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I can't take it easy if it's this hot! What are you doing to ``beat the heat'' /jp/?

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Haha epic one, OP, nice ````faggot ````quotes''''''''!!!

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Simple, I just beat my meat in the heat because I'm a lazy neet.

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Sweet NEET feet beat the heat with neat treats

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Sanae is overheating and dying of heatstroke.

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I just lay around in my panties and loos skirt with a fan blowing

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Sweaty Sanae!

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Back the fuck off?

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In the Arctic Circle, we just crack open a window.

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Livin' in the southern hemisphere.

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I could not stand an environment in which Touhous do not get sweaty and disgusting.

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If you work indoors and perform hard labour there's plenty of opportunity to get sweaty and disgusting.

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And it's only going to get hotter thanks to man-made climate change.

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I work in an air conditioned office, and by the time I get home it's cool enough to open the windows and start the fans. My house is cool enough in an hour or so that I can enjoy the Jay again.

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What is the deal with those quotes?!

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I stand in the Freezer at work

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Nowadays? Air conditioning, baby.

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Luckily it's winter here.

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Sanae's nipples!

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I just strip down to my boxers and sit in front of a fan like a regular poor person.

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Its not that hot here in Commiefornia so I just wear shorts

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I would but my family wolf whisle and make me uncomfortable.

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I shaved the all the hair on my body.

It feels really good, dude.

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Live in the basement! It's always nice and cool