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Would you let a Touhou borrow your undies?

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Only after I wear them for one week straight without showers.

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But anon what if her tooshie was cold and needed warmth right now? You wouldnt take yours off and give them to her?

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I highly doubt they wear boxers.

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Given my testicles are shedding, I wouldn't give them my underwear even if they begged for it.

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...y-your testicles are...

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Sir, I do believe you need to see a doctor.

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They would only fit Yukari or Patchy's fat asses.

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Mine are too. It's not actually that uncommon.

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I'd warm it with my saliva.

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I want to slap that booty

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It will probably be the last thing you do.

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As a virgin!

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She probably wouldn't have minded if anon just handed over his undies.

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B-but I'm shedding.

White skin. Falls off when I scratch.

Since I never used them, I'd rather be sterile than letting a man touch my testicles.

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Have you tried washing them?

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Well, thank you, but I do wash my balls three times a week, in case you weren't sure.

I'm not some NEET keeping the same underwear for three weeks straight.

But let's talk about something else than my testicles.

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No, this is way more interesting than the thread topic.

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It may be interesting, but it's not relevant. So stop asking about my testicles.

And I'm not taking any pictures.

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>three times a week
Disgusting, assuming you live somewhere with plumbing.

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>not showering with a water so hot it takes you 6 hours to recover

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Only showering three days out of every seven is fucking nasty no matter how hot the water is.

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Thats probably why your balls are shedding dumbass. Take cooler showers.

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Why is /jp/ so bad at hygiene? Don't you want to be nice, clean, and (less un)attractive so when you have your fantasies about your favorite 2hus you can feel confident in your appearance?

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I'm a NEET living in the countryside.
It's already a miracle I take care of myself given I'm on the verge of depression.

Ha? I'll try, then.
But why isn't the rest of my body shedding too?

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Skin is sensitive there. I get it on my face and the back of my arms if I take too hot showers.

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Because I don't have any job, I keep getting rejected because I don't have any experience, and that ruins my morale.

And once the morale is down, you stop taking care of yourself, you stop brushing your teeth, shaving your beard and moustache.
You stop being a human being.

Shit, gotta clean my teeth and shave, I'll be right back.

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Go get like an AA at a community college, its cheap as balls only takes a couple years and you don't really need to know much more than what you already learned in highschool.

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truNEETs take it easy.

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I'd offer to let her use my face as a personal tooshie warmer.

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It would have to be a grown touhou, yukari might fit in them, but a small touhou like flan or cirno might need to hold on to them so they dont fall off. How embarrassing!

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My underwear would look cute on Yuugi.

I'm pretty tall so my underwear would look like she's wearing spats, it would look adorable.

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Buruma like that turns me on.

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I want to shove my dick in her ass.

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Only if I get to borrow theirs.

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I'd let Yukari wear one of my shirts. Nothing BUT the shirt! Bonus points if she's extra smelly and the smell rubs off.

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W-what are you going to do with it anon..?

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Wear them of course!

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Like you wouldn't want to wear cute, 2hu panties. I could probably wear Yuugi's as a toga though, they're probably so big.

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I'm not into tall touhous, but damn that Yuugi makes my dick as big as the Hinderburg.

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> Shedding

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You're an adorable little girl but you should know that boys don't do that

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Stop provoking me, I won't take a picture.

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hahahah what the fuck that's crazy dudes

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Do it.

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No. We're talking about touhous, not about my balls.

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oh no onodera is melting

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Touhous are going to be wearing indies that touched your balls though.

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Since I explained it was the reason why I wouldn't lend them my boxers.

Can we really stop talking about my balls? I'm more interested in Yuugi's ass.

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Yuugi is going to steal your boxers and wear them thus they will be touching her ass.

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Worth it.

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One slap?
Not enough for me. In order to have a worthwhile death, I want to give her a proper spanking.

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What if I touch Cirno's butt instead?

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>not slapping

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She'd think you were challenging her to a fight and then get bored and wander off in the middle.

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Middle of what?

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in the middle of her ass, of course

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The fight.

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>Nitori wearing my boxer briefs
>Her cute little butt partially exposed as she attempts to hold them up

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>Nitori putting them on backward, pulling the dickhole open and asking you what it's there for.

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!Anon, to lewd!

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i wanna see

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This thread have too much baka and not enough undies.

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The typo makes you post cuter.

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Nah, it just makes him look like a retard.

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Oh anon, don't make me blush.

But I corrected myself, anon.

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Great, now my face is shedding too.
This is why NEETs shouldn't go outside.

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I keep my undies pretty clean so I would not mindso long as she gave them back.

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Why would a touhou want any of our underwear?

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What if your favorite 2hu got into a fight which lead to all her clothes being ripped off and then she came to you naked asking just for one of your underwears just to at least cover herself?

Wouldn't you give her some dignity?

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I guess, but wouldn't she need a top too, or is she just gonna go without one?

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I would lend her a top too if she needed it.

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I'd cover her with my face and body.

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Given that my underwear is all ripped and full of holes I hardly think it'd be an improvement.

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check em weebs

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As long as it covers the goods, she'll be fine.