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Komachi must get awfully lonely, y'know?

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Not with that physique. I bet she can get every man she wants.

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No love for Komachi?

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I'd be her friend and keep her company
She seems pretty chill and fun to hand around with

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sorry, I don't fuck babas.

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She's not one, you faggot

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of course she's one, don't you see her tits, dumpass?

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She's an Onee-sama, like Keine or Yuugi
Get your age groups right

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Komachi is kind of slutty!

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Slutty 2hues are the best!

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What do you like the most about Komachi?

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Press X to paizuri.

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Has this ever happened to you, /jp/?

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Her twintails making such a good contrast with her own hair and physique itself. Tits. She's a slacker. Tits. She's a Shinigami. Tits. How she makes my dick hard so fast. Tits. I could mention a million tits of reasons to like everything about tits her the most!

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Her Big

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Komachi seems like a homie, would definitely grab a drink with her.

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Komachi's route is one of the best in SWR!

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Komachi might look like a bimbo but she has surprising depth and insight, and she's educated in classic poems.

I think Eiki misunderstands her somewhat.

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That's one of her best aspects. Can't judge a book by it's cover.

Would mash.

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Dat strut.

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loving what is basically the grim reaper

no thanks, she's pretty though

i'm pretty sure she's like a bar tender only well in death form probably gets to talk to all the spirits she ferries

"So how did you die?" etc.

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I'm usually the one who does that to people, except it's with my thorax bones, not breasts

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I want my chinpo right between those tits. I bet it feels like heavens and you would never want to leave.

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I'd hang out with Komachi! I bet she has a bunch of neat stories!

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Did you even play soku? She loves dropping in and frightening people over their mortality. She's a bigger bully than Yuuka.

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She is doing them a favor you know.

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It's not bullying, she just analyzes the weather of people's souls and gives a commentary on what she thinks their afterlife is going to be.
It's their fault for getting spooked by a shinigami.

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I want to sleep with her.

As in rest alongside her.


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heresy, repent for 1000 years

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She seems like a completely different character without her usual gigantic breast

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Not really, I mean it's my duty as her husband to keep her company you know?

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We all know the shrine's god of Reimu is the God emperor himself. Nurgle a shit.

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Best whore.

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Wha? No no no... of course not...

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Ok you got me, now I need to fap

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You must not give yourself in to the temptation. Distract yourself with some cute girls instead. You will feel bad once you've finished and you know that. Don't.

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She may be a slacker, but she still get the work done in the end.

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no tease pls

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Very true.
Eiki keeps her around for a reason, you know!

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Literally the best for paizuri. She'd love it too, you could pound away at her huge knockers for hours and she would just cheer you on.

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Ain't nothing wrong with fapping to Komachi.

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Eiki and Komachi get the best picture when together.

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It's true.

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I really like pictures like this, just a group of random Touhous doing something simple. I dunno, I just feel like there can always be a fun and entertaining story with it.

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There doesn't need to be. It's called slice of life.

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No I know. It doesn't have to be anything complex.

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Komachi likes to talk, Sanae's a good listener. A perfect pair!

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Fair enough.

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shes a fucking b*tch

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I've lost count of how many times I fapped while thinking of fucking Komachi's huge boobies... They're the best!

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She can squeeze you dry whenever you want!

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Oh my...
Time to fap again!

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Be gentle to yourself, anon.

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She wouldn't be gentle to your dick either.

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All this talk of paizuri... Any good Komachi doujins?

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this series of doujins was pretty good.

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I can't fap to doujinshi with trash story like that.

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>Story is important to porn

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The story is fine, especially for porn. What are you talking about?

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Hee hoo, hee hoo, it's off to fap I go~

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But he didn't say that? Don't misquote others, it's bad form.

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You did though. You literally stated that if a story is not good, you cannot fap to it. This logically implies that story is an important factory to you when it comes to pornography.

I disagree with this and question your priorities in this form of media, hence the reaction face.

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itt when low taste meets high taste

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Please stop pretending to be different people when you are unwilling to back up your opinion. It's kind of infantile.

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It's an unfortunate truth of Komachi threads, with high taste realizing there is so much flavor and personality to her in addition to her gorgeous appearance, with low tastes just liking her fantastic bosom.

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You shouldn't fap to Eiki being raped.

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I'm not going to because I don't like rape doujins. I just felt like making a dumb post.

Gomen Anon-kun.

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There's high taste and realistic taste. The story in SAZ's books are as good as it's going to get in porn.

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Good man.

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She might look intensely erotic, but she's actually pure!

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Komachi is lovely. Sophisticated, and a hot bod. what more could an anon ask for?

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Better work ethic.

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For her to be shorter, have no breasts or curves, and be less overrated.

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Sounds like she's just not your type. Got someone else in mind?

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We need to go bigger.

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Wheres Yukari

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>Literally the best for paizuri. She'd love it too, you could pound away at her huge knockers for hours and she would just cheer you on.

I want to neglect her coochie and give her paizuri exclusively. Komachi confirmed for perfect sex partner.

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Komachi's big, bouncy, soft, round, jiggly, fat cat tats!

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So big

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She's the background.

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Komachi's breasts are the only large breasts I enjoy.

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Don't post the swollen edit.

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I agree, normally my taste leans more towards reasonably sized chests but her design works amazingly with very large.

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Do post it! Magnify it further! I wish I had image editing skills..

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Bigger please
I wanna lose myself in them... and my cock

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Best death

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Komachi = beautiful girl
most apt name

>> No.12314911

No. Komachi means town belle.

Bikes have bells...

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"Belle" from Latin Bella means beautiful (and is feminine from Bellus, so girl), it is not a metallic ringing instrument

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Komachi being festive.

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Is Eiki in that bag?

>> No.12318051

I'm in that bag

>> No.12318072

One of my favorite Komachi images, even when cropped.

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best i can do

>> No.12318157

the guy who drew this actually went down a few sizes in preference over the course of drawing it

also it's supposed to represent the scale of all large boobs so yeah

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Clubbin on the banks of the Sanzu

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i tried to go even bigger.
what do you think /jp/?

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I wonder what she smells like?

>> No.12318383 [DELETED] 


Easter lilies.

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Higanbana and sakura blossoms

>> No.12319507

Oh yes! Thank you, I like it!
Now go even bigger~

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>> No.12319957

Why'd her skin get darker?

>> No.12319965

Salty milk and coins

>> No.12319974

CGRascal has made me want to learn Japanese just so I can fix his horrible translations.

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Well I did it though others did it before me.

>> No.12321247

Yours is neatest and best developed, but again I wonder why she's become darker.

>> No.12321278 [DELETED] 

Can you remove the pink background?

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Here you go buddy

>> No.12321311 [DELETED] 

You missed some in the bottom right corner!

>> No.12321318 [DELETED] 

I'm afraid it can't be helped

>> No.12323157

I bet Komachi sucks dick for cash.

>> No.12323163 [DELETED] 

Whats with you and the damn backgrounds?

>> No.12323176 [DELETED] 

new epic meme

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oh god it's beautiful!

>> No.12323265

Just report him for spamming since he makes the same posts multiple times per thread, in every thread. Maybe then he'll make an image editing request thread on the appropriate board.

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Her body may be lascivious, but it's not intentional.

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>> No.12327634

This is why I never frequent this board, I always end up fapping when I don't want to.

>> No.12327723

Have you tried ejaculating without orgasm?

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>> No.12330746

What the fuck...

>> No.12331547

It's a handy skill to have.
No pun intended.

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Something sticky..

>> No.12334591
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It's Kefir.

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Isn't she awfully cheerful for a god of death?

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She's really cute.

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>> No.12345571

Especially when cropped.

>> No.12345633

I haven't the foggiest

>> No.12352168

I don't think there are any sombre characters in touhou. Everyone wants to drink underaged and have a good time.

>> No.12352177

Sejia and Parsee aren't quite as funtimes as the rest of the cast. I want to say that Reisen spends too much time getting shit to let loose but it's been years since I read any of the Eientei books.

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>> No.12360027

Would using her powers to decrease the distance between her breasts make them larger?

>> No.12362124

Even bigger Komatits, oh my~
Yes please

>> No.12362225

i see what you did there, :3

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>> No.12362292

Showing off your bare tits all the time like it's nothing, but being all frantic and embarrassed at your panties being seen? Weird.

>> No.12363369
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It's not like she intentionally shows them off!

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She's probably not very romantic, but I think she'd be fun to hang around.

>> No.12364888

Women aren't romantic. They want money and power to feel safe.
>owns a ferry
You literally have nothing to offer.

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You are equating the mentality of a human female with an avatar of the mortal condition and living function of the afterlife.
This is a mistake.

>> No.12364936

You are making the mistake. Touhou's power players are like greek gods: selfish, petty, and very personal. They are more human than those who deify them.

She even has a coin as a belt buckle. I'm not saying she's a gold digger...

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She has enough money to use it as danmaku. Her job is collecting the money (goodness) of mortals. Money is the last thing she needs.

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>> No.12364989 [DELETED] 

Thank you MJI

>> No.12365899

I always thought Komachi was the kind of friend you'd have to smoke pot with, then just laugh hysterically at unfunny shit for hours, high out of your fucking mind.

>Touhou's power players are like greek gods
...But Komachi isn't a deity. She wouldn't be collecting souls for Shiki-sama if she was.

> I'm not saying she's a gold digger...
Gold diggers don't work. Even if you bring up the point that Komachi is lazy, she wouldn't even bother with a job if she was a gold digger. She'd probably just go flirting around the Human village or something to find some rich person to be her sugar daddy.

>> No.12365970

>but Komachi isn't a deity

>> No.12372311

Maybe that's why fanartists don't draw anything under bloomers. Japan didn't have panties back then. Males wore fundoshi and females wore nothing. Clearly Komachi is keeping her modest parts hidden.

>> No.12372905
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Actually women wear fundoshi too!

>> No.12375562

I have bad news, anon...