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Mokou's a cutie.

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Mokou a loli?

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Yes she is.

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What the fuck is this shit.

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I'm gonna light you up, sweet-cheeks.

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And Comfy.

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What's even going on in this picture? Whose arms are those? If she's going to burn that guy, why does her face look like she doesn't want to?

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To me it seems like she's pretending she can use fire magic when she's actually a regular school girl, so she's using the lighter to fake it.

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She's in love with the guy and then she saw him with Daiyousei, so she's marking him to make sure he's hers.

Spoiler : she doesn't go through the whole thing, and collapses crying.

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ew, look at that fugly pants

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It really looks like she has her hands cuffed in front of her and some third person is holding the lighter. Even after checking myself and seeing that you're right, I can't see how those arms are supposed to belong to the guy. Then again, I can't see how that pile of flesh behind his head is supposed to belong to him either.

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I fucking laughed my ass out of that kid/mother/loving physics... Poor guy.

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That's complicated, because the guy isn't completely bare-chested. His shirt was just lowered to expose his shoulder and his neck. And also, he's currently lying on his belly, that's why his arms are there.

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moko a kid

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Touhou spanking is so lovely. Too bad most of the art is shit.

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Sadly, yeah.
And when it's decent and comes out often enough, it's mixed with other fetishes.

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mokou has a soft spot for fluffy keine

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Keine has a soft spot for her students' butts.

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>Spoiler : she doesn't go through the whole thing, and collapses crying.
Ummm... Guess I was wrong.

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Mokou has a lot of soft spots, if you know what I mean.

Which is to say that she's actually a very nice girl who shows concern for others despite her harsh looks and intimidating nature.

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>dat hipster look

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I dislike this 2hu.

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This. Mokou has best butt.

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I'd ram my dick so far up her ass her snot would taste like semen.

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who are you quoting?

That isn't even a hipster look. Moukou is dressed professionally.

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Wait, a sweater is hipster now? Was Mr. Rogers a hipster?

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That specific style has become associated with hipsters, yes. This is because the people who come up with the idea of what a "hipster" is are losers who wear wife beaters and shit because they can't afford good clothing. So they vent by calling it "hipster".

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>being this clumsy
It's spanking time!

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Only losers would call someone a loser to the point of making accusations to make themselves feel better or deny the fact that there's non-loser around them.

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You must be a really cool guy to make an interesting observation like that.

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Cooler than you, of course.

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You're on fire, Mokou! Look out!

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More Mokou butt!

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I want Moko to sit on my face with her perfect butt.

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>dat face
i just love those kinds of expressions.

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Do Mokou's clothes normally just fall off like this?

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They do.
When she decides to seduce a guy, she burns a small part of her suspenders. Just enough for her pants to fall "by accident".

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I'm down with this.

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Suits are very nice on her.

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this is awesome

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How hard would you hit Mokou if she asked you to and would you use your fist or another object?

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Not at all.

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But it wouldn't even kill her.

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I'd probably start with a few punches to the face and maybe a backhand.
Some elbow strikes too. And some slapping as well.

As one who leans masochist, I can sympathize with those who want to get hit. So if a Touhou wishes for me to punch them, I'd most likely oblige.
I'd hope that they'd do the same if I asked them to hit me.

The "Can't Be Actually Hurt" thing also excites me a bit. I don't want to hurt others, but if no lasting damage is done, then it's all in good fun, right? I might get more grotesque down the line.

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>The "Can't Be Actually Hurt" thing also excites me a bit
Don't mistake "can't be actually hurt" with "can't die".
Sure, you can punch her, and she won't bruise (or "have a bruise", dunno which one is correct), but she'll still feel the pain of being punched.

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I would hit her right in the cheeks with my lips

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>she'll still feel the pain of being punched

I'm sure pain is meaningless to an immortal
No matter what happens, she will be fine in the end. Mokou has probably been hurt in all sorts of ways and just doesn't care anymore, seeing pain as more of a warning system for mortals receiving lasting bodily damage. With no real consequences, pain is just a sensation and nothing more.

Mokou probably engages in "fatal" knife-fights just for fun.

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>I'm sure pain is meaningless to an immortal
Go play IN's Extra Stage with the Ghost Team and you'll understand how wrong you are.

Or, alternatively, go see the translation on the wiki. If you're WEAK, POOR and IRISH.

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Let's bully!

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Pretty sure that you can kill Mokou and Kaguya into submission. Turns out that death is a painful experience, and having to endure multiple times is a great burden.

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They canonically do.

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I like this

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I like Mokou.

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Kaguya doesn't

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She's just ambivalent towards her, which probably makes it worse.

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Kaguya's just too shy to admit her feelings.

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kaguya a bitch

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Why's she sticking out her tongue? Is it shitty weed or something? Or is she just being lewd?

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heheheh, mokou's weiner

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what the fuck

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I don't know anon, but I'm going to ignore it. More Mokou pics? More Mokou pics.

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Why can I see her vulva through her pants?

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I don't get it.

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This is not okay.

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How many of you have your cock out right now?

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I don't.

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Not yet.

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At least with Mokou around you never need a lighter. Or a heater.

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Yea, not a problem.

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Think about all the cost savings on home heating.

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Think about all the cost increases on home cooling!

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How sexy. Blushing and looking away...

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Just move someplace cold.

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But where it's cold they don't have food. Well, except for booze and military food, and maybe dead dogs if you're the tentacle monster out of The Thing.

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I'll let all those northern countries like Canada and Sweden know that they apparently don't have food.

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I'll let Alaska know they're not allowed to eat anything but military food and dead dogs.

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Make sure to get out into the woods a ways while you're up there.

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Oh and don't let any old dead satellites hit you in the head. That'd hurt.

>> No.12251608

Nah. I'll use the occasion to look for a sasquatch.

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That's what's called a "seam," doofus. Does seem to be unnaturally mashed into her crack, though.

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What's a doofus? A MMORPG?

>> No.12255540

No, I think that one's Dofus, isn't it?

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Mokou is very shy.

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So manly

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I can't decide which Mokou thread to post in. Frustrating.

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They're two totally different threads. One's about her being a girl and the other's about her being a cutie.,

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Just post in both.

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If you split mokou in half, which half would regenerate? Or would she duplicate?

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Both halves disappear, a full Mokou reappears. It's not like Wolverine regeneration or something.

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"No fire in the forest, I already told you."

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"I said, no fire. Do you want to explain one more time to the tengu why everything is on fire?"

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More fire? OK!

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Ha! She wishes.

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Keine does not "wishes". She does whatever the hell she wants. And even if she can't, the next full moon, she'll change history to make Mokou a better person, whether she wants it or not.

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Oh, shut up, she's not like that.

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Really? Why so much art depicting her as abusing her students if she isn't "like that"?

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Besides, I'd like to add that because of her job as a teacher, she cannot have any relationship with any male, which means she slowly goes insane with lust.
The only way for her to control her lust is by beating her students' asses.

Prove me wrong, find where it's said that she doesn't beat her students.
Protip : you can't.
Me : 9999.
You : -1.

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Because she's a fairly strict teacher and headbutts those who misbehave. Any abuse bullshit evolved from that.
Hell, even if it was true that's a far cry from what you're suggesting in >>12265293

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she should shave her penis

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Oh, you're being retarded. I'm sorry, I didn't realize.

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Prove it.
What text, what page, what line, is it say that she doesn't whip her students when they misbehave or don't do homework?
"Because I said it" isn't an argument.

>> No.12265323

>shit I'm being rekked
>i know i'll call him retarded
>genius plan is genius
>nobody will ever see through it

>> No.12265723

looks more like a gray-haired kaguya.

>> No.12265791

Who are you quoting?

>> No.12267557

Some moron who though that 4chan is as stupid as his chinese cartoon forum

>> No.12267560

You're doing a great job proving otherwise.

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Keine a bitch.

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why do you post this

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Dammit Mokou, not again.

He posts these things every thread. It's a sickness.

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Don't you like some hourai ass?

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I really, really, really like Mokou's feet!

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I really, really, really like Mokou's fart!

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The best.

>> No.12277851

barbecue farts!

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Mokou is a pokemon

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Too cute.

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Maid Mokou is good Mokou?
Or an OOC shit?

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It's fine once in a while.

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It's good. Ponytail maid Mokou is good.

>Wait! Don't get the wrong idea! It ain't like I'm wearin' this 'cause I like it! K-...Keine said...somethin' like, 'It isn't cute to wear the same thing all the time,' an' she forced me t-...wait, don't you laugh, Keine, you explain too!!

>> No.12280966
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There were no survivors.

>> No.12281047

would you pick mokou's nose yes or no please respond

>> No.12281086
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Maid Mokou is pretty good.

>> No.12281092

I hate that sort of Keine.

>> No.12281846

I hope she falls, so that I get to punish her.

>> No.12282063
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Isn't it normal for Keine for be horny?

>> No.12282076
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>> No.12283247
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>> No.12283252

I always wondered if the binary is made up of ASCII hue

>> No.12284282

It isn't.

>> No.12286477
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