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The dawn of the final day has come. Let us use this thread to remember one of the best japanese idol groups to grace the planet, BiS!

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Bis was contrarian hipster bullshit

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Touhou cosplaying and wrecking.

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They will be disbanding at Yokohama Arena on July 8.

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if they're so great then how come i never heard of them

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Wasn't much a fan of their straightforward pop stuff, but their off the wall stuff was incredible.

Regardless, the greatest ever.

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literally who

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BiS was awful

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who are you quoting?

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Please don't misuse our aepig maymeems like that.

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Their first album was pretty sweet. They're all right.

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Didn't really expect them to put 9,000 people into Yokohama Arena. Also, this could be a giant trolljob, as they had no MC during the entire concert and after it there were flyers promoting a "元BiS" concert tomorrow.

Also, it's pretty neat that Shiwasu no Okina did the art for their greatest hits album.