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First name: Shikieiki
Last name: Yamaxanadu
First name: Eiki
Last name: Shiki
or what

I haven't done much touhou stuff in a while but just checked her wiki page for some information on something and noticed her name was listed as Eiki Shiki, I always knew her as and heard her referred to as Shikieiki so what the hell

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given name "Eiki", surname "Shiki

Yamaxanadu is her title.

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Thanks dude

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Skikiki Yabbadabbdoo

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Yamaxana, yamaxana, YAMAXANADU!

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She is Shiki, she is the Yama of Xanadu


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I know that her middle name is Justice.

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Would you feel better about being sent to hell if God were a cute girl?

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Yes. I will go to HELL with a huge boner

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I'd feel worse because I couldn't be with Her.

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Only if she hits me with the rod of remorse in the ass first.

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I regret nothing!

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Yes this. I want to eskimo kiss God.

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Maybe you could use it an incentive to be a better person.

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You rang?

You're pretty gutsy.

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That feel when still no good figure.

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Damn even the moon princesses fear the yama.

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I'm in love with the supreme judge of paradise!

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Everyone (including ZUN) has been calling her Eiki for years. Wiki was among the last places to catch up.

The current question is when will people decide Banki's name is just Banki.

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