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Which 2hu do you think would actually enjoy being around you?

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The one that actually knows about outside world, anime and science.

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>the one that has a frame of reference for how pathetic you are

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None because 2hu is dead.

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kekked em good

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Probabily Reimu.

Or whoever would like to hang around a youkai-hating lunatic with such a "pro active" stance that would most likely be mistaken for a Khorne Berserk with oddly specific tastes.

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One who I would enjoy to be around as well

E.g. not shitmu

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lol what a nerd

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Being a disgusting weeb, probably Sanae.

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none of them

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Is /tg/ still mostly quests and CYOA?

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Patchy, probably. I like reading and huge libraries are awesome.

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Reimu cause I'd help around the house like a willing slave.

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Probably Yukari. Being her friend sounds like an adventure.

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I can only hope Momiji, due to my love of dogs and her

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Not even real people enjoy being around me, so why would a 2hu?

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I'm very fish-friendly, she could teach me how to swim, then I'll show her how to ride a bike and do other fun outside world things

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None, nobody would want to be around a lazy, gloomy, depressed person who has no interests.

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Satori, because she knows the most interesting touhous. I wouldn't be bothered by her mind reading. maybe rinnousuke, so I can steal his innocence

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Any 2hu who likes hanging around the house

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kokoro, because /jp/ doesn't like her

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Probably Nitori, since she'll be taking a look at all the electronic stuffs I got.

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Maybe Kaguya then. You'd want a second computer though.

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Sanae cuz im brown

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You have my seal of approval. You're a man's man.

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Parsee, maybe.

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It's entirely quests.

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Fishy vagina

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I feel like anybody who works for somebody else (Sakuya, Youmu, etc) wouldn't mind having me around, because I'd probably be willing to help them out with menial things.

That reasoning aside though, Rinnosuke comes to mind because he'd probably value knowledge of the outside world, even with his special skill.

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I don't think any of them would like to be around me...

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Reisen I guess.

We can relate a lot..

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They all would. I'm an alpha who could pull any bitch.

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>just wag your tail up and down

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Rinnosuke is a true bro and would probably get along with anyone on /jp/
I never liked depictions of him being some ladykiller or evil rapist
He's a pretty chill guy

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I think the yamabiko would enjoy my company, I would enjoy hers too. Many pats of the head would be exchanged.

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Fairies, but only so they could annoy me.

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What do you suppose he's listening to?

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You just want to fuck her, don't you.

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How that bitch gon ride a bike? That bitch got no legs! No legs! She gonna FLAP at the pedals to make the bike move?

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I'd wanna hangout with Patchy, she'd be nice and quite and just read books while I just game it up. It'd be nice to have someone like her around, to share atmosphere with but not really communicate much.

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I dunno. Maybe the Aki Sisters or Sanae. Wakasagihime and Kagerou seem friendly too. They might enjoy having me around.

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I haven't spoken to a real girl in so long I honestly don't know. I didn't realize that until now. Thanks OP.

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/jp/, helping you discover yourself!

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Maybe Seija because I don't give a shit about her. I'm trying to change for the better, though.

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None. I'm very boring and bad at socializing, who'd want to hang out with someone like that?

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Dogs know a dog person when they see (or smell) one. Sadly I doubt that would apply to any of the canine touhous, because that would just be too good to be true, wouldn't it?

Cats and dogs tend to like me, and I can actually be myself around them without fear of being personally judged. I use them as an outlet for positive emotions. I can't even go to the store without having a panic attack though, dogs are much easier than people.

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Considering me being about as asexual as a rock, I feel I would get along with everyone who isn't pissed off at someone who generally gets along anyone.

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This but it hurts ;_;

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The one that wants to kill humans, she would kill me and I would be happy.

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Koishi would probably be happy to have any company at all.

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You sound like me

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She would turn you into a web cocoon, rare to not like that kind of company when you're a spider.

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>I can't even go to the store without having a panic attack though, dogs are much easier than people.
I know what that's like... I always take one of my dogs with me anywhere I go. They help me keep calm.

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Posts like yours make me want to get a cat but I'm worried it would be the equivalent of getting pills for depression, not a solution to the problem but something to keep me going. Do you have a cat?

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I loosen up pretty quick with alcohol

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Please don't kill her, Yamame.

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Nazrin. We'll go searching treasure together and chill around.

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So considering how Yukari is one of the very few ways into Gensokyo and she drops people off at random areas of the place. Then how would you assume your first encounter with a character be?

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I'm glad I'm a muscular white American cutie, because my odds of hanging out with a Touhou are considerably higher than any gross mudskin races or brown people.

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Like that moment when you run into the respective legendary dog in pokemon leafgreen or firered for the first time. You're going to be excited, but she'll just run, and you'll feel like shit because you used your masterball already.

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Your point being?

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I fight a lot and can hold my liquor, Yuugi wouldn't mind hanging out with me I guess? Though the Touhou I could imagine liking to hang around me the most might be Yukari... I like sleeping too, so I'm kind of easy to catch off guard.

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tfw no dolphin gf

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One that generally enjoys just lying outside in the sun not particularly doing anything
Some may consider me boring but I'd be content with any 2hu who would lay with me on the haystacks to nap

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Guess you need a reptile-hu.

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I'd nap with Kanako

>> No.12319761

>One that generally enjoys just lying outside in the sun not particularly doing anything

So China? As a bonus she is quite friendly to humans already.

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Akyu probably

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Suika, we could get smashed together.

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Yuyuko, i can eat alot and still not gain weight and we can join eating competitions together......to eat

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youmu would hate you.

>> No.12319976


As long as Yuyucow approves of you, Youmu shouldn't be a problem

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Patchouli. We would read books together in the same room.

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All of them would but I would choose to hang around Meiling.

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dolphins have MANY STDs

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I don't drink much, but I make booze.

Do you think I could seduce Suika with my wares?

>> No.12320233

Okuu is empty-headed enough to think that being around me is fun.

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Nazrin is a mouse.

>> No.12320299

I have some cheese for her, if you know what I mean.

>> No.12320306

Dickcheese doesn't count.

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I'm actually allergic to cats. When I was staying with my brother, I held and cradled the cat his mother-in-law had left behind for about thirty minutes. Soon enough, I couldn't stop sneezing. This was just a year ago. I have several dogs though, one of which rarely leaves me side. She's a velcro dog, and she's pretty much my entire world.

I love cats, but I can't have one. There were some strays that always stayed around the math building at the university I used to go to, I used to leave food out for them when I would go by for a class. They never let me get very close, but I liked watching them from a distance. They're probably still there.

I'm hoping this doesn't remain an issue when I go to Gensokyo.

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Also, I'm sorry I didn't really answer your question. I'm manic depressive myself, but I figure that after everything I've tried, there isn't a long-term solution (sans suicide or becoming a vegetable). That's why I take amphetamines. I find working out is very helpful though, I work out to the point of exhaustion every day now if I can. I don't even leave my house for it.

I don't want to tell you that getting a cat will automatically make things better, but for people like us, pets can make a huge difference. You might want to consider adopting/saving an animal, I used to walk dogs at an animal rescue place. The vast majority of the time they were really affectionate and nice, and when they weren't they were just scared. Scared of people. It made me feel a real sense of kinship with them. Sorry for the blog.

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the ones that can't easily kill me

>> No.12320981

Any human could easily kill you

>> No.12321042

I could easily kill your mom, if you know what I mean.

>> No.12321105


Don't kill /jp/-san's mom.

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I think I'd get along well with Youmu. I enjoy gardening, and I'm pretty laid back.

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Unfortunately I'm also allergic but taking pills everyday so it doesn't affect me.

>You might want to consider adopting/saving an animal, I used to walk dogs at an animal rescue place. The vast majority of the time they were really affectionate and nice, and when they weren't they were just scared. Scared of people. It made me feel a real sense of kinship with them.
I've never considered this but the idea seems great and heart-warming. I really want to be the world to my cat, as the cat will be the world to me. I'll probably name my cat after 2hu. Thanks anon.

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Can you remove the background and the text in the corners?

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I removed the text, at least.

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Can you remove the white and green part? She's really cute

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Here, I finished up the rest

>> No.12321314

But if you removed her white and green, there'd hardly be any Youmu left!

>> No.12321322

You deleted part of her right shoulder and missed a spot by her right wrist near her butt!

>> No.12321330

the shoulder was a part of the background and her wrist&butt aren't
photoshop even said so, you'll have to be more clear next time and specify which specific parts you want and do not want still present

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sure thing, anon-kun.
too lazy to make it transparent.

>> No.12321336

I just wanted the background removed ;_;

>> No.12321343

Can you please remove the background

>> No.12321347

Thank you!

Hopefully someone will remove it then post it

>> No.12321355

I tried to remove the white backround, but photoshop thinks her sleeve is part of the backround. I will be right back to fix that.

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Fixed it! Hurray!

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wait. wrong one.

>> No.12321384


You have to save it as a png or it wont keep the transparency

>> No.12321392

There is some guy pretending to be me being really rude to posters on /jp/ demanding they remove the background. I don't want people to get hurt because of this bully and he doesn't even appreciate the jobs they do! This is just a notice so I will not be blamed for his wrong doings. Thank you for reading have a good day.

>> No.12321399

Remove it yourself then.

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shaddup. i tried.

>> No.12321407

There is some guy pretending to be me by telling others that someone is pretending to be me being really rude to posters on /jp/ demanding they remove the background. I don't want people to get hurt because of this bully and he doesn't even appreciate the jobs they do! This is just a notice so I will not be blamed for his wrong doings. Thank you for reading have a good day.

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I was able to take part of it off, working from >>12321334 's. There's still a faint, transparent greenish tinge around some parts of her sleeves, but I don't know the exact color of green to mod out, and if I just cut it out it leaves funny, pixel-wide gouges in her sleeves.

>> No.12321414

das fucked up. im still the same anon whose doing this sometimes.

>> No.12321417

Thanks, you too!

>> No.12321423

removing the backrounds, that is.

>> No.12321433

It still looks great! Thank you very much!

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Probably Komachi, since she's pretty chill. We could just sit by the Sanzu River and take it easy.

>> No.12324158


I'm glad I could help, if even a little. I hope you're able to get a pet!

I've babied my dog since I first got her, she was a few weeks old. I could hold her in the palm of my hand. Add to the fact that she's an australian shepherd, a breed known for creating really intense bonds with a single person, and I have my entire reason for living. Anyway I've definitely been blogging too much in this thread, but if it gave you any kind of useful insight at all, it was worth it. Good luck, I hope you are able to have a happy future with a pet.

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