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I'm from South Central L.A. is there any Touhous that can roll with me /jp/?

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I live on the Connecticut shoreline. I'm pretty gangster myself.

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Sure but not if you're a nigger.

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Niggers left to Stockton son, nothing but chinks and spics here.

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Which are you? I still see niggers here and there.

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Even worse.

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What 2hu would eat chili and cornbread and ride ATVs around with me, and maybe do a bit of fishing?

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Why do mexicans act like gangsters, or negros, or anyone for that matter?
I mean it's cute and all, but is there any point?

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Mexicans are the original gangsters so they can't really act like one. See zoot suitors. Niggers only came up with crips and bloods in the 70's or 80's I believe.

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Why do we like anime girls, why do we do anything? It is attractive.

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Maybe I am just mixing things up, but doesn't being a gangster essentially mean doing criminal stuff? I don't know if that's justified being attractive.

How long have they been?
My family has been mafia for a pretty long time now (I am a spaghettifag)

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Yes. Most if not all criminal activity is for money though. According to the Wikipedia page the Mexican mafia was founded in 1957. There's a movie called American Me that is sort of like a biopic of the founder and how it got started essentially. There were gangs before the Mexican mafia but it'll be hard to find the exact date.

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That's not such a long time, then.
Gangs are just like a bunch of ruffians, I think.

OP should reconsider his calling.

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I'll pop the tires in your car and take the stereo.

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But I don't have a car.