346449

God damn, only T22 for me.

>> No.12346452

I'm currently using historical fleet

Akagi (Reppuu/Reppuu/RSK/Saiun)
Hiryu K2 (Reppuu/Hiryu Tenzan/Suisei 12/Saiun)
Soryu K2 (Reppuu/Soryu Suisei/RSK/Saiun)
Kaga (Reppuu/Reppuu/Reppuu Kai/Type 62)
Haruna K2 (46/46/Floatplane/Radar)
Kongou K2 (46/46/Floatplane/Radar)

Escort fleet doesnt seem to matter as much but...

Haguro K2

DDs are 10cm/10cm/Radar, Nagara is 15.2/15.2/floatplane, the two heavies are 20.3/20.3/floatplane/radar.

You need a high detection level to avoid getting compassed. Just run the 3rd formation, for air battle, this formation will get air superiority on both the Midway midboss and the boss. About 700 baux a run and usually 1-2 buckets worth of repairs, 3/3 boss kill so far.

>> No.12346455

I should also add use the 4th formation on the boss always.

>> No.12346456


Yes, I tried with 2 CA but I needed radars, so I had to pick between a plane or sanshiki for them.

>> No.12346460

Anyone have any luck getting through E-2 with BBVs? Or is it a fast felet map?

>> No.12346461

Oh well. Based on >>12346452, I guess I could send my Mogami over to AL.

Please don't tell me those are T33 radar.

>> No.12346466

>the two heavies are 20.3/20.3/floatplane/radar.
Escort fleet is only used for the night battle right?
If that's the case, wouldn't 20.3/15.5/15.5/radar be a more effective setup?

>> No.12346467

You guys sure echelon works in the E-1 yasen node? My ships' gotten red'd twice now.

>> No.12346468

Any more details on the four combined fleet formations yet?

3rd formation is good for air superiority and 4th for offense, I take it?

>> No.12346471

Poi and ZKMS are using T33, PTSD using T13, the BBs using T14 and the two heavies using T22/T21.

>> No.12346472

Try line abreast.

>> No.12346473


There's your problem.

>> No.12346477

Tell them to stop being a bunch of kusos.

>> No.12346480

>E-1 Yasen
Not much you can do but try to tank it, and Line Ahead helps your ships kill the enemy ships faster. About 50% of the time Haguro manages to kill the enemy BB before she fires, and the others don't cut-in or double attack AFAIK, and I'm 100+ TTK level.

>> No.12346481

3rd formation is literally just two rounds of opening air strikes, no cannon or torpedo phase. 4th is both fleets get to attack (and the enemy fleet as well).

Escort fleet does engage during day if you use the 4th formation. I had Poi and Haguro pick off the Elite Ta and a Flagship Wo at one point or the other.

>> No.12346482

It is pure luck buddy.
Success rate to get to boss is like 1out of 4

>> No.12346497
File: 589 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-12595421.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Step it up RJ or I won't praise you anymore.

>> No.12346503
File: 61 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-12590320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally. Took me 10 runs to finish this.

>> No.12346507

Same happened to me, red RJ like 4 times in a row, equip her damecon and then Hiyou gets red while RJ is untouched.

Ended switching RJ for Shouhou.

>> No.12346510

She's not even k2.
I think you're the one that needs to step it up, man.

>> No.12346533

Event still last for around 19 days, so please keep calm and don't rush things.

>> No.12346541

>only 19 more days

>> No.12346543

Nah, everyone rush things and get some ships sunk.

It's about the only way I'm going to enjoy this god awful event.

>> No.12346549

I didn't know you could get subs on E2 pre-boss node, fuck this.

>> No.12346555

Welcome to the club.

>> No.12346559
File: 134 KB, 800x600, 1405816049191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure what the LoS is for Level 70-80 but I think I just lost this event because I got sent to a dead end 3 times now. 236 LOS isn't enough

>> No.12346568
File: 44 KB, 675x214, comp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12346569

>total LOS
Use effective LOS, god damn it.

>> No.12346570

Recon planes, just keep loading them on.

>> No.12346579


>> No.12346580

0/10 for nickname bullshit
Come back with a list we can read.

>> No.12346594
File: 560 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-13202638.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found the magic formula without going to Wo node.

>> No.12346595

Like, subscribe and donate first you freeloading little shit

>> No.12346596

Bare minimum for 300
Roughly 80 effective give or take

>> No.12346599

>Effective LOS
So it's (plane LOS x 2) + radar LOS + sqrt(total LOS). Right?

>> No.12346605

This. One or two is fine, but that list was just awful.

>> No.12346611

2 CAV 2 DD?

>> No.12346612

Fuck off. You don't want anyone to read it anyway.

>> No.12346614

2 x (recon plane LOS) + radar LOS + sqrt (total LOS - recon plane LOS - radar LOS).

Recon planes only refer to seaplanes (both vanilla + seaplane bombers) and yellow CV(L) planes.

>> No.12346619

CGEK route

>> No.12346623

Working fine on Windows 7 so far. Have you tried clearing the cache?

>> No.12346624

I was doing fine with that but she has 550 HP now and it's impossible to sink her.

>> No.12346625

Much appreciated.

>> No.12346626

i tried buying 10 more ship slots but i'm just getting stuck after i click buy, anyone having same problem?

>> No.12346627

It's that try-hard, look at me at me I'm so clever attention seeking shit I hate.

>> No.12346630

Fuck off. Don't ask for other people's thoughts and then call them the freeloader when you're the one being too retardedly autistic to make a legible list.

>> No.12346631

Do it in browser.

>> No.12346633

What are the equipments that you used?

>> No.12346635
File: 570 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-04590739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you need a setup like this

>> No.12346638

Spread the gospel. Stop this useless total LoS BS.

>> No.12346640

Best to just ignore them, not like they listen to reason anyway. Can't help it sometimes though.

>> No.12346644

3/10 too many syllables work on not sounding like a shitskin

>> No.12346648
File: 622 KB, 854x514, fug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can tell this is going to be great fun

>> No.12346649


>> No.12346651
File: 26 KB, 854x480, 1399692648189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only have 2 Air Radars, 12 Recon seaplanes and one Recon Aircraft. I don't think it would be enough, I'd have to trade Fire Power for LoS.

300? Man, I'm doomed.

>> No.12346654

So all fast fleet huh.

>> No.12346657

Go farm Isuzu for more radars
What comp are you using?

>> No.12346660

oh right, thanks

>> No.12346661

>I'd have to trade Fire Power for LoS
That's what it'll cost you if you want to pass the LoS toll.

Alternatively, you can field ships with higher LoS stats, but you're probably still going to have to load up on LoS equip.

>> No.12346662
File: 77 KB, 658x490, really.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You must be fucking kidding me.

>> No.12346667

Should have screened the result, that was funny.

>> No.12346670

Are you serious?

>> No.12346671

4 Saiuns alone would get you 72 effective LOS. Add that on top of those seaplanes... your total LOS would probably not even need to reach 200.

Bottom line is, total LOS is total BS.

>> No.12346672

That shit looks impossible goddamn

>> No.12346674

>300? Man, I'm doomed.
Listen to this >>12346599 . Equipment can save or break your ass.

>> No.12346676

This is a dream right? I'll wake up soon right? RIGHT? ;_;

>> No.12346677

Cockblock is cockblocking herself

The new level of cockblocks

>> No.12346680

KTKM cut-in failing was funny as hell though.

>> No.12346681

Pls share.

>> No.12346683

KTKM-sama disappointed him at the crucial moment. Then again, there's no way it would have been a kill either way, he would have just ended up screeching and yelling instead of being resigned to another half-kill.

>> No.12346687

Shinano would have been good for this fight

>> No.12346688

He's losing it.

>> No.12346691

It's cockblockception.

>> No.12346692

He must put his faith into KTKM-sama and pray for the final blow

>> No.12346693

Didn't he get chip damage by sinking one of them?

>> No.12346698

He needs last kill.

>> No.12346699

please wake me up, I'm seeing a nightmare here..

>> No.12346700

I can't believe my internet went down just as I killed the loli.

>> No.12346701

Nah the twin didn't count.

>> No.12346705

You can't escape her love anon,she is always there for you ever since her defeat in Ironbottom.

>> No.12346706

he really should put an observer plane on Kirishima, she is only single attacking durring the day because he went 2x radar.

>> No.12346710

If it went down as you killed her the kill would register anyway.

>> No.12346712

How are you posting?

>> No.12346714

Fuck, wrong formula. Refer to >>12346614

>> No.12346720

Yeah, thankfully.
Just came back.

>> No.12346725

Watching this stream is better than playing it.

>> No.12346726



>> No.12346735

It's kind of demoralizing, considering how many duplicates and shit this guy has compared to your average TTK.

It's like, if this guy is having this much trouble, what the fuck am I going to do?

>> No.12346739

Not do E-6. Too bad the cutest DD ever is there. FUCK.

>> No.12346740

I know man, poor dude's taking 13 hours to clear a 20 day event. How will you cope?

>> No.12346742

So not only my CVL are Reppu mule, they are Saiun mule as well? God damn it.

>> No.12346748

Underneath all that planes they're a cum bucket mule.

>> No.12346753

Spring E-5's boss has 50 more HP than the hime but 10 less armor. She didn't hit as hard but she also opened with 360 planes which could bring a BB to red. The node also spawned three Ru-class.

Basically, if you could beat Spring E-5, you can beat this. Assuming you have the proper ships available at least.

This guy is doing a lot of things sub-optimally partially because he has no information and partially because he's retarded. He's about as close as you can get to brute forcing the event. Within a week you'll have a much better idea of how to tackle every map so if you're patient it won't be as bad.

>> No.12346756

This is dumb. 45% autofail if hankousen. I just don't see 2x400 hp going down without a good green-t + supportshell.

>> No.12346760

To be fair, this guy didn't know about the locking rules for E-6, so he threw his best into the MI fleet.

If he'd prepared correctly, he would probably have breezed through quite a bit faster.

That's the price you pay for being part of the vanguard, I suppose.

>> No.12346761

You do realize that it would take more than 20 days to be as ready as the streamer

>> No.12346766

Wait, you have to kill both? Because if so disregard >>12346753 I am a faggot.

That's awful.

>> No.12346767

You could sanshiki her.

Nothing works against BBA dammit.

>> No.12346768

>That's the price you pay for being part of the vanguard, I suppose.

>> No.12346769

That doesn't change the fact that he's got two yamato getting wrecked.

>> No.12346770

That's the most annoying thing about this event. It was the golden opportunity to have carriers become the offensive monsters they were historically, and now we have carriers going into battle without any attack planes equipped.

>> No.12346778

>Wait, you have to kill both?
Wait, fuck. What?

>> No.12346786

No, only flag.

>> No.12346788

Doushio ~

>> No.12346793

With the amount of depth his fleet has, if he'd done things right, those Yamatos would have been part of his support fleets.

Besides, Spring E-5 had its share of TTK bitching about Yamatos getting critted to red anyway.

>> No.12346795

He's hating money now.

>> No.12346803

any other MI streams /jp/ is following now?

>> No.12346806

He's already hated plenty. Those goddesses weren't free.

>> No.12346807

He's not using yasen plane, and he's doing yasen-nodes without flares.

I believe flares and yasen-plane will be the key to blasting the boss down with crits.


Aug 5-5 35-minute speedrun with yasen-planes and triple slow-bb

Yasen-plane increases night-crit quite tremendously.

>> No.12346809
File: 24 KB, 480x360, Patrick trumpet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you mind translating your list to something more legible?

>> No.12346810

Has anyone been taking note of his compositions and formations?

>> No.12346814

No, because he has literally no idea what he's doing.

>> No.12346816

He's been taking notes himself/sharing it with the rest of his RTA's Skype group. I'm sure they'll probably release their findings soon.

>> No.12346827

What are the chances that they will round up LOS? Mine's 104.733200531 for E2.

>> No.12346830

Time to bring back CLTs and their double attacks?

>> No.12346832

The nightmare never ends.

>> No.12346835

Pretty much this. CLT is back but their preemptive torp is nerfed.

>> No.12346840

Is 105 the magic cutoff or something?

>> No.12346848

According to >>12346439 , yes. But I'm not sure how precise is it.

>> No.12346849

845 crit, shit.

>> No.12346851
File: 830 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-14024465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We fucking in there

If you're in the level 70s the required LoS is 250 by KCV's data

>> No.12346852

That fucking overkill.

>> No.12346853
File: 4 KB, 226x38, repair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is this for?

>> No.12346854

Oh shit. I read it wrong, it's 125. But that's for 2DD, 2CA, 2CVL setup.

>> No.12346855

There's only one Wo in the boss node and I haven't really noticed a "stack reppuu or die" formation so I'm not sure why he forgoes airstrike and carrier shelling. Afraid of losing bauxite? Maybe something special with the combined formation? Or maybe there's no room with all the damecons he loads his CVLs with.

>> No.12346860

0. Decimals will be truncated.

>> No.12346861


>> No.12346864

Please tell me that's your total LOS and not effective LOS.

>> No.12346870

The era of carriers is over,its the era of aviation battleships.

>> No.12346872

You must be new to these events.

Carriers are air-superiority slaves, everything is decided by BB night-attacks.

>> No.12346873

Judging by KCV's window, total LoS

>> No.12346874

>Effective LoS at 250
Stop being retarded

>> No.12346877

Ahaha, Kitakami is trolling hard.

>> No.12346878

Too bad the boss probably packs 2 Super Wo worth of planes

>> No.12346882

I'm sorry, I've never paid much attention to LOS other than 'when in doubt, stack dem planes up'.

>> No.12346883

Welp, time to load 3 carriers with 4 Saiuns apiece.

>> No.12346888

Are BBs meant to not double attack during day when they have a radar?

>> No.12346890

There's no planes coming from the Himes.
Well yeah, but the biggest problem is killing all the small fry so your BBs don't nuke them. Aren't carriers perfect for that?

>> No.12346891

Effective LOS matters the most. My total LOS was 339 and I never reached the boss.

>> No.12346892

2x cannon, radar, plane is double attack.

>> No.12346895

Given that they attack after the BBs, no, not really.

>> No.12346897

I have that but they don't seem to do double attack with it.

>> No.12346898

I gave Kirishima & Furutaka 1 Recon Seaplane and 1 Radar, Yamashiro has 2 Recon Seaplanes while RJ and Hiyou have one Saiun

>> No.12346899

It's random.

>> No.12346900

You would want to gain some form of air dominance so that the enemy wouldn't be the one doing daytime cut-ins. 2 Reppu is probably enough but you can never be sure.

>> No.12346902

No I'm pretty sure they never double attack when they have a radar. I stick a 15.5 on them and they double attack right away.

>> No.12346905

Eh, no 2DD?

>> No.12346907

What about random do you not understand?

>> No.12346908

I have one DD in my fleet. I wanted to converse my DDs for MI's Escort fleet

>> No.12346914

conserve, damn.

>> No.12346916

Just go read the wiki, I didn't want to redirect you there but you leave me no choice.

>> No.12346917

If I replace the repairs with eguchi/tomonaga yeah it could work. Maybe flares would help surviving the previous 2 nodes too.

It's still luck-based however. CV's simply do not do enough damage to be considered boss-killers. Even high-luck DD's can be boss-killers in this game, not CV's sadly.

>> No.12346921

Main fleet
Soryuu, Taihou, Kaga, Akagi, 2 Kongou class
carriers all had at least 2 reppuu each, and there where at minimum 4 saiuns spread between them, BBs had 2x 46, observ plane and radar

Escorting fleet:
Yukikaze, Shigure, Ayanami, Yahagi, Tone, Chikuma
double attack for MI-3 on all, torp cut-in or ASW for MI-4 and MI-5, cruisers kept double attack/sanshiki/recon for entire time.

for E-5 he swapped out Chikuma for KTKM with double torps

formations he used where bottom right on every node except for bosses or subs. subs use top left, and for boss he used top right.

and damn he is getting low on fuel.

>> No.12346930

Take it easy.
Don't try E-6.

>> No.12346933

The carriers aren't for boss-killing, they're for wiping out the small fry so your BBs only have 1 target during yasen. I'll admit I don't know if CVs are capable of killing the small fry at the boss, though.

For Re, with that bullshit 120 planes, yeah, you need your CVs full reppuu, it just doesn't seem necessary against one flagship Wo. Maybe the Himes are carrying planes and I don't realize it, I don't know.

>> No.12346936

My god, I logged in directly after the maintenance, and still - as of now - can't get past the 3 nodes before E-1 Boss. They just plainly fucking red 1-2 of my ships. HQ 90+, ships lvl >70

Double line, echelon, and double line.

>> No.12346941

>total LOS

>> No.12346942

RNG, man. RNG. Took me 28 tries.

>> No.12346945

I have to ask, are you wearing pants?

>> No.12346946
File: 819 KB, 706x1000, 41709579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't give in Admirals, keep up the fight!

>> No.12346947

I just have to ask myself if a Kagerou is worth 50k+ when I still don't have Yamato, Musashi, or Bismarck.

I didn't hold back for Sakawa and I mildly regret it.

>> No.12346949

Try Line Abreast, Line Ahead and Line Ahead. Night battle node is all about killing the other guy before he kills you. Pussyfooting with a defensive formation won't help.

>> No.12346950

Oh shit. Is this it?

>> No.12346952

Try going line abreast in yasen node, at first I was going echelon but the BB was blowing my ships to hell, switched to line abreast and was somewhat better. Took me like 40 times anyway to clear E1.

Good luck

>> No.12346957

Tell that to my Zuihou who doesn't seem to know how to dodge.

>> No.12346960

Went in with ahead-echelon-ahead

>> No.12346962

You killed the wrong one, Musashi, KTKM

>> No.12346964

At least they killed the doppleganger.

>> No.12346971

He's going to run out soon.

>> No.12346972

Any cheap tricks for E-1? Because CVLs are just so fragile and I was wondering if there was an easier way of going about this map. Like going to the B node or something.

>> No.12346973

Of what? Resources or his sanity?

>> No.12346974
File: 77 KB, 657x529, KTKM Fail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh the despair...

>> No.12346981


>> No.12346983


>> No.12346985

Fuck. Is this his final kill?

>> No.12346986

28 tries ?
40 tries ?

Glad events exist.
I was actually starting again to trust humanity.

oh boy, my target will shift to E-3 max, just for the fucking CV equipment.

>> No.12346989

He's been on his final kill for a while now.

>> No.12346994

Ironclad faith, and listening to Baba Yetu while playing.

>> No.12346997

Oh god my sides. Red KTKM and Yamato on preboss node.

>> No.12346999

If you can get E-3, you might as well clear through E-5.

>> No.12347001

Has he run out of repair goddesses? Normally he'd steam ahead hoping they'd proc.

>> No.12347002

>Baba Yetu

>> No.12347004

I think he lost faith in his ships.

>> No.12347005

Yamato doesn't have a 5th slot yet genius

>> No.12347006
File: 1.31 MB, 1600x1200, 1393778150415.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

20 days is a long time, have hope ttk.

>> No.12347008

It's really funny to see the cheap low level fleets people in my pvp list have thrown together for AL.

>> No.12347009

It's karma for their lousy aiming.

>> No.12347013

Fuck off, I assumed he had put damecon/goddesses on all of his fleet after Musashi kept being a crit magnet.

>> No.12347017

The answer to that would still be >>12347005

>> No.12347019
File: 1017 KB, 848x900, 1357247179282.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel bad for the poor guy, he sounds so tired and annoyed

>> No.12347020

Are the rewards good for new players? Or are they mostly trophy ships?

>> No.12347026

Well, he's been playing since around 1amish or something and still haven't slept. It's already 2:39.

>> No.12347027

None of them hold a candle Yamato or Taihou.

>> No.12347028

Literally all trophy ships. Not a single one is relevant.

>> No.12347029

Mostly trophy shit.
Unryuu has nice tits, though, as a new player, she's probably out of your league.

>> No.12347030

He's been at it pretty much the whole day, can't really blame him.

Hope he winds down by watching a concert or something, he deserves it.

>> No.12347031

Don't kid yourself, you wouldn't be able to do E-6.

>> No.12347034

Alright. Then I guess I'll skip some of the event. E-3 and higher was too hard for me anyways.

>> No.12347037

He's not even talking anymore. I-is he dead?

>> No.12347039

He'll probably have a celebratory fap to Abyss rape doujins.
That's my plan at least.

>> No.12347040

E2 effective LOS: 105. Managed to land a kill on the boss.

1 Type 0 Seaplane, 1 Seiran, 2 x T13 radar, 3 Saiuns.

Ships with their equipment
Shiranui: 35
Bep: 39
Myoukou Kai2: 53
Mikuma: 54
Chitose: 79
Chiyoda: 86

sqrt(35 + 39 + 53 + 54 + 86 + 79 - 10 - 6 - 6 - 27) + 2 * (6 + 6+ 27) + 10 = 105.23368794

Did I calculate it right? I hope this helps.

>> No.12347042

You should at least try E3 just so you get a taste of what it's like to be TTK scrub.

That bitter taste will drive you to get better and by the time Shinano comes around in the Fall event, you'll be ready for her.

>> No.12347046


>> No.12347047

Is it happening?

>> No.12347048

My ears hurt bad.

>> No.12347049

>Musashi oneshots the wrong one

>> No.12347052

oh god.

musashi 2shot the wrong one...

>> No.12347053

Hahahaha. Fucking musashi. All that キタ went for nothing.

>> No.12347054

That sad, sad guy.

>> No.12347055

Top fucking lel

>> No.12347056

I feel bad, but at this point I'm getting more enjoyment out of him despairing than anything good happening.

>> No.12347057

KTKM, you had one job.

>> No.12347058

Hime-cut Yuugumo is no trophy girl for me. She's the target of the whole fucking event.

>> No.12347061

Man, that went so perfectly, and then KTKM-sama trolls him.

>> No.12347062

TTK level?

>> No.12347066

Oh right, HQ level: 101.

>> No.12347068
File: 571 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-00433627.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why i cant send them?

>> No.12347069

Musashi is the real troll though. Dishing out that damage on the wrong one.

>> No.12347070

Pretty sure KTKM's not to blame for that one.

>> No.12347071

How'd you guys clear E-1? I'm using CL/CA/CA/BBV/CVL/CVL but I keep getting rekt by the pre boss nodes. Is the north route better?

>> No.12347075

Don't you need 2 DD for those expeditions?

>> No.12347077

Same fleet as yours, just keep at it.

>> No.12347079

The whole reason KTKM's in there is to oneshot the boss with a night cut-in.

>> No.12347083

Use support fleet.

>> No.12347090

haven't reached the boss in 10 tries. formations 5/5/3

>> No.12347093

I feel so bad watching our Japanese Vanguards plunging in despair.

You gonna carry on that weight admiral. ;_;7

>> No.12347094


>> No.12347096


>> No.12347097

Her planes are literally her only redeeming factor.

>> No.12347098

Holy shit, PTSD fuel. These lock outs are such a dick move.

>> No.12347099

Thank you man, that helped me

>> No.12347103
File: 115 KB, 618x360, 8hours ago.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was him about 8 hours ago with his resources and I lost count how many repair goddesses he used.

>> No.12347104

2BBV/2CA/2CVL. Got my first kill on the first try. I didn't bother killing the submarine, most of my ships can survive the attacks at first node anyway unless the sub lolcrits. I think you should swap that CL out for better survivability on the next nodes.

>> No.12347107

She's my target.

>> No.12347109

Stop trying to go defensive

>> No.12347110

She's got boobs and some nice planes.
And I guess it's always nice to have an extra CV.
And there'll be the inevitable Unryuu class composition and sortie quest, I guess.

>> No.12347113

Got it backwards?

>> No.12347116

Fuck. At least he still have 19 days or so to get back on his feet. Chances are, there would be an extension for this event.

>> No.12347117


>> No.12347119

I used double line for first 2 nodes then line ahead for preboss

>> No.12347120

How do you guys stay focused during the grind? Energy drinks are out of the question for me, so I do music.

>> No.12347122

Try double line in first node, pray for the sub to don't blow up any of your girls, then in yasen go line abreast and in pre-boss try double line, or even diamond, it worked for me. Just keep trying and you will able to clear it.

>> No.12347126

Music works for me too.
What do you listen to?

>> No.12347127

Japanese man on sudoku watch

>> No.12347128

It is actually my CVL that are the problem, they are lvl 60 and maxed armour but a normal hit from a DD in the yasen node hits them to red, what.
okay thanks, will try.

>> No.12347129


>> No.12347130

Sheer will and a punching bag with the occasional walk in the park.

>> No.12347131

Yeah my bad. I meant this is his current resource count and the one to the left was 8 hours ago.

>> No.12347132

I pray to RNG-sama.

music works

>> No.12347135

Well, that explains that. Instead of being Reppuu mules they're Recon mules.

>> No.12347136

Poor guy was using music earlier, but I think people complained so he turned it off.

>> No.12347138

And they said this would be a bauxite intensive event.

>> No.12347139

One of my ships keeps getting to red on the yasen node. I hate that BB.

>> No.12347141

Level 102 TTK, CAV/BBV/CA/CVL/BB/CVL, LoS around 350, formation aboob/diagonal/aheadx2. Also, fucking sparkles.

>> No.12347143

I went echelon on yasen. Only night equip I had was the night seaplane. Even the Ru did scratch damage on her double attack but I had a nagging suspicion I just got lucky on my first try. Oh well, just pray for RNG-sama not to fuck you up.

>> No.12347148

I listen to jazz and some j-rock!

Some movement actually sounds like a good idea.

>> No.12347152


>> No.12347161

Man I pity this guy. He's not even talking anymore.

>> No.12347162

>jazz and j-rock
I like both, but I usually listen to catchy anime shit when I KanColle.
Keeps my energy levels up.

>> No.12347163

I like it. Energy drinks were the first stimulants that came to mind, but I guess a little coffee can't hurt.

>> No.12347164

I sincerely stand by my decision to get flares for this night-battle-fest

Levelling those 2 ships were totally worth it

>> No.12347165

Same happened to me in like 10-20 tries, always was a CVL that dropped to 3-10HP, or even sometimes a DD would get a crit on my BB out of nowhere, I also tried echelon but also got crit'd to death, try also other formations that the anons post, maybe I was doing it the hard way.

>> No.12347166

He's going to cry

>> No.12347174

He's just running on autopilot now.

>> No.12347176

He had not slept at all. Frankly, I think he should just sleep and carry on after he wakes up. I'm not watching the stream but he's probably going to do something drastic soon.

>> No.12347177

KTKM chokes.

>> No.12347180


>> No.12347181

Cut-in fail!

>> No.12347182

I really feel bad for the guy
I was watching it for the information but now I just want him to clear this

>> No.12347183

Cockblocked by the DD.

>> No.12347185


>> No.12347188

Two flares are better than one?

>> No.12347191

more like musashi chokes again, 2 hits for 30ish when she is at 8/10 ammo?

>> No.12347195
File: 226 KB, 633x324, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12347198

I think the effect stacks a bit.

>> No.12347200

Higher chance of activation

>> No.12347201

All I see is a broken man. Is this what Yamamoto felt after midway?

>> No.12347202

Only to get more accuracy for your ships which will be spent on destroyers; their CA and BB are equipped for double attacks. However, I understand you, I used flares as well for that because I don't know what else to equip.

>> No.12347203

Thanks for the tip. Do you have a link to a playlist you can share or is it in a private library?

>> No.12347205

What are you doing Musashi? Kitakami cuts in and leaves BB hime at 97hp. AND WHAT WERE YOU DOING?

>> No.12347208

I tried both echelon and line abreast. Doesn't help at all.

>> No.12347210

1 shotted the other BB.

>> No.12347215


E-6 Reward confirmed: 41cm triple + Isokaze.

>> No.12347218

At least his carrier group is still alive. If anything, this felt like Fall E5 all over again.

>> No.12347222
File: 713 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140621-20591246.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12347223

Aaand compass fucked him.

>> No.12347225

I have to clear E-6? Dang.

>> No.12347229

118 gensui

Woah back the fuck up kiddies. Let this champ handle it.

>> No.12347232

4.8k fuel left. Is he going to hate money?

>> No.12347238

It's just my private collection. It's literally a collection of songs from every show I've seen.

Instead of collecting tons of physical goods, collecting soundtracks is a better memento for me. I usually just put it on random and enjoy the nostalgia.

There was a thread on /jp/ a few days ago where some anon was asking for j-rock tunes to work out to. I submitted some of my favorites there.

>> No.12347241
File: 113 KB, 300x300, 43509913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>41cm triple + Isokaze
How is this justified?

>> No.12347245

His wallet is as big as his heart apparently.

>> No.12347248

Is this worse than fall yet?

>> No.12347250


>> No.12347255

Both Yamato and Musashi aimed for the BB hime. Fucking lucky.

>> No.12347256

You're great help. Thanks, anon.

>> No.12347260

The punchline would be event getting extended for 7 days and Shinano would be added as an E-6 drop, S rank only.

>> No.12347262

Same fucking guy



>> No.12347263

Man, at least last event CV's could attack using T62, but now they have everything filled with Saiun. Poor things, I guess DMM really wants to push the fact that WW2 scouting was shit and we need to make up for that.

>> No.12347265

Wouldn't "lucky" be a proper kill?

>> No.12347267

Don't give them ideas.

>> No.12347275

I find it effective if I drink it without adding anything like milk or sugar. I find it even more effective if I just eat the coffee beans straight (usually ground beforehand), but

I don't usually listen to other music while playing because I actually like listening to the BGM and stuff, and when I do, it's whatever I feel like listening to at the time, and nothing to do with staying awake or keeping my spirits up.

>> No.12347277

Depends on how you see it. If your fleet is extensive and you're cautious, this is just like any other event except you don't get to sortie your strongest fleet all the time. LOS requirement is a bit tricky for this as well. The only comfort you have is no regen and the rewards are not exactly overpowered.

>> No.12347278

He's gone mute. Poor guy.

>> No.12347283

That 3044 fuel.

>> No.12347289

I hope his last push makes it.

>> No.12347290


>> No.12347291

Hey, that's nice. I take my coffee in the mornings black as well. I haven't tried straight up ground beans, but I usually make coffee myself using a burr grinder and a french press anyways, so I could try right now.

>> No.12347292

Extension is probably guaranteed considering how the login servers were fucked but Shinano? Nah, maybe it's Shioi which will be introduced into LSC soon.

>> No.12347293

Poor guy isnt even using the yasen plane. Its over you could of stopped it. He isnt going to make it.

>> No.12347294

The only appropriate song

>> No.12347299

I think he off his mic and is crying.

>> No.12347300

>french press
I prefer a mocha percolator myself.

>> No.12347301
File: 508 KB, 600x670, 1404150958754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12347302
File: 1.14 MB, 957x1262, 1407560467517[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She looks like some kind of pre-corruption Wo or a 2hu.

>> No.12347307


>> No.12347308

I was expecting obligatory UC Gundam.

>> No.12347309

Will we see 3 of them next event?

>> No.12347311

Nice. I've used one on the
Appalachian trail hiking. I should try one out!

>> No.12347313

He's dead. ;_;7

>> No.12347314

This reminds me, /jp/. There isn't any Re right? Should we take comfort in that?

>> No.12347316

I just hope this means one of the other Unryuu class comes in a china dress.

You know the kind with the deep hip slit.

>> No.12347320

what kind of escort fleet do people use for MI?

>> No.12347321

Kasen fuckbuddy confirmed.

>> No.12347323
File: 70 KB, 563x548, 7ryuan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, she is named after a mythical dragon after all.

>> No.12347326

More likely to be Amagi than Shinano I think.

If Shinano is to be added they'll have to add an extra map or two as well

Trust me, if you weren't awake before having a spoonful of ground coffee beans, you WILL be after having it. Guaranteed.

Might want to have a container of it right beside you while you try clearing the map.

>> No.12347327

Looks so alphes it hurts

>> No.12347329

Just wait for the last minute E7 extension.

>> No.12347330
File: 5 KB, 172x45, Screenshot_336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This fucking grunt, now he's at same cockblocking score as that troll BB

>> No.12347332

Fuel is really critical now. Probably his last sortie.

>> No.12347334

Most definitely, each one of Re's attack could possibly knock a Yamato class' hp down to red. BB Hime deals huge damage regardless of formation though.

>> No.12347339

You know in doujins when the girl complains at first, but then she's so broken and doesn't even fight anymore, yeah.

The price for trying to RTA an RNG game on day 1 I guess.

>> No.12347340

We have reached triple digit fuel

>> No.12347342

>Below 1k fuel
All is lost
RIP 73fan, you gave it your all for us

>> No.12347343

He's playing songs now. Must be his last push.

>> No.12347344

654 fuel www

>> No.12347345

Last run, gotta Pray.

>> No.12347347

The last sortie is always the best sortie. Watch him get it this time.

>> No.12347350

Is this an event, or nips are just testing the idiocy and pride of humans ?

The brain enslavement must be though if nobody went and raped that DMM site, or put kadokawa to the fire.

>> No.12347353

/jp/ would celebrate with him if he does it with this sortie.

>> No.12347354

>Mizuki Nana - Pray

This streamer

>> No.12347355
File: 189 KB, 599x516, 1398828094739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That last chance music. I pray his last push is the one!

>> No.12347359

DMM's servers being shit is just an excuse for Kancolle devs to throw in a curveball later on.

>> No.12347362

Yeah I just had some. It's a bit gritty, but I will wait for the effects to kick in.

>> No.12347363

These fucking ads show up at the worst time.

>> No.12347365

RTA means Real Time Attack; a speedrun basically. He probably intends to spend money to get resources, too.

>> No.12347367

Time for Mic check.

>> No.12347372


>> No.12347376

>DDs are basically out

Aw shiiiit

>> No.12347379

Is this the new YOOOOOSH

>> No.12347380


>> No.12347383


>> No.12347385

Well, she hit the right target this time.

>> No.12347386

Dat KTKM cut in. I thought that was it. Damn. ;_;

>> No.12347387

Fucking really? 156 with a cut-in? Fucking really?

>> No.12347388

>156 cut-in damage
Good job KTKM

>> No.12347390

Musashi and KTKM-sama, everytime.

>> No.12347391

that choke

>> No.12347392

I can't believe that didn't do it.

>> No.12347395

E-1 is ridiculous. The Yasen node will get one of my CVLs red no matter what.

>> No.12347396

She gets a cut-in chance boost while chuuha but it still cuts her damage greatly.

>> No.12347397
File: 313 KB, 800x480, 1407560035028[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A gold DD.

>> No.12347398

He can't even repair Yamato now.

>> No.12347399
File: 240 KB, 610x358, game over.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12347400

He should go to sleep. He's done his best.

>> No.12347401

This fucker's not finished.
He's making this happen with his wallet.

>> No.12347402

From the looks of the posts, angry nip failed?

>> No.12347403

I swear to god, this man is broken in half!

>> No.12347404

We're back to over 5k fuel
His heart is as big as his wallet

>> No.12347405


>> No.12347407

Wow, he still wants to go.

>> No.12347408

He's hating money hard.

>> No.12347410

I need it, where?

>> No.12347412

100k fuel in 2 weeks

He should just stop

>> No.12347413

God damn it.

>> No.12347414
File: 98 KB, 892x476, 1407560078967[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12347415

E4, right?

>> No.12347417

Damn. The support fleet targetted the DDs and he got his fighting spirit up. KTKM just had to fail him in the last moment.

>> No.12347419

someone tell him in the stream chat to equip the night plane on kirishima

>> No.12347420

Link to the stream, please? There's like 4 links in the thread.

>> No.12347422

Who is this?

>> No.12347424

it's ogre

>> No.12347426

2nd post.

>> No.12347427

The one on top.

>> No.12347429

Preferably in Japanese.

>> No.12347432

Also tell him that we're rooting for him.

>> No.12347435

God damn E6 is terrifying. How many repair goddesses has he used?

>> No.12347436

He should stop or he's going to be in the news

Primetime news

>> No.12347437

A small wallet's worth.

>> No.12347438

Any source for this?

>> No.12347439

Atleast he's eating something.

>> No.12347441

He's gonna sparkle his girls. I think he'll get it if he goes in with 10 sparkles.

>> No.12347442

Sparkling is placebo.

>> No.12347443

The only way you'd get to him is if you have Nico Premium, since his Ustream is just for poorfags who get kicked out of his Nico stream.

live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv189057903 for anyone actually able to reach him. (tell him another Nana fan was helping him cheer with UO, needs to put on Etabure instead if he truly wants Nana-sama to aid him)

>> No.12347444

12+ easily.

>> No.12347447

Were you responding to this >>12347422 ?

>> No.12347448

>Musashi missing at 1-1

>> No.12347450

well look where he is now. eve if its 1 shot he evades it could save him

>> No.12347454

more like 25+, he had nearly 2 pages of them at the end of MI-5 and he purchased more since then.

>> No.12347455

If I were him that'd be it, show's over. Going to bed.

>> No.12347459

Someone said on futaba that he got Yahagi from E-3 S boss node.

>> No.12347461


>> No.12347464

Effective damage would be way higher in day+night if a CLT could be swapped out for another BB.

We'll only know in due time if the compass doesn't buttblast 4bb2cv.

>> No.12347466

So why not give something like a fighter/bomber to the CVs instead of using them as slaves that dont even get to participate?

>> No.12347467

Because they don't have 5 slots.

>> No.12347468
File: 3 KB, 100x100, 1407563981882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prepare your anus.

>> No.12347472

Is 2 CA, 2 BBV, and 2 CVL a good composition for E-1?

>> No.12347473

I kind of want to go sleep, but I don't want to miss it if this guy finally gets this.

>> No.12347474

Akitsumaru from E-4 and Akashi from E-5 are way bigger drops.

>> No.12347475
File: 75 KB, 797x473, E1_cleared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no need to panic.
Take it easy. There is like 19days left.
Time to attempt E2 with scrub ships.

>> No.12347479

I've seen people say it works for them.

>> No.12347480

I seriously hope you're not implying those are scrub ships.

>> No.12347481

Fuck off, it's not an issue of composition.
There's people that had 40 runs to clear the fucking E-1 just out of RNG.

This is just madness. Totally not worth it

>> No.12347482

Thats not much the issue as him equiping a zero recon instead of the night recon.

>> No.12347484
File: 45 KB, 355x632, 1407565537505[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wo was right all along.

>> No.12347486

>E-6 クリア
0 0 0 0

>> No.12347489

Are we counting E-4 as event cleared now?

>> No.12347490

I can't into math. How much did he lose per map and total?

>> No.12347492

None of them are in the 90s except for Maya.
RJ isn't fully modernize and Chiyoda is at lvl50.

>> No.12347493

キタ―――(゚∀゚)―――― !!

>> No.12347495

Man it hurts

I'll go to sleep before him

>> No.12347497

oh KTKM... Cut-in the DD.

>> No.12347498

That trollscrub DD

>> No.12347499
File: 733 KB, 1000x1000, 1404074976110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's so close, this is really depressing.

I'm nowhere near E6 but I like to feel like I understand his pain.

>> No.12347501

Can't i reach the boss from E-1 without two CVL? I'm new as fuck and i just have Ryuujou leveled.

>> No.12347503

Try it. See what happens.

>> No.12347504

It was funny at first. Now it's just depressing.

>> No.12347505
File: 485 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-15494542.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yamashiro getting all the boss Kills in E1. If only she wasn't Fusou Sexual, I'd marry her right now

>> No.12347506

you can with one CVL and 3 reppuu.
Now go fuck yourself and enjoy the shit event

>> No.12347508

No music
No resources
No kills
Just a broken man

>> No.12347509

I've been watching ever since he hit E-4, it just won't stop.

All this for a DD.

>> No.12347510

>Fusou Sexual
Stop posting.

>> No.12347511

For a DD whose stare makes your dick explode.
Well worth it.

>> No.12347512

Its all because he doesnt equip a night recon.
Think about that.

>> No.12347513

It's not like we have a shortage of cute DDs.

>> No.12347515
File: 396 KB, 704x416, fug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lucky ship my fucking ass. 9 sorties, most of which failed because of this fucking beaver

>> No.12347516

Not cute. Super erotic. I need her in my life.

>> No.12347517

I've been watching since E-3. It's funny then because saiun on Kaga's biggest slot and no cut-in on Yukikaze and Shigure. It's like he's gimping himself.

>> No.12347518

she's taiwanese

>> No.12347519

Music rip when?

>> No.12347520


>> No.12347521
File: 72 KB, 800x480, yaha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got one from E3 as well.

>> No.12347522

I doubt it's just for that. He's been preparing for a while with all those sparkled duplicates.

>> No.12347523


>> No.12347524

So he's a case of having a big sword but doesn't know how to swing it?

>> No.12347525

>S rank 5-5 with Maruyu flagship
And I thought I'd seen it all.


>> No.12347526

Fuel status: back to 3 digits.

>> No.12347527

I want to believe, but something about that image makes me think it's shopped.

>> No.12347529

He's not the smartest man

He's doing night-battle route without flares and searchlight to gimp himself, doesn't use night recon

If you're not using flares against 2 nodes of RI's there's something wrong with his brain, and not his luck. At least go for the CVL sub>princess>boss route.

>> No.12347530

meds. You can easily buy caffeine-benzoate and whatever nootropic shit is legal in your country. This cocktail is dirt cheap(a pack of smokes costs nearly twice a much here) and effective.

>> No.12347531

She can be martian for all I'm concerned, I'm still tempted to advance on red the next time she pulls this shit.

>> No.12347532


>> No.12347533

I've adblocker on that idiot's stream, just to be sure he won't receive any money from his idiocy

>> No.12347534
File: 183 KB, 1600x896, sorry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12347535


>> No.12347536

How is E-2 so hard with 2DD2CAV2CVL? Even in ring formation the BB always manages to hit someone to orange or red.

>> No.12347537

Holy shit, that was incredible luck.

>> No.12347539

Taking bets now. How many more runs till he gets this?

>> No.12347540

her name is Yukikaze

>> No.12347541


>> No.12347543

I share your pain, why is it always Yukikaze that got hit I'm not sure.

>> No.12347544

Last one.

>> No.12347545

>I'm still tempted to advance on red the next time she pulls this shit.
When you do that, move your head away from the mouse and take a deep breath. There's always a next time.

>> No.12347546

So much for that.

>> No.12347547

the guy is just fucking paralized

>> No.12347549

Now imagine if there was regen.

>> No.12347550

He's going to cry.

>> No.12347551

He really should just go to sleep. He's been up for how many hours straight now?

>> No.12347552

Ok, how many of you are going to do E6?

>> No.12347553

Any nico premiums here, text-spam him to nightplane

>> No.12347555

I might as well quit the game and joined the abyss.

>> No.12347557

If there was regen the HP bar probably would have been half as long.

>> No.12347558

Since there's chip damage and he's been consistently doing damage to the flagship hime, i don't think regen would have mattered.

>> No.12347560

I don't understand why he's still doing it, it's totally not worth it.
This event is just a fucking mess.

You can't bend to this idiotic things.

>> No.12347561
File: 93 KB, 426x646, 1404478540443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Now imagine if there was regen.

Not I.
I'm giving up after I clear E2. Fuck MI.

>> No.12347562

I'm working out my strategy as I watch this guy suffer.

>> No.12347563

I think he already is. When his KTKM's cut-in failed and he said "it's not working",it's voice sounded a little hoarse.

>> No.12347564

Exactly, there is no regen, no need to rush.
19days is like 300k resources.

>> No.12347568
File: 234 KB, 886x532, 123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take it easy.

>> No.12347569 [DELETED] 

you can clear E-2 ?? O_O
my god please pray for us.

>> No.12347570

I hear a blade.

>> No.12347571

I'll try my best.

>> No.12347572
File: 109 KB, 521x630, 1407553957003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who the fuck do you think I am

Leave no girls behind

>> No.12347573

I thought I was the only one.

>> No.12347574

RIP in pieces

>> No.12347575

I will (and report back) once I get past the "throw light ships at BBs until you pass" part.

>> No.12347580
File: 25 KB, 394x153, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To tell you the truth, MI is a lot easier than AL. You get two phases of air attacks and that's it. Just scratch damage all the way to the boss.

>> No.12347581
File: 171 KB, 277x595, 1339195219074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I want to give him a hug and tell him it'll be okay

>> No.12347582

He was just taking off his headphones. Relax, he has things to live for outside of shipgirls.

Still needs to live long enough to buy that new Nana concert Bluray.

>> No.12347584



>> No.12347586

Air superiority calculator is still not updated. Damn.

>> No.12347587
File: 77 KB, 526x672, 10606303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope he rests easy.

>> No.12347591

>he didn't make it

>> No.12347592

He's got 19 days to finish it. He's in good shape, although his wallet is probably hurting now.

>> No.12347594

I've never rooted for another teitoku that bad before. Damn this sucks.

>> No.12347596

He's gonna get nightmares.

>> No.12347598

I'm excited for pokehamu's stab at this event.
Anyone keeping tabs on him?

>> No.12347601

A lot of his hard(ship)s could be mitigated by proper planning.

MI is a breeze from all the streams I've watched simultaneously, literally avoiding battles just by getting air supremacy.

1. Night-battle with Ri's can and should be prepared for
2. CV-Hime can possibly be avoided by going diamond, and packing enough AA. Hime-node is diamond so non-CV's hit like pansies, it's the 5-4 pre-boss all over again.

I'm obviously not braindead, and will equip yasenplane at all costs due to how powerful it is. The 118 biscuit speedruns pretty much showed how amazing it is. Screw the kids who didn't level yasen-ninja

>> No.12347602

Has he not attempted anything yet?

>> No.12347603

He's not going to get nightmares from that. It's E-6.

>> No.12347604

So... how the fuck are people who don't want to waste $500 on repair goddesses and Mamiya's foods ever going to beat E6?

>> No.12347606

By not trying to do it all in one day.

>> No.12347607


>> No.12347609

Save your best ships for E6 and use scrubs at AL and MI.

>> No.12347610

There will be two himes waiting even if you try to do it later.

Tons of it, it seems.

>> No.12347612

This. I'm trying to put together a list of the bare minimum of ships I need to pass AL and MI so I can ass blast E6 to kingdom fucking come.

>> No.12347613

>proper planning

He's part of the reason why we're able to even talk about what formations we should run. The only thing we can even try faulting him with is that he didn't bother to pause to update his own knowledge on what others were figuring out as well, he just kept butting his head stubbornly against E-6, the same way it had worked for him from E-1 to E-5.

>> No.12347619

Can't blame him when he's running on anger after a whole night of not-sleep.

>> No.12347626

It's simply being on tilt

He's lucky it's just some cute little online game. If it was pachinko and similar he'd be selling organs fairly soon

It could also be the pressure of being on stream, but whatever. He entertained, at least.

>> No.12347627

That's my point, can't really accuse him of anything for a myriad of reasons, the primary one being that he was part of the vanguard that sacrificed his wallet, resources, fleet, and mental well-being for the sake of all the other TTK who would follow in his footsteps.

>> No.12347628

More than 100 buckets already on E1 and I've only seen the boss ONCE.
I can't believe E1 was enough to break me.

>> No.12347631

What formation are you guys running at E2?
I am doing double double double. Almost made it on my first try but the red BB rekt my CVL on his last turn.

>> No.12347632

What are you using?

>> No.12347636

Read the thread, apparently he's doing it suboptimally. It's like watching a madman playing the game.

>> No.12347642


>> No.12347643

I'm not that bad but i'm suffering the lacks of CVLs.
Not that anon, but is this true?

>> No.12347644

Which formation for E3 boss?

>> No.12347647

Double all the way, My fleet is weak with 2DD and 2CVL running about.

>> No.12347651
File: 25 KB, 543x293, fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please tell me I'm stupid and that there's something terribly wrong with this.
There must be a reason, somewhere...

>> No.12347652

Is anyone even trying the middle route for E1?

>> No.12347653

4 Saiun and like 6 seaplanes but perma dead ends in E-2, I hate life.

>> No.12347655

Not him, but E-1 is just a crappy map.

MI is easier, hang in it.

>> No.12347656
File: 78 KB, 798x473, german ships.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe you should stop using that chink ship.
Should have used superior german girls instead

>> No.12347659

Naw, more like its your rng luck.

>> No.12347662

Use 2 flare. Sometimes it doesnt trigger.
I think Mikuma can drop 1seaplane and you would still go to the boss.

>> No.12347663

Drop the CL and add another CAV with 2x Zuiun or better. You can whittle down the trollsub with line abreast you'll have better survivability in the yasen node.

>> No.12347666

Is Agano holding you back? If so, switch her out or put her as the flagship. If you're always hitting the dead ends, consider substituting the sonar with planes. Fuck the sub node, just be on the defense and go.

>> No.12347668

5 ship slot and 20 equipment slot needed

>> No.12347669

Effective LOS was calculated. ~104.

>> No.12347671

Switch Agano with a Yuubari on flagship position. Double attack and depth charge sonar setup.

>> No.12347672

Has anyone guessed out what do the combined fleet formations do?

>> No.12347673

remind me how effective LOS worked again, (plane LOS)^2 + something?

>> No.12347678

Refer to >>12346614 . For E2 >>12347040

>> No.12347679

it goes to an even harder Night battle.
And you need DDs and no BB to get direclty that route

>> No.12347680

Line ahead on all nodes, 2DD CA CAV 2CVL.

Looks good enough, i clear E1 with similar setup to yours.
Make sure you have 90++ effective LOS if you're level 100++

T-level 102, effective LoS 114; Still went to E2 dead ends.

>> No.12347684

>T-level 102, effective LoS 114; Still went to E2 dead ends.
Wait, I'm >>12347040 and my TTK level is only 101. What's your composition?

>> No.12347686
File: 550 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-16254360.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cleared E-2 easily. I've been wide awake since yesterday, so I'll just give E-3 a try tomorrow.

>> No.12347690

I've seen people with far less LoS equipment make it to the boss, but I keep getting tossed to the dead end.

>> No.12347691

Sorry, disregard that, you're running the same composition as me.

>> No.12347692

I didnt count but
2xScout plane with +6Los will get you to the boss.
2 out of 2 so far.

>> No.12347694

Sanshiki works best, right? And is CAV a must?

>> No.12347697

Why aren't you saving your elite DDs for MI?

>> No.12347699

>harder Night battle
I don't know about you, but I find enemy cut-ins easier to deal with using night battle equipment than double attacks. And I find that enemy flagship BBs with double attacks are even more dangerous than when they had cut-ins.

As for the ship requirement, I'm fine with it.

>> No.12347700

Are CVLs needed for MI and E-6? I only have 1 that is combat ready and am leveling another right now.

>> No.12347702

He probably have Shigure, Ayanami and Beaver somewhere.

>> No.12347704

Keep Nagato, 2hotels, KTKM and Taihou/Kaga for E6.

>> No.12347705
File: 568 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-00145103.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished E2, I hated both E1 and E2. E2 was as frustrating as last event's E4.

>> No.12347708

I used CAVs instead of CAs for more LoS placebo, and I equipped them sanshiki to avoid getting crit by that fucking opening torp.

I still have Yukikaze, Shigure, and Bep.

>> No.12347709

You need 4 DDs though.

>> No.12347712

I have no hotels. I guess I can't do E-6.

>> No.12347713

What about DD requirement for MI 2nd fleet and support, plus E-6 support?

>> No.12347714

What equipment did you put on your girls for the final sink?

>> No.12347715

Support ships aren't locked.

>> No.12347716

To clarify, 'Still went to E2 dead ends' meant the fleet sometimes fails LoS check and still possible to go to the boss nodes through E-F-D route.
I'll try again with 125 effective LoS.

>> No.12347717

And they said this event would be hard on bauxite.

>> No.12347723

Thank you (turns out I had 105 so just safe)

Do you happen to know what the how much FP is needed for E-2? wikiwiki lists 150-something but I've heard it's higher.

>> No.12347724

>spring E4

>> No.12347726

This event doesnt even give Shitnano.
Turn out having a page of lvl99 doesnt mean much, you actually need like 3pages of use ships.

>> No.12347727

Not sure. I'm running on 3 Reppu but I couldn't secure any air dominance/superiority on the boss.

>> No.12347729

The only thing I'm pissed about is shinano

What kind of stupid event will drop a yamato-level ship if not midway, seriously?

>> No.12347730

The event is hard on my mental sanity

>> No.12347733


>> No.12347734

Not the point. The point is that I would have run a lot more exp 5 instead of 6.

>> No.12347735

Leyte Gulf?

>> No.12347740

So which Abyss monster must I kill to get fluffy carrier?

>> No.12347742
File: 39 KB, 511x144, equips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same as all the other runs

Having to pray that 4DDs wouldn't get crit was frustrating to me.

>> No.12347743

It was if you were farming there.

>> No.12347744


>> No.12347746

Wait, can't we just go 2 torps + midget sub?

>> No.12347748

Where's your repair goddess?

>> No.12347750

But you can use damekon
You cant here without losing LoS.
Thank god E2 give you a bonus RNG sub node to boss.

>> No.12347751

Can't I flagship her?

>> No.12347752

Sure, but make sure the cut-ins work when you need to. Star shells only increases the chances but does not guarantee them.

>> No.12347753

They also said there'd be VT fuzes. Everyone focused on their carriers when the truth was you needed your whole fleet to be ready. A dick move to only give vague hints about that a couple days in advance.

>> No.12347756

That's so ironbottom that it could work.

I'll try it out next week.

>> No.12347762

Not if I equipped damecon. I was able to clear E4 without using a single damecon.

One look at the drop list and I decided that E4 wasn't worth farming.

>> No.12347763
File: 42 KB, 686x344, 1407567419434[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1 medal.

>> No.12347766

That's true, but I like saving items I'll never use. I got that sub node like 1 out of every 5 times or so.

>> No.12347767

So you got Tani on your clearing runs? good for you.

>> No.12347768

I don't think they mention exactly when will it be implemented.
But yeah, fuck the Producer-san.

>> No.12347769

Seriously, 1 medal for that? That gotta be one super special medal.

>> No.12347771

I have 130 effective LoS but get sent to the dead ends anyway. I hate E-2.

>> No.12347773

I'm only looking to finish AL, and maybe get into E-3, E-4. It looks like everyone says yasen equipment will help a lot. I have plenty of time, should I go grind for Sendai K2?

Also, if I were to powerlevel her, 1-5 or 4-3 sub hunt?

>> No.12347784

Your equipment and total LOS?

>> No.12347786

No one stopping you from using damecon to farm E4 (which is the most efficient way to farm there, from what I've deduced), but I thought that E3 was a better place to farm her for those who didn't want to use damecon.

>> No.12347787

Powerleveling in 1-5? What?

>> No.12347788

355. 2 Zuiun 634, 2 Seiran, 4 Saiun.

>> No.12347789

>4-3 sub hunt
Pretty expensive but really worth it.

>> No.12347790

Now I'm feeling glad that I grinded rankings and snagged some of those new radars.

>> No.12347792

I've been send to dead-end with the same setup that made it to the boss before.

>> No.12347795

If it was after the preboss node with the CVL flagship, your planes that give LoS probably got shot down. It happened to me after reaching the boss the run before.

>> No.12347796

1-5 powerleveling only works under HQ80

>> No.12347797

Did you use support?

>> No.12347799

The rewards aren't worth it, I quit. Good luck, you guys.

>> No.12347804

A>B>F dead end? It really fucking sucls that I have to bucket people and resupply them when they just went to a single god damn node.

>> No.12347805


>>12347792 here
None of the recons was lost

>> No.12347809

What's your TTK level?

>> No.12347810

Its random.
Sometimes shit happened and you get diverted.
Everytime you fail just add 1more rader to your DD>

>> No.12347811


>> No.12347812

I'm just an idiot who overfarmed 1-5. My ships are not on par with my HQ level. So I will do 4-3. I guess if I continue expeditions, it will be fine.

>> No.12347813

It was A-B-D-E-F

>> No.12347815

does 2BBV 2CA 2 CVL work on E-1?

>> No.12347818

A nip cleared E-6 with 2 CVLs

>> No.12347819

Mine's CGEK, perhaps different LOS requirement?

>> No.12347821

This means I still have some sort of a chance while not wasting extra resources on the support.

>> No.12347822

Fuck. Fleet? I wonder if there's ship requirement.

>> No.12347824

Yes. I use double line on first node, passed sub 13/16 times, reached the boss 4 times.

>> No.12347826

Welp, got a Tanikaze first run after regretting not finding her last event because I was too busy (failing) with Sakawa.

I'm feeling pretty dandy. She looks like a nice girl not made for rape jokes.

>> No.12347827

yeah, there's a lucky guy that in 40+ run was spared by RNG and cleared E-1

Fuck off. Can't you fucking read that this event is RNG and forced shit more than ever ??

>> No.12347828

I'm thinking, is putting Saiun counterproductive for AL maps?

>> No.12347831

I just noticed, I should have put zuiuns on my CAVs. I left it with type 0 to ignore the troll sub in E1 first node.

>> No.12347832

Even the preboss composition was the same, and still it worked one time and not the other.
There is some random element in there.


>> No.12347833

No. It actually gives quite an amount of LOS.

>> No.12347835

This event is actually bucket limiting.
Resources isnt actually a problem.

>> No.12347837

I give up, I have no idea what it is aside from it being slow fleet. But even then there are people who cleared it just fine with a slow fleet, god dammit.

>> No.12347838

Depends if you like your heavy ships tickling subs. I had to replace all of my aviation ships with regular spy planes.

>> No.12347840
File: 592 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-17071896.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This anon >>12347824, mind you shit like this can happen.

>> No.12347841

It could be LOS. Check if you have the same equipment set up as him.

>> No.12347843

I hope it does. Failing that, double attacks should be good enough.

Watching old Ironbottom sorties, it seems like KitaOoi had no problems killing BB himes at night with just double attack, so you could do with that.

Come to think of it, none of the nips I've seen have a CLT in flagship spot. I'm probably missing someone though.

>> No.12347844

It hasn't even been 20 hours and you're panicking.

3 more weeks to go, take it easy. Run your subs, do your expeditions.

>> No.12347845

You have enough enemy detection, son? You won't get there without it.

>> No.12347846

But you can get LOS from seaplanes. IMO since there are so many troll hitters, it's best to avoid green T as damage control. If you need killing hit for boss, there's always yasen
I put Seiran on one of my BBV, putting that sub to orange is good enough for me.

>> No.12347848
File: 26 KB, 774x319, ss+(2014-08-09+at+05.08.36).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone is still working on AL2, this fleet setup goes to the boss along the northern route.

>> No.12347851

>Taihou for AL

Tell me you have a fucking spare

>> No.12347852

I have 130 effective LoS. I've run it with less than 105 and more than 105, but still get sent to F.
I wanted to figure out how to get to the boss before relaxing. Clearing E-1 today was my goal and that was done with a small amount of pain.
I have 130 effective LoS.

>> No.12347854

Nigga what are you doing.

>> No.12347855


>> No.12347856

She's like a cheeky Zuihou. The same VA also does Urakaze, right?

>> No.12347857

>CLT in flagship spot
I think most of them put them in the last slot so the others could finish off the stragglers, leaving only the boss. However, with the 2 BB Hime, I'm not too sure whether it would work.

>> No.12347858

I'm not going to attempt MI, replace Taihou with any other CV and it should probably work too.

>> No.12347859

I hope you have the dragon kai nis and a high level kaga

>> No.12347860

A Saiun gives more LOS than a seaplane.
Also, you might want Sanshiki for E-2 boss, which limits the amount of Seaplanes you can use. I run with 3 Saiuns on my CVLs

>> No.12347861

You're crazy to not do MI.

It's ridiculously easy.

>> No.12347862

Even when MI is so much easier than AL?

>> No.12347863
File: 107 KB, 764x632, 43871590_p19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time to add more.

>> No.12347864

I was taking more issue with the fact that the English KCV still calls her a CVB.

>> No.12347867

Just finished E-1. Are there any CVLs/CVs on any of the E-2 nodes? Trying to see how many reppus i need

>> No.12347870

Can I have any advice for e-3 composition?

>> No.12347871

You can't need something that doesn't exist.

>> No.12347872

I dont believe this stuff about MI being easier than AL with the whole two fleets + support exp stuff and the streaming guy not being able to sink boss with two fleets and support fleet.

>> No.12347873
File: 35 KB, 260x260, 108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is item 108 any useful ?
It gives long Range to CV, allowing 'em to attack first. Allright.

But on the other hand it steals a plane slot.
Does it mean, that equipping 3 Reppuu and that item, a CV can still attack effectively even without red or blue planes ?

Or does it replenish plane slots ?

>> No.12347874

Yes, but it's not worth getting superiority. 1 reppuu kai and 1 reppuu on highest slots should be good enough.

>> No.12347875

Compositions are on the wiki.

>> No.12347876

AL2 is ridiculously much easier than AL1.
Only thing to worry about is node3 when you get CVL/BB spawn instead of subs.

>> No.12347877

When they say easy i think they meant only if you have the resources for it. AL is just an RNG fest while MI isn't as bad.

>> No.12347878

Can you not read?

The stuff in MI I really could care less about, and I'm not going through what "RTA" did to get an unremarkable DD.

The most I'll go for is beating MI-1, and I have a leveled Shoukaku and Souryuu waiting in the wings for that.

>> No.12347879

>I think most of them put them in the last slot so the others could finish off the stragglers, leaving only the boss.
That method only really works if the enemy is using ring formation. E6 himes are in double line formation, so putting your hardest hitters at the bottom won't be as effective.

Besides, taking out the wrong hime will still give you one less hime to deal with. And if Kitakami doesn't take out either hime you might as well try again either way.

>> No.12347880

2 Reppu + Multirole + that crew thingy

>> No.12347881


He's gimping himself, along with no attacking planes on Hiryuu. There's also his formation.

>> No.12347882

I worry a lot about the 2DD setup though. They are prone to eating random crits from nowhere.

>> No.12347883

so it can't attack on its own, nor replenish planes ?

>> No.12347884

How would a CV attack without attack-planes?
Besides, long range is only useful for grinding anyway.

>> No.12347885
File: 55 KB, 500x432, inigo montoya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>could care less

>> No.12347886

how do you run it? DD route or BB route?

>> No.12347887

> ?
Stop that.

>> No.12347888

I don't see enemy compositions under the event page.

>> No.12347889



>> No.12347890

It gives nice boost to firepower, but yeah.

>> No.12347892

You're looking at the wrong wiki then

Then don't use 2 DD

>> No.12347893

DD is good.
It is the CVL. My RJ and Chiyoda love eating BB shot. As long as you have a CA up at boss during night, it is an easy cleared.

>> No.12347894

I'm not doing MI just because I don't have the resources for it.

>> No.12347896

I run with these >>12347656
Never even try to use BB, I like to avoid them like the plague.

>> No.12347897

>Then don't use 2 DD
No can't do. I'm not locking anymore ships out. I've already locked 2DD out when I did my blind run. So far 3 kills, it's pretty good but risky sometimes.

Same here. My Chiyoda is the weakest in terms of level and the Abyss really like to bully her.

>> No.12347898

You can get 100k resources in 20 days with natural regen you know.

>> No.12347899
File: 744 KB, 1999x2430, 1400926234449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am kinda new and stuck at 2-1. The damn compass girls always sends me on the first denture.
Is there some prerequisite that I am missing?

>inb4 read the wiki
Yes I have, it doesn't say shit about it.

>> No.12347901

No, it's just some RNG bullshit.

And what the fuck is with the image.

>> No.12347902

I know about the difference and LoS formula, but is it really impossible to fulfill the requirement by just seaplanes?

>> No.12347904

>is it really impossible to fulfill the requirement by just seaplanes
Who is killing the boss?
You need double attack + sanshiki

>> No.12347905

It's random. Get used to it.

>> No.12347908

Okay, fuck the top route in E-2.

>> No.12347909
File: 270 KB, 500x500, 1407100345889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck wanted to post this

>> No.12347910

Unless you stock maybe 3 ships with 12 seaplanes or something, I doubt it.

>> No.12347911

Ok, that's interesting but I'm seriously confused.

How do you get 250+ AS with those CVLs?
How the hell does that get past the double BB node?

>> No.12347913

Oh, I see your point. Cheers.

>> No.12347914 [DELETED] 

Never mind, 10 seaplanes is enough.

>> No.12347915

I guess I'll lower my meager 50k to natural regen now but I'm still worried about my buckets.

>> No.12347917

He's not getting AS+, most likely. Not like it's required

>> No.12347918

Well, if you stack your CVL with the oither recon plane it might be possible to avoid Saiuns.

>> No.12347920
File: 1.17 MB, 622x935, 1400907414734.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see, thx anons.

Here, have gift.

>> No.12347922

isn't 250~260 just for AS?

>> No.12347924

If the wiki doesn't say shit about it it is a good sign that there is nothing to tell you. Unless it's a new map, if a composition is needed it will tell you that.

>> No.12347926

>double BB node?
There is no double BB node.
First node, pray the BB miss
Second node is easy node.
3rd node sub = win
If you get CVL+BB, just pray.

>> No.12347927

Read your post wrong.
He's not getting AS, most likely. Not like it's required.

>> No.12347928

wait, doesn't that composition go C > D > E > boss?

Ehh killing the boss without artillery spotting sounds annoying.

>> No.12347929

Has anyone had a whale drop for them on the event maps yet?

>> No.12347932

Winter event

Final boss: 3 BB himes

Hire me kadokawa

>> No.12347935


>> No.12347936

Not him but CGEK. My fleet is the same as his except with different ships.

>> No.12347939

That's Fall. Winter would 4BB Hime and 2 CV Hime. And that would just be the escort fleet.

>> No.12347940

Oh, that sounds definitely worth trying then, thank you.

>> No.12347943

Just make sure you have some left for MI and E6.

>> No.12347944


Interesting composition

Another 120 gensui that has transcended humanity. Currently watching for his equipment loadout.

>> No.12347945

Use your shitter ships.
Level doesnt really matter.

>> No.12347948

Winter event will be a copy of Midway with gauge regeneration and a suicide hotline popup after every return to base.

>> No.12347951

Some of what? It's not like I'm running out of DDs, and I can just reuse E-1's ships for the rest.

>> No.12347953

I was under the impression that you're going to lock new ships. Apologies.

>> No.12347956

Don't forget all the midway sisters being your fangirl in extra operation.

>> No.12347961
File: 552 KB, 980x1130, e-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My E-2 fleet, superiority on all nodes aside from boss.

>> No.12347963

finally got my first kill on E-1 boss' healthbar.
feels great to be a noob

>> No.12347967

It's not about being a noob. It's about getting the goddess's kiss.

>> No.12347968

How much effective LoS is that? 105?

>> No.12347969

I can't even beat E1. My CVLs get critical hits all over the place. And they aren't some low-level CVL but RJ kai ni and a lvl 85 Chiyoda.

>> No.12347971

I lost the calculations, but it's from 110 to 115. Chikuma has the same setup as Kumano and I'm swapping Kumano out once the former finished bathing.

>> No.12347974
File: 83 KB, 796x470, is this possible.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone get sent to east yet?

>> No.12347976

Just southeast.

>> No.12347977

Does any of the requirements involve drums?

>> No.12347979

same here anon.
They crit my BBV too.

>> No.12347980
File: 161 KB, 893x538, 234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know what you mean.

>> No.12347981

Just keep on pushing. Eventually your girls will be blessed by RNGoddess.

>> No.12347987

Instead of wasting money on damecons, why don't we all fund some hacker to break the game and give us the fucking Unryuu and Isokaze ?

Even that other stream is showing that the event is impossible.

>> No.12347988

Sparkle your girls. Got to boss thrice in a row.
Then once both Hyuuga and melon did scratch cut-in to the boss but that's a different story...

>> No.12347989

How much resources he has been spending until now?

>> No.12347990

>grey DD one-shotting Nagato to 1(one) HP from full
Now I've seen everything. That was a spare Nagato from support expedition fleet, not my married one so she's only Lv.54, but that's hilarious. Things like this are what makes events so fun. I think I'm enjoying this one far more then spring event.

>> No.12347992

He's buying Damecons like crazy

He bailed after his CA got sunk, dameconed, and then hit to red again in the same night node

>> No.12347995

Looking at AL1 and AL2, these are the 2first map and it is already harder than everything from spring except for E5.

>> No.12347997

They are not that hard though, you can do it with low-level support fodder just fine.

>> No.12347998

God damn it DD, you're not supposed to attack harbour for fuck's sake.

>> No.12348000

And people said AL will be a cakewalk compare to MI.
This fucking event is completely off the chart with the balance scale.

>> No.12348001

The devs clearly never playtest their shit.

>> No.12348002

You got to hand it to them though, mindfucking us from the get go.

>> No.12348003

>tfw got 2 yamashiros off E-1 boss node using Yamashiro and Fusou

>> No.12348004

Surely they playtested E6

"Did you finish it?"
"Nope, you?"
"Nah, let's just ship it"

>> No.12348006

AL isn't hard at all.
AL using ships you never raised it hard.

(also MI is a cakewalk so...)

>> No.12348009

change pusher.
or stop being that much NEET

>> No.12348010

Do i need CVL in MI? Or can I use my best ones on E-1 and E-3?

>> No.12348011

"Did you guys beat it?"
"Yeah, but it took like 100 buckets w"
"Alright, double the numbers, ship it."

>> No.12348012

Should I keep my fast BBs for AL or MI?

>> No.12348013

> This fucking event is completely off the chart with the balance scale.
They are aiming for 5% completion rate. They made AL difficult all right, and E6 is like a delicious topping. I like this event, very much so.

>> No.12348014

That being E-1 and E-2, obviously.

>> No.12348015

>Double the himes

>> No.12348021

Double the fun

>> No.12348023

I mean like how much fuels or ammos has he been spending?

>> No.12348024
File: 190 KB, 819x400, ss+(2014-08-09+at+04.41.39).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone still need some reference, fleet that went through E-1:


2 saiun
1 sonar
quite a few recon planes and radar

Formations: line abreast, echellon, double line, line ahead
Buckets: 15-18~
Resources: 2k fuel 2k ammo 2k steel almost nothing baux, like less than 500
HQ lvl: 49, got to 50 in the last 3 kills, preboss node changed from 2CVL 2CL 2DD to 2CVL 1CL 1BB 2DD, not sure if it was a pattern already because I didnt face it before and I reached 50 right after second southern node.

now to fucking hate this game over e-2

>> No.12348025
File: 77 KB, 883x527, I cannot think of a name for this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel nothing.

>> No.12348026

"and then we doubled it."

>> No.12348027

I thought it was 15%?

>> No.12348028

you neets always repeat this shit every fucking time.
It stopped being interesting long time ago.

1 month before Spring event: "devs are aiming for a 5%completion, deal with it noob".
That's your sorry excuse just to try and give pain and laugh at those few intelligent enough to understand, that this shit isn't worth the time.

Keep your reasoning for those omega slave minded that have bent to straws and sucking cocks.

>> No.12348034
File: 725 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-16213077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, got a decent E2 boss run using your setup.
I hope it'll continue.

>> No.12348036

> that this shit isn't worth the time.
Living in general is not worth it. If you're pussy who can't do shit properly just once who are you tell others what is and what isn't worth the time?

>> No.12348037

I'm going to try to run through the Aleutians campaign with Ryuujou 94, Junyou 95, Hiyou 52 (次はどこ? アリューシャン方面?), Akebono 97, Hibiki 90, Ikazuchi 67, Hatsuharu 59, Nachi 47. None of my other Aleutian cruisers are up to speed. Is there any chance of being able to roll through E1/E2 with this? I have time for another ten or fifteen levels on the weaker ships and can spare up to 200 buckets.

>this shit isn't worth the time
You don't need to clear E-6. You don't even need to play this game at all. If you had anything better to do with it you wouldn't be playing a shitty browser game and posting on 4chan about it.

>> No.12348038

Cry more.

>> No.12348041

4DD? I'm not too keen on that idea. LOS requirement seem to be pretty high for E2. Train up some CV or CAV.

>> No.12348044

So, anyone tried North route E2? How is it?

>> No.12348047

I can throw floatplanes on Nachi, but... if I need to, I can just throw three CVLs into E-2 and accept a reduced rate of boss reach, right?

All six CAVs went to Midway so I'm not going to bring them to AL (and only one of those is seaworthy right now anyway).

>> No.12348051

I wonder if there's someone out there who literally cried from Kancolle event PTSD.

>> No.12348052

I think you could hear Nishimura E5 guy basically implode on stream after he ran out of time last event.

>> No.12348055

Did this guy clear E5 yet?

>> No.12348058
File: 12 KB, 600x350, Operation-AL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need at least 2 CA or CAV. And consider adding BBV/CL to your E1 clearing fleet.
2 DD is for E2.

Here's mine for Operation AL.

>> No.12348060

He's stuck in E6 if I remember correctly. Final kill.

>> No.12348062

Why do they subject themselves to this?

He got held up at the final kill of E-6 and basically spent tonnes of resources, goddesses, damecons and sanity points.

>> No.12348064

I'll need a little advice here.

I see that CAs are a must on AL. I also see that MI is fairly easy compared to AL and that the secondary fleet doesn't matter much in it.

My CA levels go 95-92-14-11-1. Should I use my high-level CAs on AL and throw freshly remodeled level 30 CAVs to MI? Or is MI hard enough to warrant the use of level 90 CAs?

I also have something on the order of 12 high level BBs. I see some 2BBV/2CA/2CVL fleets here, did anyone try something like 2BBV/2CL/2CVL?

>> No.12348071

> the secondary fleet doesn't matter much in it.
They are the one who would take the task to finish off the bosses in night battle, and all the yasen nodes in MI.
They are way more important than the 1st fleet in a sense.

>> No.12348074
File: 630 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-18380027.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Levels don't matter.

>> No.12348076


>> No.12348077

They're the night battle fleet, then? That is good to hear, thank you. Levels are much less important in night battles, so I can safely use fresh CAs/CAVs in there.

>> No.12348078


>> No.12348083

They also join the main fleet for day battle, but whenever there is a night battle, the main fleet will retreat and you are left with only the 2nd fleet.

>> No.12348084

AL is pure RNG
Level doesnt matter

>> No.12348086

>Why do they subject themselves to this?
He had faith.

And faith kills.

>> No.12348088

One of its meanings is "well said", apparently.

>> No.12348089
File: 1.53 MB, 800x5000, 45232488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No Error-ko, no!

>> No.12348092

You learn something new every day.

>> No.12348096

Holy shit is this the 90's? Did we trip and fall into a time fault?

>> No.12348098
File: 475 KB, 800x480, KanColle-140809-17490432.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yasen node a shit

>> No.12348099

I see, it might be better to save the high-level CAs for MI then.

I'll try a 1CAV/1CL/2BBV/2CVL fleet and see how it goes. I hope there doesn't end up being a secret BBV route in MI or E6.

>> No.12348100

What's the current verdict on overall difficulty?

>> No.12348102

Dante Must Die

>> No.12348103

Too much
If you have adblock, tune in:
The guy is buying damecons like crazy

>> No.12348105

AL - Malebolge
MI - Dis
Doolittle - Cocytus

>> No.12348106

Tough if you do not have enough ships to distribute around. LOS requirement seem to be a pain in the neck for me thus far.

>> No.12348107

>no hotels
How's he doing?

>> No.12348108


>> No.12348109
File: 186 KB, 1372x1039, ss (2013-01-17 at 07.08.57).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This shit is all fucked up. No matter what I've tried, whenever I can finally get past the battle nodes, I always get sent to the dead end nodes at either F or H. I have not once made it to the real third node ;_;

>> No.12348111

It's a horror.

>> No.12348113

I want Iona and friends to come back with more comrade enough to make 2 fleet.

>> No.12348114
File: 73 KB, 872x521, No fucking way.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second time already and it was such a fucking smooth run. RNG, seriously?

>> No.12348115

No easy map.
In all previous events, E1 and E2 are babby mode.
The current two AL maps are hard. Both are 5-3 difficulty tier.
I got AL2 down half, but I have already lost 100+ buckets.

>> No.12348116


>> No.12348118

Use support?

>> No.12348119

Keep at it, the third time's a charm.

>> No.12348120

That just happened to me.
My two DDs failed to cut-in so the boss stayed at 53 hp

>> No.12348121

Does the AL/MI lock bar you from using them in support fleets? I know sending an unlocked ship doesn't lock at all.

>> No.12348124

Yes it does.

>> No.12348125

I was so hyped when Myokou started her double attack just to miss her second salvo. RNG is sure mysterious when it comes to Karma.

Maybe I will but I have a gut feeling my next sortie will fail.

>> No.12348127

Ah thought so. Need to be really careful with how I use my Kongous then.

>> No.12348128

Double attacks would have dealt that much damage

>> No.12348129

Looks like E6's last kill is going to be such a bitch, I don't want to think about it.

>> No.12348130

Should I bring Kaga to AL, MI or stay defending base?

>> No.12348131

What's the most popular E6 fleet? 4BB2CV?

>> No.12348133

Don't waste a CV on AL.

>> No.12348135

2 CV, Hotels, KTKM

>> No.12348137

Either MI or base defense. Don't use her in AL.

>> No.12348138

One or two CLT and hope they cut in the right hime.

>> No.12348142

>cut in
Won't double attack be enough?

>> No.12348143

Not necessarily. We're talking about cockblock princess here.

>> No.12348144

For a BB hime? Nope

>> No.12348146

They have too much armour that cut-in is more reliable

>> No.12348149

so what is pokehamu doing now? is he still playng this shit?

>> No.12348153

Is there a sub node on E-2? Will you reach it if you go CA, CAV, 2 DD and 2 CVL?

>> No.12348158

Check the compositions on the wikiwiki

>> No.12348162

Welp, I saw wrongly. That Ooi only did 75 + 231 damage against the hime last November.


>> No.12348167

Better feed some Maruyus to KTKM in the future.

>> No.12348174

There is a new quest for 雲龍
What is excuse for not completing it?

>> No.12348175

Will that fleet meets node E then? Ladder formation gives me phobia. I get hit more times in it than line ahead.

>> No.12348177

KTKM cut-ins the DD of course.

>> No.12348179

Please Wo, go after my CVL more.

>> No.12348187

Is 2CA 2DD 2CVL the best E-2 composition?

>> No.12348189

Copying and pasting wikiwiki's entry on the combined fleet formation and combat on MI ops:


対潜陣形 通常時対応陣形は単横の模様
前方陣形 対応陣形は単縦or複縦の模様
輪形陣形 対応陣形は輪形陣と思われる
戦闘陣形 対応陣形は不明(単縦or複縦?)

From what I learned from google translate:
Starting from the top left, equvalent of line abreast, equvalent of line ahead or double line, equvalent of ring formation, equvalent of line ahead or double line as well (?). They are still speculating on this. Can someone verify that I read it correctly?

>> No.12348191

According to wikiwiki it may be hard to kill boss so you'll need a support expedition at boss.

>> No.12348192

Yeah, fuck the subs, one torpedo and Haguro is from full to red. On abreast.

>> No.12348193
File: 340 KB, 800x480, gfwfc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't even..

>> No.12348195
File: 50 KB, 700x700, 1407455307795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you not entertained?

>> No.12348196

Will the LOS from seaplanes count even if I equip them on slots with 0 planes? Like for Tenryuu-class or Yuubari?

Can't find the info on the wiki page.

>> No.12348198

Since the LOS drops when your planes got shot down I don't think so, Tim.

>> No.12348199

>Since the LOS drops when your planes got shot down
Wait, what?

>> No.12348201

Are you using double line? Have you sparkled all the ships?

>> No.12348203

Already spent the same amount of resources on E-2 without seeing the boss once as on entire E-1.

>> No.12348206

I can't think of another reason why my fleet rarelycan't reach boss node when it could reach it before and after.

>> No.12348214

My fleet didn't reach the boss once with the same setup that reached it before and no recons were lost at all. It's just RNG.

>> No.12348217

Oh and here's what I found on wikiwiki. At least the part I think pertains to what I'm asking for, but I'm not sure since I can't read moon.


>> No.12348220

It's the first time the sub made my ships red, usually it's the yasen route, or the third node, and I never reached the boss.

And my mistake, I use line ahead and not sparkled all my ships.

>> No.12348224

I actually had Hiyou get hit to red just now because of the sub evne though I did both those things so there's still a chance.

>> No.12348229

>there's still a chance
Kancolle in a nutshell

>> No.12348244
File: 1.08 MB, 800x960, KanColle-140809-19545249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

E-1 is easy if you keep your cool. Fairly cheap too, and no good ships needed. How hard is MI on resource consumption? People were talking that sortieing combined fleet even without support expeditions destroys fuel and ammo stockpiles.

>> No.12348250

I hate E-2 so fucking much.

>> No.12348251

Remember /jp/, ゆっくりしていってね!

>> No.12348253
File: 143 KB, 690x343, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yup I just beat E-1 with a very similar fleet to yours. At first I felt hopeless but once I got that first kill I just kept going.

>> No.12348254

The preboss node at E2 turns to SS and sometimes a CVL-BB fleet?

>> No.12348256

Yes, I will keep yukkuring.

>> No.12348257

It's all luck there.

>> No.12348260

I wonder what destroyers are you gonna use at E2, if you're going to continue with that theme.

>> No.12348267
File: 20 KB, 158x148, 123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my E1.

>> No.12348273

What's your equipment set up?

>> No.12348283

Yes. And it doesn't tell you which one it is when you get to pick a formation

Aye. The second node is supposed to be the easy one but that fucking gold CA keeps managing to get someone to red or two to orange so the third node just sends me back.

>> No.12348284
File: 55 KB, 468x714, 1943NovemberASWScreensDiagram3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, and they've given the names ASW, forward, ring, and combat, respectively.

Some observations: ring is self-explanatory, ASW has it's escorts in an ASW screen (see image); combat's escorts are in a ready position to intercept enemy ships and is similar to the Pearl Harbor strike force http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/89737pearlharbor_escort/.

>> No.12348294

Haven't decided yet. Murasame and Yuudachi most likely.
Fuso, Yamashiro: 46cm x2, assorted quest/ranking/remodel Zuiuns.
Atago/Takao: assorted remodel/ranking 20.3 x2, Type-32 radar, star shell/night recon
Junyou: 3xRyusei Kai, Reppu Kai
Hiyou: 2xRyuusei Kai, Reppu Kai, Sauin.

>> No.12348299

> Hiyou: 2xRyuusei Kai, Reppu, Sauin.
Fixed. Sorry for retarded error.

>> No.12348304

You left 2 more retarded errors.

>> No.12348306

Do E-2 requires CAV? I don't want to use Tone/Chikuma combo here.

I want to use two CA only.

>> No.12348307

Same here, I have trouble getting to the boss and them not doing enough to S rank her is pissing me off.

>> No.12348308
File: 323 KB, 1441x838, ss+(2014-08-09+at+09.30.55).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


FINALLY OUT OF THIS HELLHOLE THANKS TO THIS FLEET COMP (although I switched some things around because I didn't have the obvious ranking rewards there)

Total cost E1 - E2
20k fuel
15k ammo
20k steel
2k bauxite
95 buckets

>> No.12348312

You say finally after spending so little?

>> No.12348314

What were your formations?

>> No.12348315


I've been stuck here for 8hrs.

I was pretty close to giving up on the entire event and just LSCing my entire stockpile away.

>> No.12348317

did you put boiler/turbine on your DD as well?

>> No.12348318

I've been on E-2 for 6 hours and I haven't seen the boss yet.

>> No.12348321

Equipment please?

>> No.12348327

Trolled by LOS requirement or pre-boss Nodes?

Using >>12347961 setup with ring formation works well in avoiding damage before the boss node.

>> No.12348329


>> No.12348348

Did that guy give up? I missed it.

>> No.12348356

He took a break or something.
He was running out of resources and his KTKM kept cut in the wrong ship.

>> No.12348362


Ahead, Ahead, Double, Ahead


Only for the first few clears. Then switched to Cutin setup for both.


Both DDs

2x 10cm Gun, 1x Turbine OR 1x Oxygen Torpedo (+10)

Both CAVs

2x 20.3cm(no.3) 1x Prototype Seiran or best floatplane (I recommend it participate in aerial bombing, sometimes its enough to push you over the line to make flagship CVLs not do some really stupid damage to you)


1x Reppu (reppu kai works too) 1x Super Tenzan or Ryuusei Kai and 2x Saiun

Always use the boss support expedition especially for final kill and hope to god the elite TA on first node and elite Ru on preboss (providing you don't get the free ticket sub node) and its an relatively smooth kill.

>> No.12348366

Don't you just love to see 6x miss from your sparkled support?

>> No.12348377

What's a good AL/MI combo? Should I use the RTA setup with 3 BB/3CV for MI and 2 CAV and 4 DD/CLT for AL?

>> No.12348389
File: 176 KB, 895x539, 234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate it.

>> No.12348390

I have 340 LoS for E-2 and I still don't go to the fucking boss.

I am level 102.

>> No.12348392

Oh boy that lone red sub in E-1's first node is wrecking my fleet left and right. When I go line abreast and the first hit sunk it my ships did scratch damage to anything else.

>> No.12348393

Total LoS doesn't mean shit.

>> No.12348395

Go double line.

How many times do we have to say total los doesn't mean jack shit.

>> No.12348396

Reminder that sparkle benefits are not placebo.

>> No.12348397

Then the red sub won't die and my fleet wastes everything on it.

>> No.12348398

So there's no definite LoS requirements or fleet composition? Sorry for being an ignorant retard.

>> No.12348401

Does anyone know if any of the /jp/sie streamers are going to stream today? Are any of them on MI?
I'm watching this guy at the moment, he's a 120 gensui with a full married fleet, he'll be on E6 soon and he isnt retarded like RTA.


>> No.12348402

Do you have any ASW equipped?

There is but it's not based on total LoS. Different sources of LoS give different effective LoS.

>> No.12348403
File: 19 KB, 659x72, ss (2014-08-09 at 08.16.56).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New quest? Something to do with Unryuu? I don't moon but I can read the unryuu. Why nobody talk about this quest?

>> No.12348404

So whats the consensus for E3 onwards? 4 CVs and 2 BBs?

>> No.12348405

Isuzu with 2x T3. I don't have any SONAR.

>> No.12348406

It's what http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv189100709 is using, RTA used 3BB though.

>> No.12348408

What's the difference between forward and combat though? Is forward the equivalence of double line and combat the equivalence of line ahead?

>> No.12348412

Are DDs still needed in E6?
Or just like with RTA-AngryNip-kun. Brute force it with BB and a drunk KTKM?

>> No.12348416

Do you think DDs can do anything in that map?

>> No.12348417

Just craft some sonar, it's cheap. Having one of each gives a huge boost.

I used Isuzu flagship with one Sonar, one Depth Charge and radar and it worked fine.

>> No.12348419

Good 2 consecutive runs of E-1 and suddenly crittted again. I really need a break.

>> No.12348422

They can sink?

>> No.12348423

Where's the faggot who said third node in E2 is free? FUCK YOU

>> No.12348424

>2 consecutive r