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man, I wish Marisa was my girlfriend.

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man, I wish reposts were a bannable offense.

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hellz yeah bro hate this shit bumping my H!P general off the front page

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Man, I wish I was Marisa.

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Man, it must be cool being Marisa
Live in the Magical Forest and eat magic mushrooms all day. Maybe go talk to the crazy girl with the dolls down the street.

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Are you kidding me? You wish Marisa was your girlfriend? She'd have to abandon her place in the forest, since you'd never leave your basement. You'd never talk to her, because of your social anxiety. And you'd share nothing in common! You'd always just sit around awkwardly. Why, her being your girlfriend would make her miserable! Why would you want that for Marisa?

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Not to mentioning getting shitfaced at the shrine.

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You're such a fucking nerd dude, he's just cute posting don't take it too seriously

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Feel when no 2hu gf

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I know that feel dude, I know that feel...

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...drunken Reimu can be a handful though.

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If I leave anything for her to drink.

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That's one way of putting it.

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Can Marisa be sexy?

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How is it a forest if there's a street.



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>man, I wish Marisa was my girlfriend.
>Man, I wish I was Marisa.

My friends, I have a Marisa cosplay... and a suggestion. Let's solve some problems.

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Start reading here and go to the end, and then you tell me.

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Marisa is Curious!

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Well I wasn't thinking about that part

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So, no.

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She's more the unintentionally sexy type, though.

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Kirisame Marisa. In space. Help.

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Kirisame Marisa. In hell. Help.

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Yes, go Shiki! Please cure Marisa's compulsive lying sickness.

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She deserves it. She's criminally sexy.

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That's punishment for book thievery, not lying.
I like her face there.

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Punishment for sexiness can be done on Earth, no need for hell.

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Not when you're as sexy as she is.

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Nonsense. She's not that sexy, and it's not that difficult a punishment to perform.

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Is there any crime Marisa hasn't committed?

Does this blonde devil know no bounds?

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I dunno man, she's pretty fucking sexy.

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Eh. Not really.

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Kirisame Marisa. In tentacles. Help.

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To me she is.

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Too each their own. If I find some Marisa porn I like, it's almost always because of the situation, fetishes, and/or her attitude.

This series might be an exception. Some of those panels...yum.

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Kirisame Marisa. In mushrooms. Help.
Also Alice I guess.

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Save shanghai and leave the wenches.

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Why hasn't the 3rd part been translated yet?

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Speak of the devil, I was just considering that.

Because I haven't commissioned it yet. Had Desudesu do the first two, but now he's stuck in infinite overtime hell. I'm torn between just getting someone else to do it and possibly having a jarring translation shift, or waiting for Desudesu to get his shit sorted out.

What's your take, /jp/?

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How? She's the furthest gone of the lot.

Also, I don't think you'd have it in you to walk away from someone so desperately in need of your help.

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It's hard to say, you have to be in a situation where someone is in desperate need of help to realize whether or not you'll panic and run away.

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Right, but we're talking a conscious decision here; saving Shanghai but leaving Alice and Marisa to their fate. So we're assuming no panic is involved.

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How can you just assume no panic, fucking autists man, fucking autists.

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I like how their emotive eyebrows disappear at this point. It's the little things...

Right, but we're talking a conscious decision here; saving Shanghai but leaving Alice and Marisa to their fate. So we're assuming no panic is involved.

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Before you autism'd out and deleted your post, the one above is replying to you.

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im the best poster

Hell, I dunno.

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I want to become Alice so Marisa will be my girlfriend.

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Sorry. Marisa likes men.

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The eyebrows don't change, but the eyes pink over and that's probably what's throwing you off.

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Canon ending together :)

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Is Marisa supposed to be COOL? Or CUTE?

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Yeah they do. Look closely.

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She can manage both.

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Marisa has a cute hat.

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#ironing it, like a bo$$

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It's pretty big and pretty cool.

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Please respond.

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Yeah right. With Marisa it'll probably end up shooting lasers instead of hypnotizing anyone.

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Can Marisa slay gooks?

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That's a fucking awesome drawn M60.

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That's because it's traced from a real scene

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Prove it queer

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I ain't gotta prove SHIT to no danged redneck. Go back to eating raccoons and fucking your mom inbred piece of shit

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Dude wow what the fuck was that for, you don't know me man.

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Its a scene from Full Metal Jacket (1987)

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It's undoutably inspired, but traced, are you sure?

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>implying fucking your own mom is exclusive to rednecks

Do you have any idea how much incest porn is made in Japan?

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I'm sorry for starting the argument over anon's whore mother just because I think Marisa is a badass.

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Don't do it again.