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is ebola kawaii?

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Your secondary is showing, /a/ subhuman. Please return to your Monster Girl thread.

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she's cute but can u remove the background I want it for my phone or are you a selifish nigger?

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Wich 2hu would Ebola kill?

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i admit.
i am not original creator.

pls forgive anon-kun

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You want the shadow or no, anon?

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Can you remove the grey in that image?

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What kind of flower is the one on her head? This is important.

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There's still white.

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saved a wrong file

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Thanks dude! This is really good!

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No thank you! I needed a reason to use my drawing tablet again.

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Ebola shall sue you for copyright fringe!

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Is this the monster girl thread

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90% of them

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only zaire, this isn't zaire

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it's over

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I fucking hate this site
now you have to try not to make your joke too big or some fuck will make a page about it on these sites explaining everything about it with hilarious screencaps and images

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The first link is wuh

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ebola chan shit is fucking stupid

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killing niggers with ebola-chan!

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Fuck off with your racism.

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I miss the background guy.

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When had the dub ever made a joke that's been featured on kym?

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Why warosu? archive.moe is a lot more popular

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>archive.moe @ArchiveMoe ยท Sep 19
>We just lost ~1TB of archived thumbnails and full images combined. Our 2nd backup is incomplete as well.

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dear no ur me me reader,

ur a faget

kindest regards,


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literally worse than foolz

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know this meem
*grabs dick*

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feel when you start watching strike witches and it's so unbearable terrible that you turn it off after only a few minutes

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pls respond

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f uck your c ock

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tfw can't enjoy senseless cute girl show no more since too old and jaded...

literally who cares if you shove their asses in my face every two seconds I can just go to pixiv

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I'm not trying to be edgy or ironic or anything but I do think it would be interesting if ebola spread worldwide.

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me too. don't really care about thing anymore and it would be interesting

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Pretty fucking edgy there.

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I would just want it to kill all shitskins, like all of Africa, the middle east and most of Asia. But it would spare the East Aryans (Japanese, Koreans, Chinese) and whites.

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that's because they cheat

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feel 97...

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US is as smart as Norway even though we are like half shitskin.. damn US whites are practically geniuses that must mean.

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i was looking up why nigs hold guns sideways and i found this

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Why does he have a hole in his hand...

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Because he doesn't have a stupidly fat wrist.
There should be a natural depression between the base of the thumb and the wrist when the thumb is raised. The two tendons on either side of the thumb raise causing a dip to appear between them (unless it's encased in lard).

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Seems normal to me.

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Please don't post images of shitskins..

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Shitskins are literally monkeys.

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