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Don't let Ran's tails engulf you, she will not let you go 'till she feel like it.

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so fluffly...must...brush...

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Just apply a flame, or drool heavily on the tails.

Or just yank one really hard

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whos softer?

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I want to brush.

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Nine-tailed Youmu is softest.

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Absolute perfection
I'd a Rans cooking

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But that's a comb anon.

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>that's a comb anon
No, it's just a comb.

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Is her anus in the center or under all the tails?

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She's not an octopus, Anon. The tails likely branch off of the base of her spine, which would put them a few inches above her anus.

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I want her tails to smother me. Actually, any part of her body would work.

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Good, that's exactly what I'm into.

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That's not how this works. Also, you're the one who fucks men, you fucking gay boy. Get out of my /jp/ you gigantic homosexual.

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Are you trying to pick a fight with me, you fucking fur loving pussy.

I'll wreck you.

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I want to put it in

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Pretty sure that would be a good thing. I'd like to fall asleep wrapped in their furry embrace.