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I'm flying to Paris tonight for the world riichi championchip,

I hope I don't embaress myself..

will you cheer for me fellow Anons? ;_;

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You can do it! Anon-chan! Genius!

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Good luck, anon. There's a stream, so I'll be watching.

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Thanks guys, I'm H. from Germany

You'll know me by my T-Shirts.

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Make sure you spin and flip your tiles like crazy when you get a tsumo. Ideally, you want lighting shooting out of your tiles as well.

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Good luck!

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Here's the stream for anyone who wants to watch.

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are you Henrik

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You better win for all gaijins everywhere.

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Show those faggots the power of friendship

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Make sure to have saki's OST playing in your head.

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Remember to take off your socks and dont wear pantsu.

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please respect the dragon tiles

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>6 dollars just to view
no thx

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Believe in the hearts of teh tiles and pray to your favourite touhou god.

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Do you have long inner monologues going while you play?

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>This exists

Crazy shit. How do you even get into this game if you dont live in japan?

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Saki or >>12270465

Alternatively, you could have asian friends that play. That's how I got into it.

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I'm french but I'm not from Paris

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Be sure to have Akagi's OST playing in your head.

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See. This is better.

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I'll cheer for you, dude.

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the song is shit, just like you.

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will this be streamed

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSjiQgBYkJk is much better than https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INaALWoekq4

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That was uncalled for.

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You better win nerd. Don't let us down.

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I loved Akagi which got me into Mahjong so I tried watching Saki.

After the first 8 minutes or so I deleted all the episodes from how much I was cringing, jesus fucking christ that was so abysmally horrible.

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Epic. Did you post about it on /r/cringe?

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Saki has horrible mahjong, but very cute girls

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Please cheat your way to victory like Akagi.

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this and Legendary Gambler Tetsuya, which I never see anyone talk about, for me

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Do you know the scoring table?

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the scoring is simple, and knowing your han-value and maybe your fu-value of your hand is pretty much a basic necessity for professional players

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I demand screencaps of OP.

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Man you're sensitive.

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Go for it OP, get Germany the second world championship in a week.

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Hey OP I expect updates on your performance.

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Shit. I missed it.

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They didn't start playing yet.

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It's 10pm in France, when do they start?

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Today was just the opening ceremony. They'll start playing tomorrow.

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So OP is a liar?

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He never said anything about playing games today.

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You need to rep the Jay good, Henrik.

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You fly from Germany to Paris? It's like a 4 hour drive max.

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If you're living right at the south-western border, maybe.
Flying is cheaper and less stressful, though.

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Viel Glück, Henrik!
Make us proud.

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OP, what is your tenhou handle?
I need to know if you are an /a/ saki shitter or JP 3P master race before I cheer for you.

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Is it time?

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OP is currently battling blind yakuza rep players and insane, fabulously wealthy businessmen

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It's kind of hard to go straight from Akagi to Saki like that. You have to be more in the mood for cute grils and yuri undertones (or overtones, I guess) than for the actual mahjong. The mahjong is just sort of extra. It's kind of like going straight from Gunslinger Girl to Upotte (no wait, it's not like at all. Sorry, I'm bad at analogies).

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Am I seeing this right, OP is rank 56?

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Post some links faggots. What's wrong with you all?

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No one cares.

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We still don't know if it's him, do we?

Polan stronk!

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>120 -120000 Vuyou Joe United States

How are minus scores even possible and especially of this amount just after the 4'th hanchan? The dealers must rekt him hard.

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stream just started

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best saki theme

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It's impossible to tell what happened at that camera angle.

At least they're showing games today.

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>This program ended on 07/18/2014 (FRI) 20:30.
Did /jp/ anon wins?

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Good luck anon! I hope you bring back another trophy for Germany after the World Cup

I hope they rekt ur ass m8

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It ends in two days.

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>How are minus scores even possible
>Each player starts the session with 30,000 points.
The game continues when a player score goes below zero.
From the rules.

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someone with access should restream it, i would watch it

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Or you could just watch the live stream tomorrow.

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OP is the guy in the middle of this pic

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Woah his dick looks suckable

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He's pretty cute

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Zu weit weg

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Did he win or not?

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From the site it looks like he is 56th, which is pretty much right in the middle with a small positiv score of 5200.
First is currently (ends on the 20th) a guy from Poland with 124700, last is a guy from the US with -120000.

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Hahahahaha. Did that guy just watch Saki and volunteer himself to be the representative?

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That's from yesterday, they didn't update to today's scores yet, it seems.

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My country out got 5 seats, I was the 6th pick ;_;

We have 2 in the top 32 though, which is awesome, the two guys who are there really deserve it

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What is your country?

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How representative is this event for mahjongers?

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There is only one country which has exactly two people in the top 32 The US

Also kek at the poor swiss guy. He is the only repressentativ of Switzerland and almost dead last. Must feel bad

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There's actually a dude there named Duckworth...

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UK and Germany also have two.


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Looks a bit different from what I have in memory what http://www.wrc2014.com/scores.php showed (I think it gets updated after each round?). It updated though, so it now has new scores. Top 31 is completely Japan and 32 is Russian now

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how sloppy is his boypussy right now?

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Must have been a glitch, it's the same table now.

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wow, Bartosz looks like a fucking autist

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The myth is true... /jp/ is handsome.

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looks like he's out already, please comfort him

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Aww, that's too bad. Better luck next year, Henrik! You still did your best though and we're all incredibly proud of you!

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what is this meme face's emotion supposed to illustrate

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it's the "i'll suck your dick" expression

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Is there a good place to read up on intermediate and advanced strategy?

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Is it weird if this gets my penis twitching?

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Are you that jpsie with the autism who can't read facial expressions?

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But Anon, we all have autism here

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quadriple wouldn't lie

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The tournament coverage makes for a very interesting read.


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OP please confirm your identity so we can laugh at your failure.

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OP respond onegai

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I prefer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpWbfBAm-Jg

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Epic subtitles, pleb :^)

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Good luck, buddypal

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Who won?

>> No.12290258

Who won.

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I love this gif.

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All you need to know is that the Japanese kicked the Westerners' collective butt.

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Did our guy win the mahjong?

>> No.12291982

Of course no.

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Not opening a new thread for such a small issue. Not very good at mahjong but I've been getting better, but I've been having some issues with calling ron/pon/chii/etc..

See pic related:
Often I'd be waiting on a piece and it would appear, but I can't make a call on it. I just assumed I was in furiten or I didn't have a yaku.

Recently this just happened, I have a yaku (all simples) and I'm not in furiten. Yet a 6-sou was dropped by Haruka and I couldn't call ron.
Is the game fucking with me or is there a special rule I'm missing, I assume the latter.

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You are in furiten. Furiten is not "you can't ron a tile you threw out". Furiten is "you can't ron if you threw out any of the tiles you wait for". You have a 3-6s wait, and there's 3s in your discards.

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>that picture sums me up very well
God dammit
Very useful information to know, I clearly need to read up on furiten again.

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What client is this?
Also, reiterating that you should read up on furiten at least a dozen more times. That shit will wreck you until you understand it inside and out.

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Dream C Club Mahjong game for the ps3.

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How is it? Cute girls playing mahjong?

>> No.12295111

Pretty much, you can also change their/clothes hairstyle and ask them out, choose one of the girls to support you and they make cute remarks based on what you do.

It's also really funny to see them get angry you take so long because you're looking at the internet on your turn.